How to Find Someone’s Email Address for Free — Search People’s Email by Their Name

Searching people’s email addresses can be a daunting task. But why actually you may need it?

You may need to find someone’s email address to reach out via email with your business offer/sales pitch/promo. You may be seeking job candidates, if you’re a headhunter. There are plenty of reasons for searching people’s email addresses. In this article, we will be looking at some common methods of how you can easily dig up anyone’s work or direct email, in a matter of minutes. 

Let’s go!

How to find email address of anyone: proven ways

Let’s start with the most obvious ways.

1. How to find email address of a prospect: Guess it 

If you know a person’s name and second name, try to type different combinations in Google search.

It’s best if you know the name of the company where your target person works. Then you can type in the name of the company as well.

The first search result is usually it. It may be a LinkedIn page or a website. Depending on who you’re looking up, you may be able to find their emails displayed on websites or on LinkedIn. More often, you’ll have to deal with LinkedIn profiles.

So, basically, you can actually skip this step and type the name of a person directly in LinkedIn.

2. How to find email address of a prospect: Look it up on LinkedIn

By simply typing the name and last name of a person in the LinkedIn search field, you can find the needed profile quickly.

So, what’s next? How to reveal an email address of a person on their LinkedIn page?

Here is where Closely Surfer comes in handy.

Closely Surfer is a LinkedIn email extractor developed by Closely that will open a person’s email address on their LinkedIn pages. 

Let’s see how it’s done.

  1. Simply go to Google Chrome and install the extension.

2. Once it’s in your browser, refresh the LinkedIn page and here you go. Now you have Closely Surfer’s icon in your LinkedIn interface.

3. Next step – sign up to Closely.

You’ll be redirected to Closely’s main page. 

4. Click on Sign Up.

Provide the email for registration and think up the password.

Once done, go to your email to confirm registration.

5. Once your account is created, you can log in.

The good news is that you automatically receive 50 free credits for a good start. Use them to open emails, phone numbers or find emails of the whole group of prospects.

If you’re in sales and need to dig up emails of prospects, you can easily filter your audience and acquire emails of your target audience in Lead Finder.

For instance, your product caters to small-sized businesses in the Computer Software industry. You know that owners are the decision-makers. Simply apply these filters and get your hands on emails, phone numbers and other contact data of this segment of potential customers. This way, you’ll pull the list of owners of small-sized businesses in the Computer Software industry of the particular state or country. Along with their emails and phone numbers.

Then you can upload this data to a CSV file and use it to reach out to your potential customers via Email or on LinkedIn. Closely will also fully automate LinkedIn outreach for you, letting you create the message sequence once and then run it, growing your LinkedIn network completely automatically.

Here is a Closely demo. Learn how to acquire thousands of leads from LinkedIn completely on autopilot. 

Now, let’s go back to our story. 

So, now you’re signed up in Closely. It means you have 50 free credits to open the email of anyone you want — right on their LinkedIn page.

Go to that LinkedIn page of a person whose email you’re seeking.

Log in to your Closely account. 

Click on Open contact details in your Closely window that has popped up.

Here you go!

Your email is here — grab it and use it for your purposes. This way, you can easily locate anyone’s email address, save it and use it for whatever you aim.

This Surfer extension is also useful if you want to save results of your LinkedIn searches in a file. It will let you do that for free.

3. How to find email address of a prospect: Closely Lead Finder is at your disposal

As we have mentioned already, Closely also has a built-in B2B contact database with 150+mln records of phone numbers, emails and other contact details.

Search people’s email address easily by applying a filter of a combination of filters. 

Create lists of prospects and save them in your account. 

Reach out to your prospects on autopilot

In Closely, you can build custom campaigns to reach out to your potential customers with the message sequence you write.

You can provide the audience source for your campaign in 5 different ways.

You can copy the link to LinkedIn search results or Sales Navigator search results. Export a CSV file with your prospects’ LinkedIn profile URLs, if you have one or copy the link to a LinkedIn event, group or post. Closely will scrape the audience’s profile URLs and build a lead list. People from this list will be receiving your messages: connection requests and follow-ups, in case they’ve accepted your invitation to connect.

You can write a message sequence, starting from a connection message and add follow-ups. The tool will automatically send all the messages from the message sequence you’ve created until your prospects reply to any of the messages in your sequence.

Once it has happened, you will see their replies in your smart built-in Inbox.

Closely automates the whole process of lead generation for you. You can get busy with other things, while the tool will scrupulously grow your network and generate leads.

Sales managers can focus on closing deals instead of doing repetitive manual tasks — like filling in Google Sheets or copy-pasting a connection message, altering names of users to make the message personalized.

Closely lets you personalize your messages as well: it will auto-populate brackets with the data from your file or from lead list it has built to make your message tailored to each new recipient.

It’s an all-in-one sales automation platform, packed with numerous state-of-the-art features, tailored specifically for B2B salespeople. If you’re up for LinkedIn prospecting, it’s simply an irreplaceable asset. See how it can boost your revenue in a matter of months, saving up to 5 hours of manual work per day.

How to find email address of a prospect: Email lookup tools

You may also want to try email lookup tools like RocketReach and SignalHire.

They’re all paid tools, however, you may get a certain amount of free credits to try them out.

4. How to find email address of a prospect: Twitter advanced search

Sometimes there is a point in trying Twitter advanced search.

By typing the word “email” and then in parentheses put “from” and the Twitter nickname of the person you are searching for (like this: Email (from JohnEastwood), you can run through every tweet that person has on its twitter feed that included the word ‘email” in it. If your prospect is someone who advertises their email at any point, this may be the way to fish it up.

5. How to find email address of a prospect: Check their social media

Sometimes it can be as simple as looking through their social media pages. If your prospect is a public person, they may list their work emails in their contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you need to look it up once, this may be the move to do it.

6. How to find email address of a prospect: Fill out contact form on their website

For one-time scenario, you may try to fill out a contact form on their website.If your target person is their representative (like, account manager), they’ll get in touch with you via email.

Is there a way to find email address of a person for free?

No, actually, there is no way, unless you guess it manually or ask directly for it. All email lookup tools are paid, some of them offer free trial or free credits at the beginning. 

Email verification

Once you get your list with emails, you are ready for your email outreach.

But wait a minute…Are ALL of those emails valid?

How do you find out?

If you send messages to those emails, will there be people on the receiving end? Or your email will end up in spam, while your sender reputation will get tainted.

How do you know for sure what’s the quality of emails you’ve dug up?

Here is where email verification comes into play.

In Closely, you can run email verification for free.

Simply click on “Verify emails” and the verification process will be launched.

After it’s finished, you’ll see which emails in the list are outdated. They’ll have a red dot next to them. Simply remove outdated or invalid emails to keep your list clean. The cleaner is your email list, the better it is for your sender reputation.


If you need to look up someone’s email once, you can try to guess it, fill out the contact form on your prospects’ website or try Twitter Advanced search. However, if digging up emails is your permanent task (if you’re a sales rep or leadgen specialist, for instance), there is a point in employing some email lookup tool or B2B contact database. Closely is one of the most reliable and sufficient B2B contact databases of 150+ mln records. It offers LinkedIn outreach automation, email automation and other routine automation features. The pricing packages start at $49/month (500+ credits for Lead Finder and Closely Surfer, automation of outreach, personalization, Smart Inbox, LinkedIn Network Management and more.)

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