Private: Closely Campaigns 2.0 – New Steps For More Sophisticated Outreach

How to increase your acceptance rate on LinkedIn without too much hassle? Changing strategy, working on targeting, writing new connection messages?

“I hear you, but I need something proven and fast!”

The root of the problem

Remember all those faceless connection requests that appear in your Inbox out of nowhere? Then they hang in your Inbox like ghosts. Not a word in them.

What’s even worse is when you can see the small part of a connection message, and it goes “Hello Alina! I saw we’re both members of “Marketers…”

It’s all the same! We know that if we accept, it’s going to be followed by “do you have a time for a quick chat?? DO YOU??”.

And you’re like:

Too much pressure right away. And It will be like this because you can recognize the pattern. And then there will come “Have you read my message? Have you?” , “That’s the last time I’m bothering you…”. People talking to themselves in your Inbox.

What a pity if their product or solution are actually good, and you may even need it. Pushing and poor sales bring good products down.

The solution?

Option #1 Make it about them

If you’re in sales for a long time, you probably know that the trick is to talk about your prospects’ needs, and about them in general. Put yourself into their shoes.

If you talk about their needs, explain why you want to connect in a non-intrusive, polite way, you increase the chances of having those requests accepted, and even conversation sparked.

But this may not be enough. As you can see — even personalization at times looks like a repelling pattern.

Option #2 Include actions

Actions have value, and words… are just words.

Imagine that you’ve caught a cold and don’t feel well. The gentleman who wants to date you, sends you a message: “It’s going to be fine. You’re strong”.

Thank you very much.

And there is another gentleman — strives to date you. He comes to your home with flowers and bring you the needed medicine.

Who would you love to see next time on a date?

People like it when you show them that you care before asking anything from them. That’s why we offer you to do something for your prospects first instead of bombarding them with messages.

Closely Campaigns 2.0 are a new type of a campaign that can visit your prospects’ profiles, like their posts, and endorse their skills — to show them that you cared enough to take action.

We believe that these new steps — additional touch points — can change their attitude toward your messages and boost your acceptance rate.

Like posts

Include the “like post” step in your campaign: Closely will like 1,2 or 3 posts of your leads on their page.

Visit profiles

Closely will visit their profiles instead of you.

Endorse skills

Closely will endorse 1,2 or 3 skills of your leads if they’re displayed on their pages.

Is this just blah-blah?

Not really. We’ve managed to increase our acceptance rate from 30% to 54% by using the new type of a campaign.

If you think about it — you can’t predict what may work for your product and audience. However, since it costs nothing time-wise, there is no reason to not experiment with this, right?

How do I build the new type of a campaign?

To begin building your new campaign, go to your account > LinkedIn campaigns 2.0.

Click on create new campaign. Provide the source of your audience, as usual. It can be LinkedIn search result URL, posts, group, event or your custom CSV file with LinkedIn profiles.

Don’t forget to let us know how many leads should be added to the campaign. Set the number (up to 1000 leads per campaign).

Here is where you build your new type of a campaign.

Add as many steps as you want, starting from whichever one you want, except for skill endorsement and follow-up (these must come after a connection request, and if it’s accepted).

Here is a more detailed video instruction. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have any specific questions.

Have fun!

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.