Best LinkedIn InMail Subject Line — TOP 5 Examples for Recruiters & Salespeople

InMail is a sponsored message that you can send to LinkedIn members without the need to add them to your network.

You may want to consider using InMail if you’ve run out of your connection request limit (set by LinkedIn) and want to proceed connecting with leads — as more as possible.

If you’ve purchased Sales Navigator and are ready to create powerful InMails to impress your prospects, — you probably want to know what are some best InMail subject line examples. Sales Navigator costs quite a sum — so you may want to make sure your messages are gonna hit hard & that you won’t blow your chance of having them engaged with your product.

How to construct a perfect InMail?

The first thing you need to remember is that targeting is that pillar that all your outreach relies on. Only if you target the right people (those who are not just your target audience – but people who are really seeking the kind of solution you offer right now) — you can expect to get any significant results from your outreach activities.

Who is that target audience that can become your recurring customers?

There is general customer segmentation that you do before marketing your product. You simply define geographic, demographics (age, occupation) of your target audience. If you’re in B2B sales, you determine what type of companies can be looking for your product. Their size, revenue, funding, and also, who makes decisions within a company about what product to buy when it comes to the need to buy a product similar to yours.

Take a look at how we offered to do segmentation to our customer in Closely.

However, sometimes, this segmentation is not enough (you cannot proceed without the basic segmentation, though). Once you’ve built this segmentation, the moment comes when you realize that not every company that match your ideal customer profile is looking for your solution right now. It may simply be the wrong time.

So, how to find that very company that is in need of your solution in this very moment? We will help you to find those RIGHT people on LinkedIn and convert them into hot leads using one single InMail message.

LinkedIn is flooded with hot leads. You only need to know the places.

The first step would be to read how to find hot leads on LinkedIn in our guide here. It’s a full detailed guide that pinpoints the exact places where your hot leads may be hanging out.

Spoiler: it can be groups, events, post commenters or LinkedIn/SN search results, if you’ve used the right combination of filters. You can provide the link, and Closely will scrape the audience.

Here you can get an idea how to approach searching niche groups & events where your potential customers may be spending their time.

Once you know where you leads spend most of their time on LinkedIn, it’s time to set the nets.

First, you may want to start with creating an outreach campaign for those leads. Connection request + follow-ups- type of a campaign. This can easily be done in Closely

  • Lead engagement and LinkedIn automaton platform.

You can create a campaign that will consist of a connection request + follow-ups + post likes + skill endorsement. The tool will execute every step of LinkedIn outreach on its own, instead of you. It will like your leads’ posts, send them connection requests and follow-ups. You only need to provide a link to LinkedIn event, groups or post and create a message sequence. Closely will take over the rest.

You can learn how the whole process goes here:

InMails – a message to impress your potential buyers

Now, let’s proceed to how you write your InMails so there is no waste of time.

InMails can work as additional measure that will let you engage your potential customers in case your regular LinkedIn campaigns haven’t worked out like you expected or at all. Or if you just want to experiment more, and wouldn’t mind to try different methods to overcome LinkedIn connection request limits.

In order to be able to send an InMail (a sponsored LinkedIn message), you need to have a LinkedIn premium (Sales Navigator).

Here you can find a full guide on how to craft an InMail.

Now, let’s proceed to some subject line examples that will let you grab your audience’s attention.

Some good subject line examples for LinkedIn InMail

Consider that you’ve defined your audience succesfully. You know who you’re reaching out to, what their pain points are.

Create a subject line that will speak to your audience’s needs. It can be a simple message that will start with you saluting them and telling who you are, and what you’re looking for.

Sometimes content is the only (and brilliant) way to engage your potential buyers.

Let’s assume that you’ve added some piece of content into your message. You need to craft a subject line that will fire up their imagination and let them instantly grasp the value within your message.

How about something like this:

  1. The way to easily convert event attendees into customers: 100% proven way
  2. Hey there! 🙂 Here is a free guide on how to get 20 demo booked per week — guaranteed
  3. 50+ leads to your sales pipeline — a proven way. Check this guide out.

Or something like this.

4. Find out how to engage 50 leads per month from LinkedIn absolutely effortlessly. Join my webinar.

5. 100 leads generated per month from LinkedIn. No marketing, only outbound sales. I’ll share my case & expertise this Wednesday. Join me at…

6. How to [add the solution to their problem]: proven methods

7. How to convert hot leads into customers: this strategy became a gold mine for us

8. Interview with “company_name” founder: how we came from _ to [add results].

As you can see, the more detailed your subject line is, the better. Tell them how you’ve achieved the results they’re expecting to come to.

The thing is, your leads are probably too busy to be able to absorb your ideas off the bat. You can disclose your ideas in the message or in your content. In subject lines, it’s vital to be as close to the point as possible (think about informational noise we’re all facing every single day on the web). Include numbers, proofs, and exact time of your webinar or the exact topic of your content — don’t forget to mention how exactly it’ll help them to achieve their business goals.

Make it simple

Simplicity rules.

How to make your InMails subject line sound simple? Just state what you want from a person without dragging around.

  1. Hi Nick! I’d love to learn a bit more about
  2. Hi Angelika! I’m {my_first_name}, looking to …
  3. Hey Sam! I’d love to learn a bit more about your latest…
  4. Hi Andrew! Came across your company. Have a few questions for you.
  5. Hey Melissa. My name is Rick. I’d love to ask you about [specify].
  6. Hi Alyssa. I’m looking for…
  7. Hi Nick! I have a few questions about [specify].
  8. Hi Alicia! Is {company_name} open for [specify]?
  9. Hey Chris! I’m looking for connecting with marketers of NYC area.
  10. Hi Katie! Found your profile because of recommendation. Have a few ideas about [specify].

LinkedIn InMail subject line to recruiter

InMail can be a perfect way to impress a recruiter as well.

Especially if you’ve sent numerous connection requests to recruiters and now turned to InMail as additional measure.

In this case, try to stick to the point: who you are, what is that you want. Let them know that your message contains something valuable for them. Also, be honest – people are tired of too creative but unclear messages.

  1. I’ve read your post about the opened job opportunity. I guess I can contribute to…
  2. Good morning! I’ve read about the job opportunity that’s opened in your company.
  3. Good morning! I’d love to add my CV for the job position [name_job_position].
  4. Hello! I’ve come across your job position listed here. Would love to send my CV. Thank you.
  5. Hello! I’ve found out about the opened job position. Would love to send my CV for your consideration. Thank you.

It’s always best to simply state your intention clearly in a subject line for your InMail.


A good subject line for an InMail is not something mysterious. It’s about being honest with your prospects or potential employee. Just let them know how your product/content will help, adding as many details as possible.

If you’re in B2B sales, consider using more targeted outreach — by scraping people from groups, events, and posts. Use Closely to build more targeted outreach campaigns. Increase your reply rates significantly: build powerful message sequences, run them on autopilot and have analytics at your disposal: Closely will track your campaigns performance and display all the important insights in one place.

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Happy prospecting! 🥳

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