Successful Lead Generation by Joining LinkedIn Groups

Generate leads through joining groups

Over time, LinkedIn has gained a lot of prominence for the platform’s opportunities to the business industry globally. Factually, every four out of five people on LinkedIn drive their business decisions through the platform. Today, it is more popular than other social media platforms for increased engagement, connections, and online communities.

Among one of the most attractive features, the most powerful professional networking platform is the group. These groups offer four times more profile views than other members on the platform. Different entrepreneurs and firms are joining business owner LinkedIn groups, Company page LinkedIn groups, etc.  

If you are a business owner and LinkedIn user and are not aware of the benefits and leads LinkedIn groups can bring to you, then you need to go through this guide.

How to Search Groups on LinkedIn that are the Best for You?

Multiple LinkedIn group pages serve different purposes and consist of various communities online. Therefore, the search often gets difficult for entrepreneurs to join the right group.

To make your search process more manageable and ensure that your drop in the right group, there are two ways that you can opt for when finding groups on LinkedIn: Using the discover option or by entering keywords.

Using Discover Option:

Click on the Work Grid on the top right corner of the LinkedIn page. The grid consists of groups options that your need to click to access LinkedIn groups. A new tab will open showing the groups you are part of and those with a pending request.

There is a search option on the page that you can visit to gain access to groups that serve your interests. Here you can make the most out of the discovery option and join groups.

The platform brings you groups that match your skills, preferences, and interests through thorough LinkedIn group analysis.

Using Keywords:

Another great way to look for the right groups is using the keyword search method. Go to the search bar and look for groups using the keywords. You can use keywords according to your business, clients’ interests, etc., and find the optimum groups instantly.

These are excellent ways to look for groups to join and generate leads. You can connect with networks consisting of different clients and engage with them through groups. A pro tip to make LinkedIn groups’ most advantage is by actively participating in the groups, networking with the members, and attracting potential clients.

Join LinkedIn Groups- The Final Step to Become Part of a Valuable Community

Once you are done searching for the LinkedIn groups according to your will, the next step is to join and become part of these groups immediately.

When you look for groups, before accessing them, you can view the connections that are part of the specific group. It is a step ahead to understand whether the group you are about to join is the rick pick for you or not.

Note that there are tens and thousands of private and public LinkedIn groups. When you are joining a private group, you need to click the ask to join button available on the group’s homepage. Conversely, you will have to request to join the private groups. Once the page admin accepts your request, you are free to use the group to the best of your advantage.

LinkedIn allows you to join a hundred groups at a time. However, preferably go for a few groups to remain active efficiently and remain connected within them. Also, ensure to read the LinkedIn group rules before joining the groups.

How can LinkedIn Group Impact Business?

Surprisingly, if you have a LinkedIn business page and are not part of any LinkedIn groups, you are missing out on a lot.

The platforms’ feature lets you connect with your potential clients and partners in a go. You not only connect with thousands of skilled people and gain a lot of engagements; you increase the chances of quality interactions for your business.

Additionally, you boost your brand through varied LinkedIn groups for business specifically and build recognition in the market. If you are looking for employees, you can get potential skilled employees to recruit for your firm based on LinkedIn profiles.


Undoubtedly, LinkedIn groups are an excellent tool for interaction, engagement, and growth for businesses, irrespective of how big or small your business is. If you have been reconsidering the LinkedIn groups, you are part of or have not been part of any LinkedIn group yet. Then you need to join groups that suit your business needs immediately.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.