How to Export LinkedIn Contacts With Email — Download Connections to Excel

Every sales manager needs to obtain a few crucial characteristics and hold grip of the following (if they want to stay competitive in 2023):

  1. Be flexible. The ability to adjust to the changing sales landscape and environment and stay productive is crucial.
  2. Be demanding. Being demanding to yourself is important if you want to gain edge over other professionals on the market.
  3. Be equipped with high-quality, professional tools to find & engage leads on LinkedIn.

We can’t help you with the first two points. However, we can assist with the 3d one. LinkedIn is widely used as a sales tool, and the more you know on how to tackle it to leverage benefits, the better it is for your gains! Having your hands on the right tech stack to be able to export LinkedIn contacts with email, send messages to LinkedIn prospects at scale, scraping contact data, etc. — is your key to productive, efficient work that ends up in closed deals.

In this article, we will answer the question “How to export LinkedIn contacts with email”? You may want to know this if you’re up for LinkedIn prospecting, but also want to do email remarketing campaigns, or reach out to your prospects via email.

How to Export Connections from LinkedIn

If you need to export your connections, LinkedIn allows to do that and thoroughly describes how to do that. Go through these simple steps:

  1. Click the Me icon at your homepage.
  1. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  2. Click Data privacy on the left side.

4. Click Get a copy of your data.

5. Select Connections and click on Request Archive.

LinkedIn provides a thorough intruction to the whole process here.

After 10 minutes approximately, you’ll get your file with connections sent to your primary email.

Why There Are no Emails in My File?

The method of exporting LinkedIn connections, provided by LinkedIn, doesn’t have anything to do with exporting the emails of your connections.

If you scroll down the instruction provided by LinkedIn, it states that emails will be absent, excluding those cases when LinkedIn users allowed others to access their emails (a rare case).

This is why, due to this limitation, your file doesn’t contain emails, only LinkedIn connections themselves, in the form of URLs.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts with Email to Excel (CSV)

Fortunately, there is a way to export LinkedIn contacts with email to Excel or CSV file: it’s a hurdle-free way that will let you quickly and easily obtain the needed email in bulk. The only thing that’s required from you is to have an active LinkedIn profile and download & install Closely.

Dive in.)

Download LinkedIn Contacts with Email — Closely 

Closely is an all-in-one LinkedIn sales tool, that also has lots of add-ons, helping you stay way ahead of competitors and play LinkedIn prospecting in a smart way.

Closely’s primary feature is LinkedIn messaging automation, but here we will show how to use it to acquire the needed emails of your prospects, in a matter of a few clicks.

It takes a few minutes to register to Closely and sync your account.

  1. Go to, type in your active email and think up password that you’ll use to log in to your account, from now on.

2. Once in, head to LinkedIn accounts > Add new account.

3. Type in the email and password that you use to log in to your LinkedIn.

5. Wait till your account is synced (it takes a few minutes). When it’s done, your LinkedIn network will be synced with Closely automatically.

6. Go to LinkedIn network.

Your LinkedIn network is already here. All your LinkedIn connections are synced with Closely automatically, along with their contact details — emails, phone numbers and company info.

To export connections with emails, follow the next simple steps.

How to download LinkedIn contacts from Closely:

  1. Select all connections or the needed ones. You can use filters on the right panel to get to the needed segment of connections. You can filter by job title, location, company name and tag.

2. Click on Export.

3. Select the type of the file: CSV, TXT or Google Doc.

4. Here you go! Your CSV file with LinkedIn connections + their emails is downloading to your computer. Go grab it to not miss out. 🙂

Your CSV file will contain even more detailed info on each of your LinkedIn connection: make use of their company website, country, email, phone number, names and second names — use this detailed info for your prospecting needs.

If you don’t feel like registering to Closely and want to know a shorter way — you can always opt for extension.

Download LinkedIn Contacts with Email — Closely Chrome Extension

The extension is called Closely Surfer — because it lets you surf LinkedIn and collect the needed contact data of your prospect customers at scale.

Closely Surfer is designed to ensure your smooth sailing across LinkedIn — so nothing and no one can keep you away from scraping & acquiring potential retained customers.

Here is a quick how-to:

  1. Install Closely Surfer to your browser — here.
  2. Go to your Connections on LinkedIn.
  3. Filter down your connections the way you need and click on Export with emails.

4. That’s it! you can do the same trick with Sales Navigator — Closely Surfer will appear there as well.

You can create contact list and reach out to your connections with automated mass messages as well. If you were ever wondering “how to reach out to my LinkedIn contacts massively”, this is the only way, available today. if you want to adhere to LinkedIn limits but also scale your outreach.


If you needed to know how to export contacts from LinkedIn to Excel or any other file — CSV, Google doc, TXT, we hope this guide was of a good help. Stay tuned! We’re talking about B2B sales & LinkedIn prospecting, primarily.

Closely is of a good help for your LinkedIn prospecting ventures: it assists greatly with sending messages to LinkedIn users massively, building advanced leads lists and with LinkedIn management. Enjoy advanced LinkedIn lead generation. 🙂

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.