Thank You Message For LinkedIn – Doing It Right

a thank you message on linkedIn

Sending a “Thank You” message to your lead, prospects, or even an unknown person opens the gate for further. Similarly, sending a message to someone after connecting with them on LinkedIn is beneficial for you in many ways.

Moreover, if you don’t reach out to others or your connections on LinkedIn, people can easily forget about you. In this way, you will lose an opportunity to develop a strong connection.

Apart from it, if your business or sales are based on LinkedIn, and you are interested in creating new business relations, partnerships, or sales deals, you cannot afford to ignore your new connections.

Does snubbing new connections sound familiar? No worries, as you are not alone, and many often overlook new connections.

To differentiate you and your brand from the rest, you need to be remembered by others in a positive sense. And just by sending a simple message like “thank you for accepting my LinkedIn invitation” after your connecting request gets accepted on LinkedIn, you can easily improve and build up your business relationships.

If you don’t know how to do it, this guide answers the same. Keep reading…

What is a LinkedIn Thank You Message?

The answer is fairly straightforward. LinkedIn thank you messages are used to thanks someone or to show your gratitude for something. There are many reasons for sending this simple message and many elements to consider when creating one.

Usually, people send these messages on LinkedIn after a positive interaction with others. For instance:

  • When they accept a connection request.
  • After getting an interview call or appointment.
  • After reading the post or content.
  • Reconnecting with someone.

There can be different reasons why you want to send these messages. Similarly, the messages vary from case to case. And thank you messages on LinkedIn can be an effective tool for sales and networking.

Why should you send a thank you message?

Showing gratitude to others has various advantages for both the sender and the receiver. Additionally, by saying ‘thank you,’ any person can significantly improve the personal and business relationships

However, not many use this simple practice, and some people surprisingly find it a little awkward.

Despite your reservations, writing a note or expressing your gratitude is well-received. People like to feel positive about relations regardless of how small or big they are. 

In other words, thank you messages make both sender and receiver feel more positive, and it has some other benefits as well.

A well-crafted and timely sent thank you message helps in building a fruitful relationship. Whether you know the person or not, the message gets a conversation going smoothly.

Similarly, if you work in the sales department, you can use it as an ice-breaker. Plus, such messages have the full potential to convert a warm lead into a sale.

Apart from showing others that you care about them and your relationship with them, it keeps you in the peoples’ memory. So, whether you are sending it after a job interview or for a sales opportunity, the message will keep you on the radar.

Besides, if you ask to connect with a new person, you can follow up after their acceptance, and the thank you message will work as a call to action. You can also input useful info while showing your gratitude.

Tips: How to Write the Best Thank You Message

Obviously, your thank you message should be appealing and to the point. But crafting a good LinkedIn thank you message after your request gets accepted is not that simple and requires special attention. You need to pay attention to your words, what you want to convey and how you should say it.

How to Write the Best Thank You Message

Although it looks simple and straightforward, but there is a bit of art and creativity involved in writing a good thank you message. 

So, below are some useful tips and tricks to bear in mind when writing yours:

Start strong

Here, an eye-catching headline can give you a perfect start and ensure that the recipient reads your thank you message. We will advise you to come up with something that’s clear, short, and provides sufficient info about you so that they can easily recognize what it’s about.

Keep it to the point

Your thank you message shouldn’t be too long or detailed. Keep it relevant and to the point. Try to explain what you are grateful for, why it’s beneficial, and show your willingness to build a healthy relationship.

Try to keep it personal

Don’t use traditional templates for every message and each person. It will give others a feeling that you are not sincere. Instead, include some personalized details to show them that you actually are grateful.

Ask an engaging question

If you really want to get a reply, ask a question. Try to close the message with a relevant and engaging question. This will inspire them to answer and keep the discussion going.

Thank You Message for Connecting — Examples and Templates That Will Help You

Probably, you’re getting started to draft your thank you messages. But if you find it difficult or you are unable to find the right words, then these LinkedIn thank you message examples will surely help you.

linkedin thank you for connecting examples

Thanks for adding me.

You can use this when a lead or prospect accepts your LinkedIn connection request.

Dear [Type the name] 

Thank you for adding me. I am really pleased to find that you accepted my connection request. Looking forward to chat more about you, [your business area or areas of expertise]. 

I think the relationship will be beneficial for both of us. So, would you like to arrange a meeting or call sometime soon?

Kind regards [your credentials]

Thanks for inviting me.

If someone invites you to connect with or into a group, you can use this simple but effective message.

Hello [Enter their name] 

Thanks for inviting me to join your group. I see that you also are an expert in [add a relevant work industry or field], and I would love to chat with you about it. When would be a suitable time to call? Looking forward.

Regards [your name]

Thanks for the interaction.

If you have met or spoken to someone in recent times, it can be beneficial to thank you for their time.

Hi [their name] 

It was wonderful to see/speak with you on [the day]. I am really interested in getting your thoughts about [topic of discussion], and just want to thank you for your precious time.

If you like to give further ideas, love to hear and discuss them with you. Can you please give me a [call/email/message]?

Regards [your name]

What NOT to Include in Your LinkedIn “Thank You” Message

After your connection request gets accepted, it depends on you how to take things forward and manage the process of building a healthy relationship.

What NOT to Include in Your LinkedIn “Thank You” Message

Here your first message is your first impression, and it should be sensibly designed.

When sending your “thank you” messages:

  • Do not sell something in the messages.
  • Don’t praise yourself too much; people don’t like that.
  • Don’t send long thank you messages as they can make them “bored.”
  • Use old and generic messages.


Is it important to respond to LinkedIn messages? 

Yes absolutely! Communication is always a positive thing, and what’s the harm in building a new connection? Go for it!

How to respond to a message on LinkedIn?

It’s simple. Just click on the message you want to reply, and a text box will appear on your screen. Now, you can compose your message and send.

How to thank someone for scheduling a meeting? 

A simple thank you message conveying your sincere gratitude will be enough. However, you can also include the necessary details regarding the meeting.

Is it advisable to report inappropriate or spammy messages? 

Yes, you must report spammy and inappropriate messages. First, select the message you want to report, and then choose the Report this conversation option. Now, you can enter all the details about why you are reporting the message. Then hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Is it possible to send a message to multiple people? 

Yes, it is. To do this, create a group conversation that includes your connections. Here is how to do it:
— First, open the message tab and tap on the ‘more’ icon.
— Now, select the ‘new group conversation’ option and add the members you want to send messages.

Can I send a voice note? 

Yes, you can send the voice message but keep it one minute long.

In the End

Thank you messages on LinkedIn go down extremely well and can provide you many benefits. Besides, these messages also improve your relationships and build trust.

And, after reading this post, you know how to craft the best LinkedIn thank you message to spark a conversation that leads to a sales opportunity.

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