Best Social Selling Tools for Sales Reps

best social selling tools

Social selling is the latest in a long line of effective sales techniques. It leverages social networking sites to identify prospects, build relationships and hopefully close more deals for you.

Social selling has become much more than just a buzz; currently, it’s a vital part of cross-selling and the modern sales procedure. You need to consider these data and statistics:

  • 78% of sales personnel use social media to beat their peers.
  • Social selling produces around 38% more new business opportunities than standard sellers.
  • Social selling features a 100% higher lead closing rate than outbound advertising.

However, adequate and result-oriented B2B social selling is not that simple as sales reps are always juggling. Hence you and your sales team seek help from technology to improve and simplify your social selling campaigns and efforts.

You will come across various social selling tools, but all are different. To help you, we have outlined the best social selling tools for you to get started!

10 Best Social Selling Tools

LinkedIn Social Selling Index

LinkedIn is a complete package, and the Sales Navigator is not the only tool that it offers to its users. The LinkedIn Social Selling Index is an efficient social selling tool that works in tandem with the Sales Navigator to update your strategy founded on the “four pillars of social selling”:

  • Establish brand
  • Discover the right people
  • Engage with insights
  • Develop relationships

You can use LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index to measure how your business strategy performs in these four areas. The Index shows you a score for every social selling pillar, which adds up to the final “SSI score.” This LinkedIn social selling tool also helps in understanding how beneficial your social selling strategy is and which areas need your time and attention.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a well-known social network, especially for businesses. LinkedIn also provides a useful feature for sales professionals, the Sales Navigator, that allows you to find, save and classify LinkedIn leads. It has an advanced search feature to find your ideal buyers as per specific criteria like job role, organization size, and much more.


Nimble is the perfect tool for social media marketers who want to keep track of their entire buyer journey. The platform organizes your buyers and leads, allowing you to log all interactions.

You can use Nimble to build and analyze the profiles of each customer. The tool shows basic data such as their location, organization size, and turnover, along with their social media profiles and daily activity. In simple words, Nimble is the best social CRM that keeps you up to date.


Reachable is a great tool that helps you leverage your personal networks. This is handy as you can learn more about your future customers before contacting them. You can also import contacts into Reachable, and it will examine them, looking for potential connections between you two.

Reachable can be integrated with your CRM, and prioritize your business leads and contacts based on how healthy your bond is with them. The tool also allows you to find social connections that were unknown to you; hence it improves your social outreach.

ZoomInfo ReachOut

ReachOut, ZoomInfo’s Chrome extension is another tool that efficiently simplifies your social prospecting work. Via this chrome extension, you can access a prospect’s contact numbers and email addresses right from ZoomInfo’s database when you visit their official LinkedIn profile.

ReachOut makes it simple to incorporate B2B data into your present workflow. When you use this extension while seeing a LinkedIn profile, you can export the lead to Salesforce, Outreach or shoot them an email without any lengthy process.

This is also an ideal solution for LinkedIn recruiters who think the network has become oversaturated or for sales personnel to find prospects and leads within their workflow.

Rfactr (Social Port)

Rfactr’s Social Port tool makes it easier for sales reps to share social media content and boost both marketing and sales productivity.

With Rfactr’s Social Port, it is easy for sales reps to streamline their sales pipelines and social selling techniques. The platform is efficient and makes content sharing on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter quicker and accessible than ever before. Moreover, the tool is excellent for social selling or marketing and helps in customer acquisition.

Beyond that, Rfactr also helps you to find out prospects on social media as their stages in the journey. You can easily participate in buyer conversations and get a head start on the race.


A big challenge with social selling is the number of platforms that sales teams must keep up with. Drafting a message for each social media network takes too much time. Furthermore, a lot goes into maintaining multiple streams on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube – but this can be done easily when you have an IFTTT tool (If This, Then That).

The tool allows you to use various commands to translate your content from one social media network to another. For example, you can make a command so that content you publish and share on Facebook with a specific hashtag automatically posts on your Twitter as well.

This social media selling tool is efficient for sales and other departments in your organization, and sales reps can also use IFTTT to simplify the tiresome parts of social selling.


Social selling is a game-changer for any business. All of your employees are invaluable resources and can play an essential role in generating leads by sharing information through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter that pertains specifically to them (for example, their job responsibilities). And it doesn’t just have benefits on the sales side.

Employee advocacy tools such as Bambu motivate workers without prompting too much effort out typically not very motivated people.

Bambu offers an efficient employee advocacy system, where your sales team and other employees can see and share their ideas and content without any trouble. You will also find a leaderboard to reward employees who share content regularly. This simple tool is the key to leveraging your staff members and helps to gain more business leads on social media.


Hootsuite is the best social selling tool for sharing and managing your content across various social platforms. The tool is also ideal for social listening and allows you to keep track of your prospect’s online conversations related to your niche and brand. This is handy as you can find and locate vital prospects and influencers and talk to them via social media.


Awario is a user-friendly mobile app that emphasizes social listening. The platform’s monitoring searches are comprehensive than the other similar apps, certifying you won’t miss any vital mention of your company, industry, or competitors. Once you discover potential prospects, you can engage with them using this simple Awario mobile app.

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