LinkedIn Premium – What To Choose And How Much Does It Cost?

LinkedIn Premium - how to use

LinkedIn offers plenty of useful things to its users, such as large and spam-free professional network to grow your business. Plus, it also allows you to present your resume out in front of the right individuals.

But if you want more and something exclusive, opt for LinkedIn Premium, as it can provide you the boost with various tools and features tailored to your particular needs.

Below are the details about the LinkedIn premium plans and their usage.

How to Choose my Premium LinkedIn subscription?

LinkedIn helps you make new business contacts and exchange experience with professionals. With this platform you can also grow and build relationships with your clients, approach new ones, create an effective network and assert your brand.

Due to all these opportunities and to use them for your advantage, you need to ask yourself these three questions to understand your needs:

  • How often do you remain active on the platform?
  • What are your objectives using the network?
  • And your targets?

For example: if you are working as a freelancer and provide online training, your objectives can be:

  • Maintaining your business network.
  • Market your offerings.
  • Gain new prospects.

The answers will determine your needs on the platform.

Similarly, if you use LinkedIn for business purposes like many others, you need some tools to work ideally.

This read will talk about the LinkedIn premium, its price, and how to use it to maximize your business network. Plus, there are some surprises as well. 

So, let’s start and go!

Limitations of Free LinkedIn Accounts

LinkedIn is not only the largest but also the smartest network. It limits your usage in the free version and tempts you to buy the paid, premium LinkedIn version.

With the free version of LinkedIn, you cannot:

  • Send a message to users other than 1st level connections.
  • Use LinkedIn for commercial purposes but with limited searches per month.
  • Use the ‘See who viewed your profile feature.
  • View vital details about the businesses or people you are approaching.

But when you have LinkedIn premium, you can smoothly access all these features and some others as per your subscription. Next, we will talk about LinkedIn’s paid subscriptions.

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost?

The Career Account, Ideal for Job Hunting:

To summarize, if you want a specific job position and you want to maximize your opportunities, the LinkedIn career is ideal for you.

These features of LinkedIn career are helpful to maximize and optimize your chances:

  • Salary insights.
  • Featured application.
  • Direct messaging to recruiters.
  • Access to ‘Who’s viewed your Profile’ feature.
  • Detailed application insights.
  • Access to on-demand learning videos.
  • Resume creation with Resume Builder.

The cost is $29.99 monthly, or $239.88 if you subscribe to pay for one year upfront. However, most users opt for the monthly payment option as it is flexible. Overall, the tool has great features and helps you significantly in finding your dream job in less time.

Recruitment Account or Recruiter Lite:

The LinkedIn Recruiter Lite allows managers and recruitment experts to access a mini CRM. In this account, you will get these features:

  • 30 InMail messages
  • Advance LinkedIn search
  • Smart suggestions
  • Integrated hiring.
  • Access to the ‘Who’s View Your Profile’ option.
  • Automatic candidate tracking
  • Recruiting-specific design

Among these, automatic tracking of candidates and integrated recruitment are exceptional as they optimize your work completely.

The tool cost is $119.95 monthly for Hiring or Recruiter Lite, or $1,199.40 annually with a 17% discount.

The tool might look expensive a bit but works great for recruiters and comes with all the essential features that they need to find an appropriate candidate. 

However, one thing that we missed in this feature is there are no reminders or an online contact book or an option to schedule an appointment.

All these things keep you organized during the recruiting process, and if you receive multiple messages in a day, things can get messed up quickly.

Business Account, Best to Build Networks.

This Premium account is ideal for those folks looking to build a quality business network. The account allows you to strategically pick the contacts that you want to connect with. The account includes these options:

  • 15 InMail Messages.
  • Detailed business insights.
  • Online Courses.
  • Access to the ‘Who’s View Your Profile’ option.
  • Unlimited surfing and browsing.
  • Career insights.

The account costs $29.95 monthly. However, it is not that popular among business professionals due to its hefty price. Many think that paying that much on a monthly basis for these features is not that profitable. But still, thousands are using it and found it pretty effective.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a Real Booster:

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is the fan-favorite and for valid reasons.

Basically, it’s a handy prospecting tool, but you can use it many ways, and it works. Furthermore, Sales Navigator is the best feature of LinkedIn, as per consumer reports.

It helps to build and grow your business network, helps to find ideal candidates, and you can also use it to find your dream job. But above all, Sales Navigator can do wonders for your sales and marketing campaigns.

In other words, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is the Swiss army knife.

The price of this handy tool is $79.99 monthly, or $64.99 monthly when you opt to pay annually.

Besides, the tool also offers key information about your competitors; you can view who visited or viewed your profile and enables you to target your prospects more precisely.

Moreover, when you have the Sales Navigator, you can access up to 2500 search results. The number is much higher than what you will get with a standard search (only 1000 results).

