How to Send Bulk Messages on LinkedIn — Complete Guide 2023

Sending bulk messages on LinkedIn is the main job of sales people. If you want to reach out to that very audience that can be converted into hot leads, and hit your revenue goals, you need to find the best way to do that at scale. And bulk messages are the most obvious way to accomplish that task, tested throughout many years.

What are bulk messages on LinkedIn?

Those are messages that you send to more than one person on LinkedIn. They target multiple recipients that usually together make up a segment of prospects.

The purpose of bulk messages

First of all, bulk messages are the main driving force of lead generation. The more messages you send every day, the more leads get into your sales funnel.

Bulk messages on LinkedIn allow you to:

  • Grow your network at speed
  • Drive more hot leads into your sales funnel
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase post engagement
  • Reach out to LinkedIn recruiters en masse

How to send bulk messages on LinkedIn to 1st-degree connections: option #1

LinkedIn allows you to send bulk messages to 1st-degree connections without using any third-party tool.

Here is a quick instruction to this.

  1. Go to your LinkedIn account and open Inbox. Click on this button, as indicated in the pic below.

2. Start typing name of recipients in the following field.

3. After you’ve chosen bulk message recipients, write your message and hit “Send”.

Here you go. Sending messages in bulk manually is best if you don’t need to do this regularly.

How to send bulk messages on LinkedIn to 1st-degree connections: option #2

Of course, there is no reason to do manual LinkedIn outreach, when you can easily send messages to 1st-degree connections en masse using automation tools. Especially if you use LinkedIn as an acquisition channel and want to scale your outreach.

In this case, automation tools like Closely will let you instantly create your message sequence and reach out to particular segments of leads in one click. Moreover, such tools will gather analytical insights into your campaigns’ performance so you can optimize your strategies and tweak messages or audiences.

With the tools like Closely, it’s easy to send messages in bulk to all LinkedIn connections or to all 1st-degree connections.

In Closely, this task is done in a matter of seconds. Just log in to your account, go to “My Network”, find the needed segment of people and create a message campaign.

In your account, you can segment your audiences by their distinctive features, for instance “pozitive reply”, “negative reply”, “event attendees” etc. Your LinkedIn Network, synced with Closely, gains the functionalities of CRM.

You can also send messages to all contacts at once, using Closely.

How to send bulk messages on LinkedIn to 3d-degree connections

In the case of messaging 3d-degree connections, there is no way to execute this without a special tool.

  1. Go to your Closely account
  2. Hit “Create new campaign”
  3. Choose “Connection message + follow-ups”
  4. Select audience source. For instance, you can provide a link from LinkedIn search results or Sales Navigator search results

5. Proceed to campaign creation

Build your campaign, adding as many steps as you like.

6. Hit “Save and next” Verify”.

7. Click “Launch campaign”.

From this moment, Closely will be sending out your messages. It will auto-like and auto-endorse your leads’ skills and auto-visit their profiles. Once your lead replies, the campaign will stop for that person.

This way, you generate new leads on autopilot, getting rid of hassle of doing numerous manual tasks yourself. Just enjoy lead influx and get ready to jump in chats and communicate.

How to send bulk messages on LinkedIn to 3d-degree connections: Target event attendees

Let’s assume you want to reach out with bulk messages to event attendees of some LinkedIn event. Here is a quick video instruction on how to do that:

As you can grasp from the video, first you write a connection message, and then add follow-ups. You paste the link to a LinkedIn event where your target audience can be found, and the tool scrapes their profiles and put them into the lead list. Every single person from that list will receive your messages. The moment they reply to your messages, the sequence stops — only for that recipient that replied.

Templates for a bulk message on LinkedIn

In Closely, you can find over 50 templates for your cold outreach bulk messages. All templates are categorized by their personalization type and conversion goal. Here is one example.

1 Step. Connection message

Hello {first_name},

I’m too a {my_job_title}. Looking to establish new connections with like-minded specialists. Would love to connect. {my_first_name}.

