Why Marketers and Sales Should Think Across Departments to Drive Revenue Growth

At the early cycles any startup faces the challenge of developing healthy communications between departments. Product team, marketing team and sales are working hand-by-hand everyday to roll out something that will ease life of customers and therefore, drive organizational growth.

However, at some points, problems arise.


Throughout an uneasy road of marketing a product, marketers become too consumed testing copies, running campaigns and hunting targets that they usually forget about diving into the product building.

Sales reps becomes too distracted with managing the sales cycle that they can forget about the product as well.

From the product team’s view, taking into consideration go-to-market strategy is important since no matter how powerful are their tech skills, any product should be built with customer in mind.

Who else can provide a greater feedback on customers than sales department?

Who else can transform complicated technical language into the one that will come like a song into the ears of buyers, explaining step-by-step how the product might help them, rather than marketers?

A symbiotic relationship can make it roll.

Of course, an open dialogue is an option but that’s not always is going to be the case.

Big picture?

Executing campaigns, leading the sales cycle to deliver on KPIs is what everyone does. It’s much harder to let your mind absorb the whole picture: how do people know and perceive your product? Do they understand what it is actually about? Isn’t it too complicated for them?
And basically, who are those people who are going to buy from you? What is their level of awareness? Do they know the industry or are they just barely familiar?

Does your organization have enough resources to hit initial goals?

To be on the same page, it’s required that marketers, sales reps and product team abandon their islands and participate in growth meetings that should be ideally organized every week.

Exchanging views and ideas is an amazing way to look at a problem from different angle that leads to creative problem solving.

The tip?

1) Make sure you always think about the growth of the whole organization and not just your department

2) Adapt growth meetings once a week where you discuss current roadmap and exchange ideas

3) Don’t get marooned on your islands

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