What Is Closely Lead Finder and How to Use It

Lead Finder allows you to find and obtain valuable intelligence on decision-makers using a wide range of criteria.

Its primary goal is to ease the process of collecting data and bolster sales. Lead Finder is unrivalled in data completeness. Its eminent features are a comprehensive data directory, ongoing updates and deep pool of filtering criteria.

Pull emails from Lead Finder and use them in your LinkedIn campaigns

With go around 100 connection requests officially allowed by LinkedIn, you have to buy Premium, invite people directly from shared group and events or use invite-by-email feature to invite people to connect using emails associated with their profiles.

How to send 1000 connection requests per week on LinkedIn

It’s actually very simple: you go to contacts – add more contacts > upload the file and upload the file with your prospects’ emails (if you have one). 

Then LinkedIn automatically finds LinkedIn accounts associated with emails from your file and offers you to add connections that you “might know”.

Overcoming LinkedIn connection limits

It’s great if you have those emails!

The only thing you need to do is gain access to some trustworthy database of business emails with worldwide coverage. It’s better if it can cover all your prospecting needs too. Purchasing information from different sources often produces inconsistency and higher costs. 

What if you had a reliable data source with a wide range of filters at your fingertips? What if you were able to do outreach and have access to emails without leaving one single platform? You could use those emails that you pull in your LinkedIn campaigns and overcome the limit easily.

The best bet is finding an all-in-one data provider plus automation solution.

That’s what Closely is now.

Closely Lead Finder – how it came into mind

Data science has been our passion for almost 10 years. Throughout all those years we used various data sources and chose between different vendors. (from Zoominfo, Wiza and Lusha to less-known ones) We spent, like, 100K on them in total.

Some of them worked out. Others didn’t. But it still wasn’t enough. We felt like opportunities kept slipping away because of the quality of data they provided. When bargaining the best bang for your buck, you always think about long-term goals. We didn’t like to pay for poor functionality or obsolete data. You can easily see how the data you have at hand becomes counterproductive. There were a lot of things that caused disappointment, like having data displayed for one profile mixed with another LinkedIn user’s profile with the same name.

So, eventually, we decided to build a trustworthy database ourselves (do it yourself!)

The best use of Lead Finder

Closely Explorer

Lead Finder is a B2B database of business contacts with more than 143 million records. We work to update this database every day, so this number will only grow. 

What can you do with it?

You can access all the records in our database and use them for your outreach. Drill down by:

  • Company name
  • Job department
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Location
Closely Explorer

More filters are coming very soon.

You can export contacts into a CSV file, select contacts and upload them into campaigns. 

Access emails, company name, location, LinkedIn profile.

Automate your “Invite-by-email” campaigns in Closely

Everything good in outreach comes with automation.

Even with millions valid emails and LinkedIn profiles, you won’t see huge difference if you do outreach manually,

Closely is a sales intelligence platform, and apart from being able to access our database, you can run different types of campaigns: from basic connection to “Invite-by-email” campaign.

Closely - a Sales Intelligence Platform

Let’s connect with up to 1000 people per week automatically!

After building a prospect list using Lead Finder, export contacts into a CSV file, go to campaigns > create new campaign > Invite by email campaign type in center.

Invite by email automate

Upload your CSV here.

How to use Closely

You can still run other connection campaigns (100 per week as allowed by LinkedIn) manually or using Closely if you want to automate the process. Your ‘invite-by-email’ campaign won’t be the subject to this limit. 

Use Lead Finder for email campaigns 

You can export all the emails you found to a CSV file and upload it into any other outreach tool you use for email campaigns.

Impressive. I want to know the price!

You pay for each person with a Credit. Every Closely user gets 150 Credits for free so you can try Lead Finder, look at the results, and make your decision. 

If you decide that you need more, you can subscribe to any of our flexible plans and get up to 10000 credits monthly. There is no hurry in using them till the month ends, once you buy your credits, they do not expire till you use them. 

Plans start at $50/ month. 

Is it safe?

The tool is compliant with all the privacy and data protection requirements. You can learn everything you need to know about our privacy policy in our Privacy Hub.

We deeply respect all the LinkedIn rules and restrictions so we are doing only what is allowed on their end. 

Ready to boost your sales numbers?

Hit “Start free trial” and let the party begin.

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