Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Message Automation

LinkedIn automation

Are you someone looking to upgrade your LinkedIn outreach? If yes, LinkedIn Message Automation is considerably the best preference for your LinkedIn Account to gain more reach. Here, I’ll be introducing you to what, why, and how’s of LinkedIn Automated Messaging. 

What is Automated LinkedIn Messaging?

LinkedIn is a landing place for all forms of industrialists who search for like-minded people to work with them or promote their brand. And to increase out your reach, you have to interact with the people who are in the field of your concern. But don’t you think some innumerous people would want to be a part of your brand, and is it possible to interrelate with all of them, one on one? Well, it can be, but it is quite an engaging and overelaborate task. So, to make your work smooth and uncomplicated, LinkedIn provides you with LinkedIn Message Templates. Also, it helps you with a certain job called LinkedIn Automatic Connections, where you can automatically make connections based on your target audience. 

You must have come across a profile that directly sends you an introductory message asking for your interest soon after connecting on LinkedIn. This particular message is framed with LinkedIn Introduction Message Template. Many more templates can be chosen as per your need to define your work or brand. 

To clear your doubts, the message containing only your first name and detail of your work is an automated message. 

Reasons to use Automated LinkedIn

Everything advanced possesses some advantages that everyone wants to make their work easy. And so, with Automated LinkedIn, there are two ways to generate your leads through automation if you know your target audience. The first is to search and message them manually, which will be done after going through a process of connecting or to type up a message request. 

Another way is to connect automatically to your target audience without wasting an hour or more typing out personal messages. That is, automation helps in generating leads via LinkedIn. 

It gets easy for you to send LinkedIn connection requests automatically rather than searching for your target audience individually. 

LinkedIn Automation can help you in saving your time. Why would anyone want to waste more time manually on a task that can be completed automatically in less time?

But again, a question arises that how can we automate our LinkedIn profile?

Many people find it risky to get their accounts automated as a single account sends several messages at a particular time. So, to assure you of the safety of your account, various LinkedIn Automation Tools are available that can help you with automating your LinkedIn profile. 

The two tools on which you can depend are:

  • Chrome Extension

The Dux-Soap is an example of the Chrome Extension where you need to download the plugins that serve the basic automation and integrate them into your browser. To browse it efficiently, you need to open LinkedIn open all the time in your browser. It helps in outreach and LinkedIn Message Automation

  • MeetAlfred

MeetAlfred is a LinkedIn Automation Tool that concentrates on social media selling campaigns. It is helpful in team management, building campaigns, automating outreach. You can even check your progress rate on your dashboard using MeetAlfred. 

  • Closely

Closely is a cloud-based solution and one of the safest LinkedIn tools for automation that is easy to set up and work 24/7 or at a preferred time. They also serve various LinkedIn networking message templates with a smart inbox that boosts the audiences’ engagement and helps you notify you with the conversation you are supposed to do.  

LinkedIn Message Automation How-to and Best Practices

The only key to conquering the LinkedIn automation skill is personalization. All you need to do is to personalize your outreach to achieve the successful LinkedIn lead generation. The tags that you can personalize are first name, last name, job title, company name, and dynamic placeholder. Dynamic Placeholder is a portion of your message where you have to explain yourself as a brand. By adopting the skill of personalization, you can build several campaigns, each time different, focusing on your target audience.

LinkedIn Automation Tools are another contribution that you make to get your account automated. This helps you with automation and provides different advantages, such as an automated LinkedIn outreach campaign. 

But before building up the campaign there are 4 essential steps that you need to keep in mind.

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile- the thing people get attracted to is the profile. How would you like if a person to whom you are sending the connection request has not updated the profile picture or details? Obviously, not good. So, the first thing is to update your profile for the automated outreach campaign.
  • Define your target audience- your profile describes your target audience. Every detail which you have mentioned should have relevance to the brand you are promoting and should be relatable to the audience whom you have targeted. If you’re sorted with the target audience, then it becomes easy for the tools to do their part of the work.
  • Setting up the Campaign Templates- it is necessary for you to set up the Campaign Templates every time of every different campaign, so that audience gets something new and relatable. For every campaign, your explanatory portion that is a dynamic placeholder should be updated and elaborate on the purpose of the campaign.
  • Tracking the results- this is the main and crucial step for you to get your profile automated because if you do not track your result, there is no way you can keep the track of your work. You get to see your stats in the dashboard section where it tells how manageably your campaigns are bringing more audiences and how well your brand is performing in the digital market.

Automated LinkedIn Connection Request is another advantage that you can enjoy under the servings of automation tools. Above mentioned tools can help you in sending the connection requests automatically as per your target audience. And can promote your brand, leading to lead generation.  

Also, it provides templates for message content automation via LinkedIn. That helps you find your preferred target audience without wasting time and managing the app’s authenticity. 

This is how popular business tycoons have utilized the LinkedIn app to promote their brand. And this is how you can start up with LinkedIn if you are a beginner and want to be aware people about your business. This is all you need to know about LinkedIn Automation Messaging and how it works.