Closely Bags LinkedIn Automation Management Software Accolade From Top-Rank B2B Platform

Closely’s LinkedIn automation management software has recently been presented with a prestigious award by a top-rank B2B directory.

CompareCamp, one of the top-rank software marketplaces today, recognized Closely with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our product’s thriving customer base and popularity. This award is presented to new software providers that have quickly acquired industry validation.

Among other criteria, CompareCamp checked out the exceptional volume of favorable feedback and social mentions of our product as a seal of customer satisfaction. CompareCamp’s software specialists also wrote an in-depth Closely features and benefits overview and concluded that it enables users to easily find, source, and manage connections on LinkedIn. Our application allows users to search for emails, get LinkedIn profile URLs, and send connection requests. We also allow for the identification of new connections based on preferences and related events. On top of those, our cloud-hosted platform mimics human behavior to help users increase their engagement and credibility. Spamming will never be an issue, too, as we implement smart limits.

In their analysis, the specialists at CompareCamp praised our product’s preciseness and ease of use. Some of the features they took note of are our prospect search tools, multi-chained campaigns and CRM, and support for different import options.

The review affirmed Closely’s ability to help users establish connections with the help of prospect search tools. This feature lets them scrape and identify niche groups that cater to their target audience. It also lets them identify people who have been to major and relevant events within their industry. In addition, Closely can comprehend user preferences. It directs users toward connections to people who share an affinity for the same content.

Aside from these, Closely enables the creation of multi-chained campaigns to engage users with their prospects. Users can write different messages depending on situations, such as connection requests, as well as follow-up and acceptance messages. Users can figure out conditions depending on whether or not their prospects have responded. Plus, our product comes with a smart embedded inbox where users can funnel and add response tags, like Positive, Negative, and SQL, just to name a few.

Their review also commended how we boost efficiency in adding prospect and connection information. Closely allows users to import directly from LinkedIn’s basic search engine and Sales Navigator Search. It also allows users to import CSV files with custom variables. Our product supports various LinkedIn accounts to help users communicate with a larger and broader audience.

Closely would like to thank CompareCamp for recognizing our hard work. Earning accolades from respected organizations such as this one motivates us to do even better at bringing stellar automation management software solutions.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to the teams who continue to rely on our automation services. Rest assured that we will continue to provide high-quality services and come up with more features so that you can flourish in this industry. We hope to work with you in the many years to come.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.