How To Extract Emails From LinkedIn Profiles – Easy Way

How to Take use of Email Scraping Tools

LinkedIn today is a real goldmine both for prospecting and finding relevant B2B data.

Apart from using it for reaching out to your prospects, you can also grab a hold of real email addresses of people using just this one platform. In this article, we’re going to show you how.

Can you really get people’s emails using their LinkedIn profiles?

First, let’s clarify that we’re not interested in personal (or direct) emails — we’re looking for work emails to use them in our email campaigns. You don’t want to text people on personal emails because it’s against data privacy policy, and let’s be real: it’s very unlikely you’ll get responses. People simply don’t react to messages that arrive to their personal email addresses.

Some people synch their LI accounts with work emails, but that is a very VERY rare case. LI is your social media print, just as any other social platforms, so obviously, most people prefer to get it synced with their personal emails.

Talking about searching emails manually. Imagine visiting each profile separately, then save emails into some document. That would be a very time-consuming job!

Fortunately, now, with the help of technologies, you can find and download emails quickly, which leaves so much spare time for you to work on other business tasks.

Top 5 strategies for finding your potential clients’ emails through LinkedIn

If you want to get emails through LinkedIn quickly, that’s where third-party data extractors can come in handy.

There are several solutions that we will be looking at. They are Google extensions or cloud-based tools that can help you extract emails from LinkedIn in bulk and export them into a CSV file.


Closely is launching Closely Surfer — an extension that helps with scraping LI data and assist you in prospecting. Subscribe for the latest updates.

Closely Surfer is a free LinkedIn extension that helps sales reps and leadgen specialists to find more leads via LinkedIn and make their prospecting much easier.

From downloading the search results into a CSV file to withdrawing outgoing connection requests in bulk — Closely Explorer is your one-click-for-all extension that happens to outrun the majority of similar tools while being completely free.

First, you can open any LI profile and easily extract email address and phone number of a person. You can locate both in one place in the bottom of your screen.

Other features include saving search results as a CSV file, withdrawing pending connection requests, having the “job title” filter added to your search so you can find more relevant audience for your webinars, and a lot more.

The greatest thing about Closely Explorer is that it’s completely free.

Closely Explorer

If you already have the list of LI profiles, you can use Closely Explorer to extend your base and dig up the emails of your prospects as well.

Once you’re logged in to your Closely account, you can move to Closely Explorer, which is one of the biggest B2B contact base, and apply filers to find people you’re interested in.

Then you can choose to “open emails”, and you’ll spend credits on this (new users get 500 credits with each new seat — check the “pricing” tab).

Once the emails are revealed, along with other data, you can export the whole list and then use it in your campaigns, that you can run automatically in Closely. Watch some of our webinars on how to use Closely to fulfil most of your prospecting tasks.


  • Accurate
  • Feature-rich
  • Smooth work
  • Clean interface
  • Fair price-quality ratio
  • Perfect for taking over the whole LinkedIn leadgen, with automating campaigns, smart CRM inbox and LI scraping (pulling audiences from LinkedIn’s groups, events and posts) to further upload them as a elected audience for campaigns
  • LTD available on Appsumo
  • Closely Surfer — a free LI scraper available soon


  • No 1st-degree campaigns yet


A simple click of a button gives you accurate information and this alone is very helpful. I don’t know details about how they find emails, but the accuracy of contact data provided is incredibly high. Install the extension, start visiting profiles, reveal emails and save them into the list that can further be found in your dashboard.


  • Very accurate (70% solid data)
  • Easy to use (UX is great)
  • Great integrations at both ends (like saving directly into CRM)


  • Very pricey
  • Payment is annual wise
  •  Sometimes it won’t have both the contact details like email and phone number
  •  No ability to filter lists by state

To start using, just install the extension and, once on the needed page, activate the extension in your top right corner of the screen.

It then will open the screen with all the data it managed to pull out, including phone number, work and personal emails. Click on “reveal” to see the email that you need.

Sometimes, when the data is not found, it says that the data is not available. You can add all founded emails to lists that you create and use them in your prospecting.

The trick is that, once you’re out of your 5 free runs, Lusha will ask you to pay to get more credits.


FinsThatLead is a very simple email finder and email automation tool that will extract emails for your request, either by entering LinkedIn profile URL, or typing in the name of the person and the company.

Of course, if you provide the link with LinkedIn Profile URL, chances of getting you the email are much higher than if you just type in “John Adams” in hope to dig John’s email. It seems that they won’t process small companies either (perhaps because they don’t have all companies in their base).

FindThatLead can also run automated email campaigns. To orchestrate this, you’ll have to provide a CSV file with emails of prospects. It also works as an email verifier.

They can also find websites for you that currently are using a particular product or service (you only have to type in the name).

The pricing is very loyal though.


  • 50 free credits (to start with)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Email verifier
  • Price
  • Personalizes and sends cold emailing campaigns


  • Some users report that the data might be outdated in some cases
  • Can’t search within some search areas
  • Very slow support
  • The credit system is not separated out from finding emails and verifying them

Snovio is an email finder and email automation tool that lets you find prospect’s emails based on the provided info: company name, first and second name.

You can perform single email search of bulk email search. For example, you can type in the name of the company and find all employees’ emails that the tool managed to find.

You can add found emails to the list to use them further in your campaigns.

So, if you choose the “Social Url search” option, you can load the list with LinkedIn URLs and extract the emails in Snovio.

Snovio allows you to create and run drip campaigns with the option of choosing schedule and time delay.

The priсe is quite high ($33 for 100 credits, compared to FindThanLead’s $9,9 for 500 or Closely’s $45 for 1500). But the data accuracy is supposed to be higher than in FindThanLead. To find this out, you can always start a free trial in all of these tools to compare the quality of data.


  • Data filtering is nice
  • Can be integrated with project management or CRM software (Slack will work)
  • Can use multiple accounts at once
  • Data accuracy is good
  • Unlimited email account even with the cheapest plan


  • Business email addresses are occasionally not accurate
  • Can be confusing at times and bugs are not ruled out
  •  Price is a little bit high
  •  Limited credits on trial


It seems like without an email finder, it’s hard to expect any substantial progress in modern B2B sales.

A good thing is that you can use LinkedIn to gather the needed profiles in one file and then find emails of those people in bulk, using one of the suggested tools.

Among all the mentioned tools, Closely seems like the most valuable — it offers the finest price, LTD, very intuitive, cloud-based solution and a highly accurate email base for B2B leads.

Closely is launching Closely Explorer — that will get you the data you need, scraped from LI profiles, for free. Follow the updates.

All tools that we listed are good to try out. The highest the price, the more accurate the data. But, all cases differ from each other, so it’s best if you can try it yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.