Top LinkedIn Automation Tools: Which Ones Are Worth Your Attention In 2022

LinkedIn automation tools — the term pops up even more frequently now. They say automating outreach campaigns can be highly beneficial for your business in terms of time saved and money-wise. So, what are they? In this article, we’re going to dive into how LinkedIn automation tools can help you expand your outreach and which ones deserve your attention in 2022.

What are LinkedIn automation tools?
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    LinkedIn automation tools are designed to save your time finding and connecting with people on LinkedIn manually and aimed to help you grow LinkedIn network faster. They’re major weapons in the LinkedIn lead generation game.

    The benefits of using LinkedIn automation tools are the following:

    • They save a good deal of time

    Imagine that you want to reach out to 100 people. You will need to review the profile of each prospect that fits your ideal customer profile, then send them a connection message, and change the name in each of the messages.

    Then you’ll have to filter all those people who’ve accepted your connection request, and send them a new message. Then you’ll have to monitor all those who replied to it and send them the follow-up.

    Now, imagine that you do it all manually. Let’s begin with sending two messages (the connection and the follow-up) — how much time would it take to complete just these two actions?

    ActionTime to complete Times per dayTotal time
    Reviewing a profile3 min1005 hours
    Copy-pasting a connection request, altering the message1 min1001 hour 40 min
    Sending the request10 sec10017 min
    Finding people who accepted your c r and opening their profiles1 min3030 min
    Copy-pasting a follow-up message, altering details1 min3030 min
    Sending the follow-up message10 sec305 min

    Total Time: ≈ 8 hours

    As you can see, it takes the whole day to reach out to 100 people. Imagine that only 30 out of 100 will reply (in the best scenario). And how many will convert? You can only guess!

    With LinkedIn automation tools, you can run several campaigns and reach out to 500 and more people from different accounts, saving a big deal of time. Once a person replies, the campaign stops.

    2) They generate useful statistical data

    LinkedIn automation tools provide useful insights into how your messages work. You can see how many people accepted your connection request and how many ignored it during a certain period of time.

    Closely - #1 LinkedIn automation tool

    LinkedIn automaton tools’ analytics gives you a clue on how good your connection request message is and whether you’re reaching out to relevant audiences (the ones that are active users and may be interested in your product).

    Now that you’ve got the basics down about LinkedIn automation tools and their benefits, let’s review some of the major players on the market. 

    1. Top LinkedIn Automation Tools: Closely

    How to reach out to more people on LinkedIn?

    Closely is a LinkedIn lead engagement platform that automates LinkedIn outreach and allows you to instantly track the results of your campaigns right in your user space. 

    Closely is one of the most promising tools on the market with its neat, comprehensive, and easy to navigate interface. It offers a basic set of features that covers all your needs in LinkedIn outreach.

    The first thing you see after the registration is your userspace. From the dashboard, you can navigate to any functionality that you want.

    Closely dashboard

    The Campaign Tab is located on the left side of your dashboard. By clicking on “create new campaign”, you can start creating personalized campaigns and add as many messages as you want.

    The feature set covers campaign automation, campaign analytics, and campaign management. You can use in-built templates as a basic idea for your campaign. 

    how to write automated messages on LinkedIn


    Closely offers the utmost safety to its users: it’s a cloud-based software which means it’s undetectable to LinkedIn as contrary to chrome extensions. Its algorithms mimic real human behavior and uses a warm-up period to ensure you appear as a human to LinkedIn.

    Closely assigns your own IP address which means connection requests won’t be sent from different addresses that is exactly what makes LinkedIn get your account suspended.

    You can rest assured that your account is in good hands.

    Closely - campaign creation


    With Closely, you can easily personalize outreach automatically based on filtered search results from LinkedIn. You can also import your CSV files with prospects and set up targeted campaigns for each specific group of people.

    Flawless UX
    Robust analytics
    Ease of use
    Reasonable price considering the features
    Limited feature set
    No integration

    Closely will cost you $49/seat per month which is not that much compared to rivals’ products with almost the same functionality.

    Top LinkedIn Automation Tools: Expandi

    Expandi - top automation tools

    Expandi offers efficient options to carry out your processes quickly with its robust set of features. 

    Expandi is known for its integration with Zapier and Hyperise. It also allows you to scrape people from groups and events which is very useful if you want to set up precisely targeted campaigns.

    $99/seat/monthPost-engagement campaigns
    Integration with other marketing tools 
    Non-intuitive interface
    Webhooks are set up for each account separately which takes some time

    The biggest disadvantage of Expandi is its interface: it can be quite challenging to sort things out in your user space especially if you don’t have much time for the learning curve:

    Expandi interface

    Also, Expandi is a bit expensive compared to other tools. If you need a basic automation, $1000 per 10 seats seem like a bit too much.

    Top LinkedIn Automation Tools: Dux-Soup 

    Dux-Soup review

    Dux-Soup is a chrome extension which means it will work in the background as long as your LinkedIn tab is opened in your browser. 

    The major problem with extensions is that they’re in your browser, therefore, it’s easier for LinkedIn to detect them. Also extensions don’t use action limits so you may end up sending out 1000+ duplicate messages which is quite suspicious.

    Dux-Soup has its outstanding functions, though, like letting you download a profile’s details right into your CRM which makes lead generation and nurturing easier.

    $41,25/seat/monthProfiles auto-visit
    Exporting profile details

    Remember, that with Chrome extensions, you have to be careful. If you misuse them and crank the settings up too high, you may put your account under the risk of getting banned.

    Top LinkedIn Automation Tools: Phantombuster

    Phantombuster review

    Phantombuster is a Chrome extension that helps you perform various actions on the web like extracting data or scheduling tasks.

    Phantombuster is used primarily for scraping audiences on social media but it can also be used for automated actions like auto-following profiles or auto-liking posts. 

    $30/monthLinkedIn Profile Scraper
    Email Automation

    Phantombuster works with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google services, Twitter, etc


    LinkedIn automation tools assist sales teams in one of the most tedious tasks: lead generation. We’ve run through the well-established tools: now, it’s up to you which one will best fit your current challenges. 

    All of these tools can provide plenty of business opportunities that won’t run dry.

    However, with Chrome extensions, you take additional risks of being banned by LinkedIn since it can detect such tools through public resources and behavioural changes. If you want to be on the safe side, there is a point in sticking with cloud-based solutions that give you your unique IP address and have a lot of add-ons to enrich you lead generation game.