Messages to My Network – How It Works

How to use Messages To My Network Type of a Campaign

You’ve probable been building your LinkedIn network for a long time, spent resources on it. And now it’s only rational to await a good bang for your buck!

Messages to my network is a long craved feature that is now live in Closely – it lets you message any person from your network automatically.

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It serves extremely well if you’ve grown the audience using the connection campaign type, and now ready to jump right into prospecting and eventually selling.

To start out, navigate to Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Messages to my network.

All your contacts will be displayed in the list along with some filters to weed out irrelevant people and leave those that is the best fit for your campaign.

The “Campaign” row to the right displays campaigns in which a particular lead is already engaged.

Exclude those who won’t be a good fit for your campaign by hovering over to the “Exclude” button.

Hit on “Save and Next”. Write messages and add any number of follow-ups.

Once finished, click on “Save and Start Now”.

To track the campaign performance, go to Campaigns, to this at-a-glance reporting that display all active and inactive campaigns. The Messages Sent row is where the number of delivered messages will be set out.

As with other campaigns, you can pause, edit, delete or duplicate your active campaign.

Added below is a visual overview of the feature.

To conclude

If the first exposure to your product through a connection campaign has not reeled in a lead then it can still be salvaged through reaching out to your existing network.

Hook in new buyers right from your existing network, automatically.

Achieving your most ambitious sales goals doesn’t have to be as challenging anymore – choose the best of the best out of trusted, highest-rated LinkedIn automation platforms and start selling smarter.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.