A Quick Guide on how to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn Using Third-party Apps

There’s always a question asked by busy professionals when they see a socially active person’s profile, how do you make time? On crushing on your social handles. A secret behind this is that they schedule their posts in advance with a strong headline and share the post at regular intervals.

But can we automatically publish posts on LinkedIn as scheduled? 

But can we automatically publish posts on LinkedIn as scheduled? 

No, LinkedIn doesn’t have any scheduling feature but don’t lose hope you can use third-party apps, making it easier to schedule your posts at the desired time.

How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts?

LinkedIn doesn’t allow the scheduling of posts by using default tools on their site. If you want to schedule and publish posts on LinkedIn using a content calendar, you need to use third-party apps available online. There are a bunch of applications available online.

These apps help you maintain and build a LinkedIn Content Calendar and schedule posts accordingly.

LinkedIn post: Overview and Best Practices

Unlike other social media, to gain reach, a relevant audience, and more leads, one should follow some best practices to grow their LinkedIn outreach. Automating posts helps, but it’s important to know when to schedule your LinkedIn post to optimize your views and reach.

So here are a few best practices one can follow on LinkedIn.

  • Post one time a day: According to several types of research, posting multiple times a day is recommended, but posting at least once a day will increase your reach according to LinkedIn Algorithm.
  • Post in the morning: Always schedule your posts according to your audience, and as LinkedIn is different from other social media, its primary focus is to build professional connections. In the morning, people read news articles and catch up with industry updates. It’s best to schedule posts at 8.AM for many brands. Likewise, one can analyze their audience, create a LinkedIn content strategy and select a time slot accordingly for posting.
  • Post on weekdays only: LinkedIn is used to build professional connections, so it makes clear that most people are active only on weekdays; one should avoid posting on weekends as LinkedIn might have the lowest engagement on weekends.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool one can use to reach the right audience by creating your Algorithm, it helps you in filtering data in different ways such as Geographical, Industry, Company Size, functions, and once you select these, LinkedIn will show prospects according to your need.
  • Make use of LinkedIn Analytics: As a company page on LinkedIn, one should use page analytics; it is an amazing tool to check what kind of content your audience likes. It not only shows you Impressions, clicks, and engagement, but it also shows one of the amazing and most important things: CTR (Click through rate); from this, we can make sure what kind of post, article link can engage more people. Also, one can know their audience under the follower’s section in LinkedIn Analytics, where the job functions of followers are mentioned; using that, a company can make a LinkedIn content strategy that will help engage more audience on your page.

These are a few things that might help you reach a wide audience and schedule posts for LinkedIn accordingly.

Schedule LinkedIn posts using third-party apps.

You can use different third-party apps that will help you schedule posts and keep a check on your content calendar.

Let’s check these apps.

  • Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management tool with automation support for all prominent social media platforms. With this tool, you can easily create, edit, design, publish, and schedule all your posts across social media. Social Champ’s vibrant dashboard allows you to create, edit, schedule, and track all your posts right from one place. Use their free plan and test it yourself.
  • HootSuite HootSuite is the best automation LinkedIn Scheduling Tool; with the help of this third party app, scheduling and disseminating posts becomes easier from one place, you can also maintain your content calendar and schedule post accordingly one can also edit content, change time and even delete the post after scheduling. HootSuite gives you the best option to schedule your LinkedIn Posts for free.
  • Closelyhq Don’t like jumping from one tab to another tab? Closelyhq got you a perfect solution- a cloud-based software for all your social media problems. Now schedule your posts using this third-party app; you can also create campaigns and keep up with other notifications.  It gives you a one-month free trial, and after getting hands-on, you can try their monthly and yearly package.
  • Sprout Social Sprouts is also a LinkedIn Scheduling Tool wherein you can integrate your LinkedIn and easily schedule and share posts and measure your performance. You can also filter the audience you want to reach; you can also edit image size within the app, manage comments, etc.,

It gives you a one-month free trial, and after getting hands-on, you can try their monthly and yearly package.

  • Buffer Buffer is another application that helps schedule posts on LinkedIn. It has a smooth interface which makes dissemination of LinkedIn posts easy. It gives you an option to measure your social media performance, schedule posts and campaigns easily, managing notifications all in one place. 
  • Khoros Khoros being another app, provides a one-stop solution for managing social networks in one place. LinkedIn post Scheduling, collaborations, publishing, and managing comments, replies, keeping up with the update you can do everything through this third-party application.

Using these LinkedIn automation applications will help you keep a check on your LinkedIn social handle, posting at on correct time becomes easy, reverting to messages, creating a LinkedIn template message and sending it in one click, managing analytics, knowing the target audience, campaigns, targeting correct profiles, etc. at one place. 

How to schedule LinkedIn posts on company pages for lead generation?

In this busy life keeping up with Social Media is difficult even for a company. Just imagine you have created a high profile LinkedIn page for a company, you have also analyzed your audience and designed your LinkedIn Post Templates to outreach your targeted audience, and you are also aware of the type of posts that are going to keep your followers engaged and updated and created a social calendar but at the end getting your posts live on your page becomes a difficult task. These build questions in the minds of the Social Media Team, “Can we schedule the posts on the company LinkedIn page?”

The answer is Yes!

Above mentioned apps are the best app to schedule posts on the LinkedIn page of a company. Creating a content calendar to avoid last-minute rush and scheduling can be a great help. Scheduling posts will help in other things; as mentioned earlier, one might get caught in some of the other work and notification slips off the mind so that scheduling posts may be an easier task; it will help in maximizing the tasks of the team as they will be focusing on analyzing the results of the post, making future LinkedIn content strategy according to the results.

These LinkedIn tools used for automation posting will help your company, such as posting at a particular time may help you reach a wider audience, manually you may skip the notification sometime but schedule posting on LinkedIn a week ago helps you reach the right audience at the right time which will also help you in generating leads for your company.

According to HootSuite’s recent 2021 survey, it is seen that there are 790 Million active users on LinkedIn, and 14.3% of the population is 18+. Also, if we see more details, the ratio of female users is 43.8%, and 56.6% of users are male, which makes it clear that if company pages start publishing posts on LinkedIn on daily basis with proper research and analysis, they can reach a potential audience in a wide range and will also help in the lead generation for companies as well as individuals.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.