Not Using LinkedIn Stories For Business? Read This ASAP

LinkedIn stories for business

UPD: As of April 30th, 2021, Stories are no longer available on Linkedin.

LinkedIn Stories no longer exists. They were officially removed from functionality on September 30, 2021.

A new and fresh update from the social media giant LinkedIn is out the LinkedIn stories. Finally, after Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has realized the importance of stories.

Besides, stories are a much more casual way to share content and something unique for a professional network like LinkedIn. Overall, LinkedIn Stories are interesting, useful and have managed to grab the attention of many.

But users are struggling about how to use this feature and make the most out of it.

If you have any queries about LinkedIn stories, keep reading to convert them into conclusions.

What are LinkedIn Stories, and how they work?

LinkedIn stories are the same as we see on other platforms like Instagram, and they work in the same way. Brands and users post the stories, and other users or followers can view those. Nothing fancy.

However, there are some differences between LinkedIn stories and the stories you will see on other social media platforms.

The first notable is that LinkedIn stories are not compatible with PCs at the moment. You can also view and post the stories from your smartphones while surfing through the News Feed.

However, this is not a big deal as most LinkedIn users browse the web from mobile.

Secondly, at the moment, you cannot view or react to someone’s story by just visiting their profile and clicking their picture. Conversely, on Instagram and Facebook, you can visit a user’s profile and view their stories anytime you want.

Things are a bit different on LinkedIn; you will have to go to the Stories section in your News Feed to view someone’s story.

Besides, LinkedIn Stories work in the same way as stories on other social platforms.

Here are brief answers to some commonly asked questions about this new LinkedIn feature:

Who can see my stories? Only the users that are connected or follow you can view your stories.

Can I engage the audience with my story? Like any other platform, people can react with an emoji on the stories and forward the story as a message to others.

Is there a “swipe up” feature? Yes, the LinkedIn stories have the swipe feature.

Can I know the users who viewed my story? Yes, you will find this significant feature in LinkedIn stories, and it can do magic for your outreach campaign.

How to create a Story on LinkedIn

Creating stories on LinkedIn is simple and a matter of minutes.

First things first: As mentioned above, LinkedIn stories are not yet available for desktop users, and you cannot post them from your desktop either. Till now, this feature is only for LinkedIn’s smartphone users.

Here is how to post stories on LinkedIn:

Like on Instagram and social media sites, go to the profile picture that you will find in the Stories section.

Now it will open up your phone’s camera app, of course, with your permission. Now you can take a picture with your camera, or you have the choice to upload an image from your image gallery.

Next, tap on the “Share story” option, and you’re done!

LinkedIn Story dimensions

You can also create your LinkedIn story instead of making your own. And below, you will find all the necessary information about LinkedIn story formatting.

The first thing to know is the story’s dimensions.

Fortunately, things are straightforward here, and you won’t face any problems. LinkedIn stories have the same dimensions as others: 1080×1920 pixels.

This is great for all users as keeping a record of dimensions for different social media networks can be really hard. 

Moreover, you can easily get this format by clicking a picture with your phone (almost all phone has this setting by default). This also allows you to share your stories directly from your smartphone in a few seconds.

How to use LinkedIn Stories for Your Businesses?

Now you know and understand the basics about LinkedIn stories, let’s check out what you can do with these.

But, do you know how to use stories for your business?

If you don’t – we have got you covered.

Promote your business website with swipe-up:

If you can direct your followers to your business website, it can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Like other platforms, LinkedIn Stories can help you in increasing the traffic on your website. And to do so, this swipe-up feature works great. It allows you to send your followers to your website, much like Instagram.

If you are thinking, how will you do this? It’s simple:

  1. First, click on the profile image that you see in the Stories section to create a new story.
  2. Next, click a beautiful picture of yours, or you can upload it from your phone gallery.
  3. Now, click on the link icon that you will see at the screen’s top.
  4. Now, you can add your website’s address in the provided “Add a link” field.
  5. Lastly, click on the “Done” button and tap the “Share Story” button.

Now comes the most asked question: can every person add a link to their LinkedIn story?

Unluckily, no! This facility is only available to:

Content that works for LinkedIn Stories

Are you convinced that LinkedIn Stories are beneficial for your business? If, yes then you should start creating the content the content that works.

But the question is from where to take the start and what type of content you should create for your LinkedIn story?

Here are a few ideas for you.

Publish real-time updates and authentic news with facts and figures.

Like stories on other social media platforms, LinkedIn stories also have snappy, spontaneous nature.

