LinkedIn Call To Action (CTA) – Best Practices

LinkedIn Call To Action

LinkedIn has many tools and features that make it the best advertising platform for business owners. Plus, the platform has everything to meet the demands of marketers and digital advertisers.

The social platform also has a new call-to-action (CTA) button that marketers can use for their LinkedIn business pages and increase the usability of their businesses.

If you are unaware of it, keep scrolling down to find more about the LinkedIn call to action feature.

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What is a CTA on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows salespeople to add calls to action to their business pages and profiles. One can write a compelling post and add a CTA button at the end. 

Similarly, you can also add the button in the publications, projects, and descriptions. CTAs are a handy and great way to get noticed.

Furthermore, LinkedIn also allows users to add and use custom CTAs for their LinkedIn Business Pages. Through this new feature, you can add a button to your LinkedIn profile and grab the reader’s attention.

Currently, you can choose from these options:

  • Sign up
  • Contact us
  • Register
  • Learn more
  • Visit website

Each of these has various uses, and all are effective to drive customer attention and interaction. Using the CTA on your profile has many benefits, and it also helps to secure new business.

What is a CTA on LinkedIn?

Overall, the feature is effortless to use. You can access it via a mobile app, and it also enhances customer engagements.

TOP 4 Benefits of Using CTA on LinkedIn

So, are calls to action that important? Yes, they are, and there are many users to use them on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Basically, CTA motivates and encourages users to go ahead and assists them in becoming a client or customer. You can run a superb ad campaign or publish valuable content, but without a well-defined CTA, all your efforts will go in vain.

Below are some advantages of using a CTA button on your LinkedIn page:

It grows your sales funnel: Calls to action act as a bridge for buyers. The CTAs can convert an intrigued reader into an engaged lead. Besides, it encourages the visitors to take the next step.

TOP 4 Benefits of Using CTA on LinkedIn

It offers detailed analytics: LinkedIn’s features provide you with detailed analytics and other data. This means you can gauge your performance and check out how users are interacting with your CTA. In simple words, you can easily see its effectiveness.

Customers need them: The main purpose of CTA buttons is to assist the users and visitors. Many people expect such buttons and need them. The CTA assists users in what they should do if they like your profile, ad, or content.

It is successful: A well-crafted and well-placed call to action is highly effective. After attracting the visitors, you want them to take some action and click on the CTA to get engaged with you. 

How to Write a result oriented Call To Action For LinkedIn?

The rules of drafting an effective CTA are the same across all platforms. As for LinkedIn, you have plenty of options to place the CTAs. You can place them on your company page or through posts, projects, or in summary. 

However, you need to follow these practices for each type:

To the point and clear: You don’t have much room in your messages, so ensure that you are clear about what you want your visitors to do. This can be anything like ‘know more,’ ‘sign up,’ ‘check price,’ or ‘register now.’

Keep audience excited: One of the top tips regarding LinkedIn is to make people engaged and interacted with you. From a powerful headline to a killer CTA, it’s all about enhancing the excitement. Use impactful words and use an exclamation mark where needed.

Provide reasons: Give your visitors a reason that encourages them to click on the call to action. Ensure that you have highlighted tangible benefits that they will get by clicking the CTA button.

How to Use and Set Up a Call to Action

To set up a call to action button, you will have to use LinkedIn’s tools available on business pages. Overall, setting up the CTA is simple and quick.

Furthermore, you can do it just by changing the default ‘Follow’ button to get impactful and desired results. 

When editing your LinkedIn business page, you will find an ‘edit icon’ next to the default CTA button with a pencil icon. By clicking on the pencil icon, you will get a detailed menu, and you can make the changes from there.

How to Use and Set Up a Call to Action

However, you need to turn on the custom buttons only then you can view or access the menu. In the menu, there are many options to make or customize a CTA button, and you can also add a URL to divert your visitors to your business website or landing webpage.

How to Use Calls to Action on LinkedIn 

You can use the CTA buttons in many ways on LinkedIn. When optimizing your LinkedIn profile or company page, CTAs should be your topmost priority. Similarly, when sending a connection request, you need to include a call to action.

However, you should have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with CTA. For example, as a sales manager, your main objective is to connect with the people directly? Or do you want to engage the users with a particular post or want users to subscribe to your service?

Your CTA should reflect your aim and purpose. Similarly, don’t forget to track its performance.

If you witness that your call to action is not attracting the visitors, or its performance is not as per expectations, adjust or change it to get the desired results. Your CTA button is a vital part of your LinkedIn lead generation campaign, so make it an invaluable one.


What is meant by LinkedIn CTA clicks?

CTA Clicks state the number of people who clicked your call to action. This metric allows you to gauge the performance of your lead generation campaign.

How to make a CTA button?

LinkedIn has plenty of options that will help you in creating your call to action button. Go to the ‘edit’ button (a pencil near to the default CTA button) and pay with it.

Does my CTA need a button?

If your text or image links to action, you don’t need a CTA button. You can use a hyperlink in your summary or posts as a CTA, for example. However, buttons are more common and most used.

In the End

Hopefully, you now understand how important is CTA on LinkedIn. That’s why every business page on LinkedIn should have a clear call to action. With the help of the latest tools available on the platform, it’s simple to create the one for your page.

Lastly, always follow the fundamentals when writing a CTA, and this guide offers the same for you.

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