5 Best Recruitment Automation Tools In 2023 — How to Сhoose Software?

It’s been a while since we did profiling and screening of job candidates manually. Today, to stay competitive and be able to conjure up the best quality candidate for the opened job position in your company, you’ll have to adhere to some best practices for recruiters. Those include incorporation of some state-of-the art technology (recruitment automation software) to help you tackle lots of manual repetitive tasks that recruitment business is full of.

In this article, we’ll briefly brush up on some solid software + fresh hacks to let you override your rivals in the field and boost productivity.

If you’re already wondering, what is recruiting automation and how to put it to its best use for your purposes, look no further. We’ve got all covered.👇

What’s a recruitment automation software?

Automation in recruitment refers to automation of all the crucial steps of the recruitment process:

  • Finding candidates
  • Connecting with candidates
  • Sending follow-ups to candidates
  • Tracking interactions with candidates
  • Sending job offer to those who fit best

By opting for automation, a recruiter kills lots of birds with one stone, the following gains being the most significant:

1) You spend more time connecting with candidates on a personal level.

2) You decrease the chances of losing the perfect candidates to your rivals.

Recruitment automaton software simply frees you up from routine tasks, like talent sourcing, and allows you to concentrate on those part of the job that have the biggest impact on productivity: communicating with candidates and evaluating their experience. To wrap it in one sentence,

Let the tool generate perfect candidates for you on autopilot, while you get your hands on the most important part of your job: communication and skill evaluation.

Without further ado, let’s jump further right to the practical part.

How exactly does the recruitment automation software do its job?

Usually, this cloud-based piece of software comes with a cloud-based userspace, where you can log in and work, and where all the info about your prospect candidates is aggregated.

In your userspace, you can:

  1. Find the right candidates by filtering the database (filter by industry, location, skills)
  2. Build a connection campaign (send connection requests and follow-ups automatically)
  3. Track the results of your campaign (how well it performed in the end – to understand, should you change anything in your campaign – from messaging to the audience itself). Recruitment automation software will build clear, at-a-glance analytics dashboard for you to track the results of your campaigns.
  4. Communicate with prospect candidates in embedded inbox
  5. Tag and filter conversations to keep tabs on all interactions
  6. Manage LinkedIn connections to be able to manage your relationships with candidates, effectively streamlining your entire recruitment process. You’ll be able to tag your connections to interact more efficiently.
  7. Get your prospect candidates’ contact info: emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, skills

The last points is actually the icing on the cake: Recruitment automaton software also gets you emails and phone numbers of your prospect candidates. So, if you’re interested in a guy, and he’s silent for weeks, you can follow-up via email or WhatsApp (if you believe chasing him is actually worth it).

Let’s go through the whole recruitment process, as it’s done in a software

  1. Find suitable candidates on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator or in Closely.

By the way, Closely’s free extension lets you download the results of LinkedIn searches in CSV files for free (as you can see on the screen above).

Copy the link to the results of your search.

2. Go to LinkedIn Campaigns

Here is where you can start building your campaign. Hit “Create new campaign”.

3. Choose “Connection request + follow-up messages” type of campaign.

4. Name your campaign and choose a LinkedIn account that you prefer to be used to send messages to candidates

5.Paste the link to search results in the required space, and specify how many candidates should we reach out to within this campaign. Click on Save & Next.

6. A place where all the magic can happen. Or can not. Write your unique, one-of-their-kind messages to attract the candidates that share the same vibe with your company.

Use built-in variables (first name, second name etc) to make messages unique for each recipient. You can see how variables are inserted in the screen above.

Add as many follow-ups as you want. That’s where your outreach strategy should come to its bloom.
The greatest thing about a recruitment automation software is that it doesn’t only take over all your repetitive routine work, but that it lets you instantly monitor how greatly your messages are performing.

Based on the analytics that you’ll get at your fingertips, you can change:

  • Messages
  • The order of messages in your sequence
  • Time interval between messages
  • The audience (recipients)

Once you’ve finished with your messages, click on Safe and Next: Verify.

Take quick screening: is everything all right in your campaign? Exclude those who have already been funneled into another campaign – by using the “Show people added to other campaign” switcher.

If everything seems polished off to you, hit “Save and start now”.

Now the campaign is running. Come here after a couple of weeks to see how well it performed. The metrics that will let you gauge the success of the campaign are:

  • Connections sent
  • Connections accepted
  • Messages sent (follow-ups)
  • Messages replies

All the replies will land in to your embedded Inbox.

Inbox that is also a CRM

Closely is a place where good news are pumped out non-stop. Here is another one. Now you can communicate with your prospect candidates right in your embedded Inbox — that’s also a CRM.

By assigning tags to your conversations, you can:

  • Always remember who you talked with, about what, and how it ended
  • Seamlessly find the needed conversation by filtering all conversations — the minute you like
  • Keep your team members on the same page about candidates

Run your network as CRM

Another great news is that you can now manage your LinkedIn network as in CRM system. Manage candidate relationships over the long term with an inbuilt CRM platform. Assign tags to your connections, add notes, and see how to scale recruiting operations, eliminating wealth of manual work.

Want to try something fresh? Go for sophisticated outreach

It’s a special kind of campaigns that involves Post Likes, Skill Endorsements and Profile visit steps — in addition to Connection message and Follow-ups.

Here is a full guide to how to use this type of a campaign.

Top-tier recruitment automation software for 2023

Here is our top-5 list of some best recruitment automation software, worth your attention:

  • Closely – for automated LinkedIn and email campaigns, personalized outreach, network management, safe automation and built-in Inbox-CRM
  • Snov.io – for automated LinkedIn campaigns and contact data fetching
  • Fetcher – for candidate sourcing, outreach and scheduling
  • Smart Recruiters – for job posting and automated candidate sourcing
  • Expandi – for automated LinkedIn campaigns and thorough analytics

Let’s sum up

Today, to stay competitive in recruitment business, you have to go beyond just happy to be a skilled specialist with killing intuition. You have to learn how to contact and assess potential candidates at scale, using an automation software — what your rivals have already incorporated and reaped great benefits from.

All in all, a recruitment automation software:

  • Cuts down on manual work of a recruiter: collecting LinkedIn profiles, sending messages, follow-upping candidates, keeping tabs on all interactions. It takes care of the regular and repeatable time-consuming tasks
  • Helps to build proactive hiring pipelines that let you communicate with candidates and win the brightest candidates over from your corporate rivals.

The most promising automation software for your job success should be Closely (non-biased). It’s praised for its easiness of use and amazing potential. It’s one of the most affordable and perfectly safe solution that works in the cloud, as opposed to Chrome extensions that automate LinkedIn messaging while risking your LinkedIn accounts.

Closely has a free trial that comes with 50 credits. You can book a quick call with us to learn how to start using it to get maximum results from it for your specific needs. Learn how to grow talent pools, assess candidates and build hiring flows at scale today, hurdle free — all while having fun.


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