This means you can publish and share anything from anywhere and at any time!

Whether you are enjoying any event, attending a webinar, or conference, or just chilling at the festival, you can share this with others via the LinkedIn story feature at any time.

Apart from it, all of these have the full potential to be an engaging LinkedIn Story. Even better: you can create the story with your own smartphone, and the news will reach lots of people in your entire network.

According to LinkedIn guidelines, you should focus on the following areas:

  • What are you doing at the workplace? 
  • Things you like to do that are relevant to your work industry.
  • How do you work?

Besides, just enjoy the feature and have fun! Showing others what’s going on behind the scenes in your workspace can be highly engaging.

Share tips and insights:

Creating meaningful and valuable content is always in demand, and engagements are much other than the others.

So, no harm in sharing some of your experiences with others. If the experiences are valuable and provide useful info, you should share them with others to make their lives easier.

Maybe you have the flawless technique to organize remote work, and you are using it at your workplace? Perhaps you learned a powerful marketing hack that delivers amazing results in less time? It can be anything; just think!

Never hesitate to share such tricks or hacks with your followers! We will also advise you to add a LinkedIn hyperlink to your story if possible. And if your content is relevant, it will bring traffic to your website.

Connect with like-minded and industry people

Another cool thing about this new feature by LinkedIn is that you can mention the others.

And by mentioning them, you can strengthen your relationships with them, especially with your industry’s professionals. Tag such people in your posts with detailed insights that they will like to read. You can also take a screenshot of your upcoming video to build the hype.

Have fun with the LinkedIn stories and use them to boost your post’s engagement.

Get opinions and feedback

LinkedIn Stories are the perfect way to ask questions from your followers, and this trick works amazingly!

Asking questions with your followers is the best way to keep your audience engaged and grow your business.

You need to give your followers and customers a voice. You will get surprised by the insights that they will provide you about your business. Your followers can pinpoint which things need improvement and which areas are working fine. And such opinions and feedbacks are vital for business growth.

On a lighter note, at least seek their opinion regarding hot topics and current affairs. It will enhance your engagement drastically without harming anyone.

Why Should You Create Stories On LinkedIn?

Now let’s discuss the reasons why every business should implement LinkedIn Stories. If you are active on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook, you know what we mean. 

For those who aren’t, below are some reasons to use LinkedIn stories for business.

Allows you to interact with your audience:

You can use the Stories feature to seek the feedback of your target audience about anything. In this way, you can interact with them at any time you want.

Moreover, stories have a certain degree of privacy, and users don’t get that privacy when they interact with you on your news feed. When a follower replies to a Story, only you or the company can see the user’s response.

It inspires more people to answer the question than if they had to answer publically where anyone can view their comments.

At the same time, LinkedIn Stories have a tag feature; this allows you to tag others and inspire them to join the conversation.

Know Your Target Audience:

By interacting and spending time with your audience, you will know them and their needs. You can answer their queries, provide them viable solutions and improve your brand’s presence and image. This thing can be really valuable for your business.

Chance to showcase yourself as an expert:

LinkedIn stories are a perfect tool for all the opinion leaders, as it allows you to share your expertise regarding any topic with others in a user-friendly, and creative. In this way, you can showcase yourself as a specialist in any particular industry.

Promote Your Business and Brand:

LinkedIn stories give you a new opportunity to publicize and position your business and brand. Via this feature, you can publish quality content and reach out to new customers in no time.

Some vital things to remember:

Here is are some considerations when using the story feature on LinkedIn.

Ensure that you have an effective marketing strategy before you dive into it! Every story you create or share should have a clear goal. Keep things short and simple for both content type and design.

Lastly, always remember your Buyer Persona. The content that you will create for LinkedIn Stories should be relevant to your Buyer Persona.

How to view LinkedIn Stories insights?

It is simple; just follow these steps:

  1. Tap on your beautiful LinkedIn profile image.
  2. Next, click on the eye icon at the screen’s bottom).
  3. Now, you can select the Story to see its insights.

From the story insights page, you can view:

  • A total number of views on the story.
  • A list of all the viewers.

Remember that LinkedIn Story insights are only available for 24 hours.

In the End

LinkedIn Stories will soon become a vital part of business marketing and advertising strategies, as they allow brands to reach more of their audience, build a personal connection with them.

Apart from it, stories allow you to engage the audience with video and get creative without being preserved on your news feed. All things considered, this little feature can do wonders for businesses.

Our opinion: just give it a try!

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.