Duplicate Your Campaigns To Win More

Easily copy your most successful campaigns

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It’s no secret that Closely’s functionality is aligned with our own interests & pain points. We’re for true practicality whether it comes to data comprehensiveness or different value-added solutions.

For many months Closely has been helping sales teams around the world to set up sophisticated automated campaigns and track their performance to fine-tune prospecting strategies & win more.

Another small update is on display: the ability to duplicate your campaigns in a few clicks to target more audiences and increase reply rates. Get closer to people who are ready to take the next step and talk to your representatives by targeting them with campaigns that already proved efficient!

For this to work, you need to already have a Closely account with existing campaigns. You are going to log into Closely and navigate to the campaigns tab.

Click on the Settings button and get prompted to setting up the campaign.

You can change the name or opt for another account. Optimize your content if you want.

Select the needed audience which you’d like reach out to with your star campaign.

As usual, you can choose from adding a LinkedIn URL with the result of your search, importing a ready-to-use file with your prospects’ URLs, adding a link to a shared group/event to target a laser-specific audience.

Closely provides useful customer insights in your dashboard and Inbox. Adjust ensuing campaigns and duplicate the ones that proved most efficient to target more leads within a few clicks.

Watch how the adjustment works in details in the video below.

Make sure that our new options on display benefit you in the best way possible!

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