Boolean LinkedIn Search Results — The Results That Can Drive Your Business

When it comes to outreaching and prospecting potential clients, the search becomes troublesome. That is where you need a Boolean search in LinkedIn that is a unique and advanced feature by LinkedIn to improve your search results significantly.

Suppose you are a business looking to dramatically improve the search results and reach out to your prospective audience. In that case, the Boolean string profile LinkedIn search can assist you in finding the relevant prospects. 

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Using the LinkedIn Boolean Search Strings, you can apply extensive filters that look for the entered keywords even in the profiles of people. If the keyword is even used once on their entire profile, they appear in your searches, helping you discover content and people within no time. 

TOP5 Best Boolean Operators to Use in Search Strings

Boolean search for a LinkedIn recruiter is incomplete without the Boolean logic. In simple words, Boolean logic is a more defined way to use five operators to reach out to relevant content and people on the networking platform. You can create your combination and discover the best search results that work for you. The most popular operators in Linkedin Boolean Search are: «NOT», «Quotation Marks», «AND», «Brackets», «OR».

You can use the following operators in the keyword bar along with the firm or the title for the sales navigator LinkedIn Boolean search:

Boolean Operators for LinkedIn Search

Boolean OperatorsPurposeExamples
AND Includes multiple words in searchWriter AND Manager
ORLets you specify alternativesCSS# OR  jQuery
NOTLets you exclude certain keywordLead generation specialist NOT Sales manager
() ParenthesisLets you combine previous operationsSales (Representative OR Manager)
“” QuotationsLets you search particular terms in a specific order of words, without separating them“Sales Manager” OR “Customer Representative”

Operator «NOT»

At times, there is a need to exclude specific job titles from your Boolean search to get a refined search and get rid of all the people that you may not require. You can use NOT after the command and then include the title you want to exclude.

Operator «Quotation Marks»

When you enter any keyword with quotation marks at the end and beginning, you command the search engine to look for results that exactly match the entered keyword. However, when you do not add the quotations, you are likely to receive results separately.

Operator «AND»

When looking for research that includes more than one criteria, you can use the ‘AND’ operator in capital words in your keyword bar. You can create multiple strings according to the results you desire from the LinkedIn Boolean search.

Operator «Brackets»

When you begin creating complex strings, that is where you must include parenthesis or brackets inside your search. The brackets indicate which information should be considered first in comparison to other keywords. Usually, it is used where different operators are used.  Also, you get to discover different job roles in a specific industry as well through this function.

Operator «OR»

Often, looking for people who work in a specific field of the same level but with different job titles gets difficult. In such a situation, you can use OR syntax in your search.

LinkedIn Boolean Search Generator for a Refined Research

Usually, business people on LinkedIn find the Boolean search a difficult and troublesome one. If you too find yourself scratching your head when it comes to advanced research for your brand’s advertising, marketing, branding, or hiring purposes, then you can search Boolean LinkedIn recruiter tools. This helps specify your search based on job titles, targeted skills, experiences, education, and demographics. 

Usually, a top-notch LinkedIn Boolean search tool will ask you to input a few things, for instance:

  • What job titles do you want to include in your search?
  • What Job titles you specifically do not want in the search results?
  • Which companies do you want to include in your keyword search?
  • Which companies do you not want the search to include?
  • What are the additional keywords to specify your search?
  • What other keywords do you want to exclude?

Once you input all these, the string generator tool will come up with the correct string. All you need to do is paste the string in the LinkedIn search bar. 

Operations Wise LinkedIn Boolean Search Examples — Understand and Implement

The NOT operator:

If you are looking for a communications manager and not Public Relations Office, one of the famous LinkedIn Boolean search string examples is:

"Communications Manager," NOT "Public Relations Officer."

Quotation Marks:

If you want to look for a Hiring Manager and do not want results as a whole, then put quotations around the terms like:

"Hiring Manager"

The AND operator:

If you want to look for a Managing Director in the IT sector, you can type:

"Managing Director" AND "IT." 

The search results will gather results for a managing director working in that specific industry, i.e., IT.

The OR operator:

If you are looking for Marketing Heads, you can search:

"Marketing Heads" OR "Marketing Executives." 

According to the LinkedIn Boolean search tip sheet, the results will be similar but with different titles. 


If you are looking for hiring and an operations manager specifically in two fields particularly, i.e., IT and telecommunications sector, then you can type the following in your search bar:

("Hiring Manager" OR "Operations Manager") AND ("Telecommunications" OR "IT")

Final Word:

Unfortunately, the Boolean tool is a search tool that most LinkedIn novices have no idea about. However, the Boolean strings offer a considerable advantage to businesses. If you are a business owner, ensure to make the most out of the Boolean LinkedIn search tool.

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