How To Export Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the best social media network when it comes to B2B prospecting. With millions of registered business professionals from across the globe, LinkedIn can help you connect with hundreds of new prospects and generate nurturing leads for your business.

Looking to make your life as a marketer trouble-free?

Then we have the news for you. A powerful tool known as LinkedIn Sales Navigator includes exciting and innovative features to assist you in the process.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can get the most relevant leads and download them for future use. In other words, the tool can drastically accelerate your sales efforts.

Don’t know much about LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

No worries!

Today, we will outline vital details about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how it can benefit your B2B business.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It’s difficult to find a tool better than the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for all marketers, advertisers, sales personnel, or those who want to grow their business network. The feature has everything you need to increase your sales, along with a set of functions that you can use to get the most from LinkedIn.

However, Sales Navigator is a premium feature and is only available for premium LinkedIn users. The tool offers greater search functionality, personalized processes, more visibility of other networks so that you can reach out to the right and relevant audience.

Furthermore, it’s a service that is helpful for individuals as well as for teams. The tool is also effective when trying to find new leads, and it has various analytics to gauge your efforts and performance.

Now, let’s check out the tiers of membership as per your business’s size:

  • For one sales personnel. $79.99 monthly or $779.88 yearly.
  • For 2-9 sales representatives. $134.99 monthly or $1,240 annually.
  • For 10+ members, you have to contact LinkedIn for charges.

Top 4 Benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The subscription charges of LinkedIn Sales Navigator mainly depend on your company’s size. Now, if you are thinking, is it worth it? Well, many benefits come with this premium service. Below, we have mentioned some of the top benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  1. You can save and export 5,000 leads: This can be extremely beneficial when you are tailoring your approach to the relevant audience.
  2. You will receive 30 InMails monthly: Sales representatives know the value and benefits of InMail credits. You will get 30 InMails with this premium feature and directly contact people outside of your business network. 
  3. Access TeamLink: This feature allows you to expand your audience by merging connections related to your team.
  4. Integrate with your existing CSM or program: If you have any CSM or you use any other program, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly with it.

Apart from all these efficient features, you can also access reporting dashboard that has many insights about how your lead generation campaigns are going.

Who is LinkedIn Sales Navigator for?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the perfect option for all sales and marketing professionals. Whether you are working as a freelancer, have a startup, or are part of any marketing firm or large sales team, you will love the benefits that Sales Navigator offers.

Furthermore, if you already have a working lead generation campaign, Sales Navigator will seamlessly fit into your campaign without any trouble. For those planning to start their B2B prospecting, this tool has powerful functions that can help you during the process.

LinkedIn also allows you to customize your account according to your business needs. There are different tiers to match the size and scope of your business or sales teams.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

As mentioned above, due to several effective functions, the Sales Navigator is an exceptional tool for generating new business leads only if you know how to utilize it properly.

Below are practical tips for you to make the most of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  1. Save leads: If your campaign is at the initial stage and not fully prepared to reach out to prospects yet, you can save and monitor the details for future reference and use. These accounts will always remain in your newsfeed, ensuring that they stay in the funnel.
  2. Using search filters: Sales Navigator has several advanced search filters that can deliver amazing results. So, it is advised to spend some time filtering your search and get the most relevant business leads.
  3. Using Sales Spotlights: Sales Spotlights feature show recommendations about leads who will likely engage with your requests or messages. LinkedIn generates the list after analyzing various factors, and often the provided details are accurate and helpful.
  4. Send InMail: Sales Navigator allows you to send messages to others via InMail. This is particularly helpful when you want to connect with the emerging and hottest leads as it differs you and your messages from the rest.

How to export business leads from Sales Navigator?

  • You need to use a simple Lead Gen Form when connecting to others, then follow the procedure mentioned below to export your Sales Navigator leads:
  • First, go into the Campaign Manager, and click on the Account Assets option.
  • Next, select Lead Gen Forms.
  • Now, choose the Lead Gen Forms you like to use by ticking the checkmark next to the form.
  • Next, click on the small arrow and opt for the Leads time range. You have to give a start and end date.
  • Now, click on the Download leads tab.
  • You will get a CSV file containing the details of your selected leads.

It’s simple to export business leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator but remember that member’s data is only saved for up to 90 days.

In the End

When it comes to LinkedIn tools and functions, Sales Navigator is the best. It allows you to generate reliable business leads as per your criteria and includes a whole range of metrics that are always useful for sales reps. 

What’s more, just export leads from Sales Navigator and enjoy a reliable and consistent source of new leads and connections.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.