If you want to promote your products, services, or brand, use the Sales Navigator with an automation tool and see the magic.

Can I Get LinkedIn Premium for Free?

Subscribe to the free trial offer

Yes, you can via the free trial. And if you don’t know how to do it, here is the answer.

  • First, navigate to the “you” (profile pic) tab.
  • Next, look for “my account.” In this tab, click on the “one-month free premium trial.” 
  • Now, hit the “View all subscriptions” button.
  • Select the Sales Navigator account, and click on the “free month” option to start the trial.

After this, you need to decide your subscription mode, either you want to pay annually or monthly. As per user reviews, an annual subscription is more beneficial, and you will also get a discount of up to 20%.

Bonus: How to use Boolean Operators?

Boolean search operators are useful as they efficiently refine your Sales Navigator searches by using your keyword so that you can find the relevant results according to your criteria.

Here are some Boolean operators that you can use:

Boolean search operators: AND, OR, NOT, and quotes.

But do you know how to use these to get the desired results?

If not, we will show you how to use Boolean operators:

Use quotes

If you are searching for an exact title, your best bet is the ‘quotes.’ The operator significantly enhances the relevance of your search results.

For example, if you are an active recruiter and looking for talented web developers, here is what you need to do:

  • First, go to your Sales Navigator.
  • Next, click on “Filters” and then click on the “Title.” 
  • Now, input “web developer” in the title.
  • Now LinkedIn will only display the profiles or people whose titles include exclusively what you enter between quotes.

Use “OR” and “AND” operators:

These Boolean operators allow you to link and associate various items.

Suppose if you are searching for LinkedIn profiles who are working as developers and UX designers. It is quite possible, and via the operators, you can easily link these two searches.

Just use “AND” between the phrases.

Example: UX designer AND web developer.

Besides, you can also use ‘OR’ between the words.

For example: Are you searching for a UX designer OR web developer?

Use NOT in the searches:

The NOT search operator is used to eliminate certain profiles from the results.

Let’s suppose you are a recruiter and looking for web designers. And you don’t need freelance profiles.

In this case, your search query will look like this: web designer ‘NOT’ freelance. And it will show you the right results.

Experiment with the operators:

Obviously, the usage of Boolean operators is not limited just to recruitment. There are many other uses of Boolean operators.

You can also use these operators to qualify your prospects. For example, if you are targeting the CEOs and managers of big firms. The thing will be simpler and a breeze:

In your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, type: “CEO OR Manager NOT Freelance.”

These Boolean operators can help you in the segmentation. However, you need to define your criteria to make the maximum use of 2,500 prospects per search.

Here you go, now you know and understand how to use these operators. So, download your search results, launch your prospecting actions and try the operators.

Can I Cancel My LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

If you don’t want to use LinkedIn’s premium subscription, here are the details for you.

Follow these steps to cancel the subscription:

  • First, go to your profile image (at the top side of the LinkedIn home page).
  • Now, click on the “Access my Premium” tab.
  • Then go to the “Subscriptions and payments” option on the left, and hit the “change” button on the right.
  • Finally, from here, you can cancel your LinkedIn premium subscription. If you want to use LinkedIn’s free mode, click on the “Cancel and lose credits” button.

Tip: If you want to access the free month only, click on the “Cancel and lose credits” directly after signing the offer. Your trial period will not be affected.


How to Use the LinkedIn Premium Account for Free?

You can access the LinkedIn premium account without any charges by opting for the ‘free trial month.’

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Career Account Cost per Month?

A LinkedIn Premium Career account costs you around $29.99 monthly. For the price, this premium account comes with many handy features that can significantly help you in the process.

Some of its notable features are: Free InMails, profile view option, more insights about the job, and much more.

What is the Price of a LinkedIn Premium Account?

It depends on your membership type. LinkedIn offers four account options, and each account has different charges. Plus, all of them have different features.

  • Price of LinkedIn Premium Career: $29.99 monthly, or $239.88 (if you pay for one year upfront).
  • Price of LinkedIn Premium Business: $59.99 monthly, or $575.88 if you opt for annual payment.
  • Price of LinkedIn Premium Sales Account: $79.99 monthly, or $779.88 annually.
  • Price of LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Account: $119.95 monthly, or $1,199.40 yearly.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

LinkedIn Premium prices are much higher than the others, but as per consumer reports, the service and features justify the hefty fee. LinkedIn offers various innovative features to its premium users with smooth access to data, analytics, and online training that are handy for all types of users.

In the End:

To conclude the matter, we hope that you now understand how to use LinkedIn premium and approach your target audience through this paid account.

Apart from it, the read also shows you to maximize the use of LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator and how to get targeted results for free.

To conclude the matter, whether you are a sales manager, an active recruiter, HR manager, or CEO, this read has all the details to get the most out of your premium LinkedIn account as per your precise needs.

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