Managing Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

As a marketing and sales expert, virtual assistant, or any other LinkedIn-related service provider to multiple clients, do you have a LinkedIn profile? From best practices and safety advice to detailed step-by-step instructions, this article provides everything you need to know about managing multiple LinkedIn accounts.

When managing someone else’s LinkedIn account manually or using any type of automated technology, this information is crucial.

For many individuals, managing several LinkedIn profiles for their company is a complete mystery. I’ll show you how to do it.

Logging out of one LinkedIn account and logging into another is the simplest way to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts. You should avoid using this method if you are responsible for a significant number of LinkedIn profiles.

Having a separate Chrome profile for each of your clients is the best way to keep track of multiple LinkedIn accounts.

You’ll need to establish a new Chrome profile if you want to manage your client’s LinkedIn account.

  1. Chrome’s top right corner has an icon for your account, so open Chrome and click on it.
  2. In the box that appears, click the “+ Add” button at the bottom.
  3. When you’re done, click the “Add” button to create a new Chrome profile with the name of your client.
  4. As a result, a new Chrome window will be started. Get started by clicking the “Start” button:
  5. On the next screens, click the “Skip” and “No thanks” buttons.
  6. A new Chrome window with the Chrome profile will be instantly started. 7. In the top right corner of the Chrome window, click the account symbol to make sure this Chrome window is linked to the Chrome profile you just established.
  7. The new chrome window that launched immediately will prompt you to enter into your client’s LinkedIn account. To store the password for this site, click “Yes” when Chrome asks whether you want to save it.

That’s all there is to it! So now that you’ve set up a separate Chrome profile for each of your customers, you’ll be able to manage their LinkedIn profiles just as simply as your own.

There is no need for you to keep track of your client’s LinkedIn credentials and input them each time.

The Chrome profile icon in the top right corner allows you to switch between various LinkedIn accounts at any time.

In addition, when a stranger shows an interest in your company, the move from stranger to client is far more natural. Why did I advocate lead generation?

Lead generation for multiple clients

In order to turn a lead into a client, your company must first attract potential customers and then nurture that interest over time.

Job applications, blog articles, discounts, live events, and online material are all methods to create leads. So, can you use multiple LinkedIn accounts for lead generation (read about Lead Generation on Linkedin)? YES. Lead generation is beneficial since it allows you to contact several customers at once.

Since its inception, LinkedIn has been steadily growing its share of the advertising market. Lead Gen Forms, which are auto-populated with a user’s profile data when they click a CTA (What is CTA in Linkedin), make it simple to collect information from potential customers.

Step by step, we’ll guide you through what it takes to generate leads in an inbound marketing environment.

  1. When someone visits your website, blog, or social media page, they are first exposed to your brand.
  2. When that person does so, he or she is sent to your call-to-action (CTA) – an image, button, or message that urges website visitors to take action.
  3. If you want to collect leads, you need a landing page to do so, which is a web page built to do so.
  4. When your visitor arrives at the landing page, they must fill out a form in return for the promotion. For the most part, forms are housed on landing pages, but they may also be embedded anywhere on your website. Voila! You’ve gained a new customer. As long as you’re adhering to established practices for lead capture forms.

Isn’t it amazing how well everything works together?

How to Create LinkedIn Accounts in Bulk

Starting an internet company may need many LinkedIn profiles. When it comes to expanding your company, LinkedIn may be a great tool for doing so.

You may need more than just your own personal LinkedIn profile at times.

Having multiple LinkedIn profiles for each of your customers will make it easier for you to interact with them.

However, the process of manually creating multiple LinkedIn profiles may be time-consuming.

Many service providers provide bulk LinkedIn accounts, which is fantastic news. You should buy LinkedIn accounts from Market Sentinel, according to our advise.

For the last 10 years, this digital advertising agency has been providing social media marketing services.

Even if we have many LinkedIn profiles, many of us may not be able to keep up with them.

  How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts?

The question is can you have more than one LinkedIn account? 

The LinkedIn user agreement states that a user cannot have more than one LinkedIn account. Multiple accounts on LinkedIn are not permitted, and you will be banned if you try to do so.

It is imperative that you select a single LinkedIn profile or a specific job opportunity in order to gain the most benefit from the social networking site. In the headline, make sure to mention the job you’ve chosen. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

It’s also possible to include a job description on your profile rather than in the headline. Adding it as a current project will allow you to utilize multiple LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn doesn’t have any rules that prevent you from mentioning multiple jobs in a single profile because it’s common for people to be working multiple jobs at once.

Even if they are already employed by a company, many people wish to look for new positions. There is a job search app on LinkedIn that will keep your boss from finding out about your plans.

If you use the app, your LinkedIn contacts will not be notified. Check your privacy settings to see what kind of updates have been made to your profile.

Supporting more than a couple of LinkedIn accounts, 24/7

 Can you have two LinkedIn profiles if you have two jobs?

As a professional networking site, LinkedIn was created to facilitate the exchange of information, the pursuit of employment and the recommendation of colleagues.

With two distinct LinkedIn profiles, your connections will be spread across two accounts, making it difficult to make recommendations or introduce new people.

That’s not all; it’s also against LinkedIn’s End User Agreement to have two profiles. A user can report you if he or she notices that you have two accounts. Your LinkedIn account can be shut down at any time by LinkedIn without warning.

The Risk of Having Two Profiles

It’s very risky to use two different profiles. LinkedIn may decide to delete both profiles, and the user may be perceived as suspicious if both accounts are active at the same time.

When someone searches for you online, they’ll see the two profiles you’ve set up for yourself. Because they don’t know what you do, they may choose to do business with someone else instead of contacting you.

While it’s crucial to be as specific as possible in your LinkedIn profile, it’s also important to emphasize the value you can provide. If you need to describe your two roles in further detail, you may do so in the summary part of your LinkedIn profile. With 2000 characters, you have plenty of room to show off your variety without jeopardizing the readability of your headline.

Can I Use my VPN extensions for my LinkedIn multiple account?

IP addresses and countries that access the same LinkedIn account are suspect when they are used to access several accounts at the same time.

Use VPN extensions while managing accounts through Chrome browser and a proxy when using Linked Helper in order to prevent this.

Consider utilizing a proxy or a virtual private network (VPN) that matches the location of your LinkedIn account. Using a single proxy for several accounts will result in the same IP address being assigned to all of them, so be aware of this. You should thus use a distinct proxy for each of your accounts.


Pick a vocation and stick with it; that’s the nicest piece of advise I can offer you. Doing so in the “About Me” section will allow you to display both of your professional identities. There are 2000 characters in this post, so you have plenty of room to describe and elaborate on your interests.

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