2 Step. Greetings

Recommended time delay: After a request is accepted


Thank you for accepting my invitation. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve been dealing with (tell a bit more about your expertise). What about you?

3 Step. Bringing up content

Hello {first_name}, my team has conducted research that (explain the value – in short).

I thought you might want to take a look? Here is the

4 Step. Follow-up (no reply)

Recommended time delay: 2 day

Hello {first_name},

I know you might be busy right now, just wanted to check whether you’ve got my message. Sincerely,{my_first_name}.

Find more templates here and spark your LinkedIn outreach.

Will LinkedIn block my account for sending bulk messages?

Yes, LinkedIn can restrict your account or even ban it for mass messaging. That is why it’s recommended to stick strictly to the messaging limits set by the platform. Tools like Closely has gone a long way to create the mechanism that sends only a certain amount of messages over a period of time, in accordance with the limits set by LinkedIn. This mechanism is called a warm-up feature. It ensures that the number of messages sent from your account per month won’t exceed the set limits.

How to send bulk messages on LinkedIn: find the greatest messaging tool for your purposes

First, you’ll have to decide upon an automation tool. Here are things to consider:

  • Always choose cloud-based tools over extensions to ensure your account’s safety 
  • The tool should come with a warm-up feature that will let you send a certain amount of messages over a period of time, in accordance with LinkedIn limitations. So, it won’t be like the tool is pumping out hundreds of messages every day until your account is blocked or restricted. Always check whether an automation tool has the warm-up feature, built in it. For instance, Closely has a warm-up feature that ensures the tool sends out an allowed number of connection requests & messages and doesn’t exceed this number.  It means you can be sure your account is under protection. There is no reason to risk your account’s safety for the sake of cheap and not safe automation. Well-established and safe solutions won’t boast the ability to overcome limits, but will stress the importance of putting your account’s safety first.
  • Price-quality ratio. It’s important to estimate whether the tool of your choice can help you hit revenue numbers at a fraction of price that’s acceptable to you. Find tools’ comparison tables on the internet for this purpose.
  • Read reviews. It’s important to know what users of messaging tools have to share fist-hand. To find out what users of LinkedIn messaging tools can say, check out Capterra, G2, ProductHunt or TrustPilot.

For instance, this comparison table can help greatly in coming to decision. Also consider checking out overviews of some most popular LinkedIn messaging tools.

Once you’ve chosen that very tool that will become a great fit for your prospecting tasks, it’s time to explore its functionalities.

How many LinkedIn messages can I send per day

When it comes to limits, LinkedIn doesn’t strictly set the limit. However, here is what we recommend to stick to.

During a warm-up period per day it’s recommended to send:

  • 10 connection requests & messages in first 1-5 days
  • Up to 20 connection requests & messages (5-15 days)
  • Up to 30 connection requests & messages (15-25 days)
  • Up to 50 connection requests & messages (after 25 days) 

That’s how many messages Closely sends during the warm-up period.


Bulk messages are used to reach out to LinkedIn users en masse. Their main purpose is to let you grow at scale.

These messages are a good choice over a single message because it lets you reach many leads or recruiters at once. By employing an automation tool for mass messaging on LinkedIn, you not only automate a good part of your everyday mundane tasks, but ensure your account’s safety.

  • Bulk messages expand your outreach
  • They give you a thorough understanding of your audience’s preferences and needs, since you’re able to assess analytics insights coming from your campaigns. You can figure out what type of messages works best for your audience overall, by keeping tabs on your campaigns’ progress
  • You can segment your audiences and reach out with personalized bulk messages using Closely
  • You can generate hundreds of leads by sending bulk messages and enrich your sales funnel
  • You grow your network, boost brand awareness and content engagement 

If you want to know to approach sending the most effective mass message on LinkedIn, start out with our handy guides here.

Good luck! 😉

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