Want To Tag Someone On LinkedIn? Here’s How You Do It

How to tag people on LinkedIn

Like other popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, LinkedIn also allows you to tag others and interact with others.

How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

Apart from the users, you can also tag companies via this feature, as announced by LinkedIn recently on their blog.

Let’s discuss how to tag people on LinkedIn and some other benefits of this handy feature.

What is a tag, and what is it used for?

Tagging, in simple words, is “to mark” or “to identify” any person on LinkedIn.

Like other popular social media sites, LinkedIn also lets you interact with different profiles, by showing or tagging them or by posting content directed towards them (post with tags).

Tagging is ideal for individuals as well as for businesses. When it’s about businesses, you can utilize tags to build and maintain your relationships, but the usage is not just that, and there is much more to master.

Keep scrolling, and later we will reveal all the secrets of the LinkedIn tagging feature and show you how to tag people on LinkedIn.

How to tag others on your LinkedIn posts?

Tag others on your own content/post via your laptop or computer:

Mention People in Your Post
  1. First, navigate to LinkedIn’s home page, and Create a Post.
  2. Next, click on the button “@” from your keyboard, then use this sign at the start of the user’s name that you want to tag. A list will appear on your screen of various individuals that you can tag or mention.
  3. After that, choose any of your contacts, and if that name gets bold, it means you have done it correctly, and the person is tagged.
  4. Then, complete your post and publish it. The user(s) you have tagged will get a notification by LinkedIn regarding the same.

Tagging on LinkedIn via an iPhone or Android on your own content/post

Tagging on LinkedIn via an iPhone or Android on your own content/post:
  1. Again, start creating a post from LinkedIn’s home page.
  2. Use the button “@” from your phone to tag others. Now, you will see the user name list.
  3. Next, select the person’s name to the tag, and to verify, it should appear in bold letters.
  4. Then complete your post and click on Publish.

How to tag others on LinkedIn comments?

How to tag someone on LinkedIn comments?

Similarly (button “@”), you can also tag others in comments, and they will receive a notification.

[!] The good thing is that you can tag any person on your LinkedIn post or in the comments even if the person is not in your connections.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn’s tagging feature?

As mentioned above, the tag has many uses and benefits.

The three significant benefits of this feature are:

  • You can gain the attention of others.
  • Enhance your post’s reach.
  • Gain visibility and reach out to new leads.

Let’s discuss these below in detail.

Attract others and gain their attention

Attracting your prospects and forcing them to react to your post allows you to build and preserve your relationships on the platform.

LinkedIn is the largest social platform; your connections demand personalization, exchanges, and association. Tagging a person, whether your staff member, a consumer, or a business partner, makes them understand that you are a caring person and think about others in the network.

In simple words, the more you demonstrate your connections that you are maintaining trusted relationships with others on the platform and, the more they will wish to intermingle with you. In this way, you can boost your sympathetic capital.

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Enhance the reach of your content/posts with tags

LinkedIn’s algorithm is simple and user-friendly. We will advise you to understand it and master it so that you can get the maximum benefit from the network. To give you a little overview, here’s how the algorithm works:

LinkedIn makes the users consume as much information as possible so that they remain engaged on the network.

To make this happen, the platform offers users personalized, relevant, and high-class content. But do you know how does the algorithm describes the criteria? This happens through engagements such as likes, comments, and shares on your posts.

The more user involvement, the more reach your post will get, and LinkedIn will show it to your target audience, even if they are not in your connections or networks.

Furthermore, when you tag a person in a post, they will receive a notification by LinkedIn. Due to this notification, there is a good chance that your contacts will read and react to your post, and this will result in a high interaction rate.

Use tags to gain visibility and generate new leads

Don’t you know about this visibility thing? It’s okay; we are at your service, always!

Actually, the process is very simple and free to set up. Additionally, the strategy is tested and extremely beneficial for your business and a job hunt or for attracting new leads and candidates.

The point is to find one or more users in your network and encourage them to tag each other, once or regularly. To be successful, select the users that have a strong presence on LinkedIn and a target same as yours.

For instance, if you are a recruiter or HR manager, you can tag other recruiters to find a web developer urgently.

Another example, suppose you design and sell a CRM for a logistics company; thus, you can tag your premiere customers on your posts.

This particular practice offers four significant benefits:

  • You can easily gain empathy capital which is one of the most vital things on the network.
  • Allows you to prove that you are a reliable person by showing that you are part of a professional network.
  • Enhance LinkedIn’s algorithm by encouraging users to remain engaged with your posts.
  • Collect new business leads, prospects and attract others to gain more visibility.

However, be cautious not to tag blindly. This is because the user reactions are decisive for you and your brand’s reputation.

How can you enhance the reach of your LinkedIn posts?

It can be complicated for almost all of us to notify our connections regarding a new LinkedIn post every time. Similarly, it is even more difficult to request them to interact or comment on your publication.

We all are annoyed by the friend that keeps asking us to share, like, or comment on his/her publications on social sites. It is annoying on a personal level and can be worse when you are dealing with professionals.

But what to do if you face the same situation? When it’s our turn to enhance our LinkedIn posts to gain more visibility, the stakes are much higher but with the same difficulty level. On the other hand, who likes to beg for shares and likes on a professional network?

Now, what we are trying to state is that by automating the network engagements, you will never face any difficulty with the reach of your posts. Yes, it is possible and simple to do.

You need an automation tool to do so. Our recommendation for you in this regard is engagement groups (or pods). However, you can also use your preferred one.

Let’s see what PODS are? 

Pods are private and public groups that include people who virtually mingle up as per their interests and commit to share, like, and comment on relevant posts in their work field.

Some benefits of PODS are:

  • Allows you to enhance the post’s reach and make them viral.
  • Improve your brand’s identity and reputation.
  • Gain and attract new leads for your business.
  • Promote your brand, products, and services.
  • Increases your conversion rate.


How to tag someone on LinkedIn?

1. First, create a new post.
2. Use “@” before a person’s name and ensure that the characters turn in bold.
3. Publish the post, and it is done.

What are some benefits of tagging on LinkedIn?

— In this article, we have discussed significant benefits of tags that are:
— Catch the attention of others.
— Improve the post reach and encourages user interaction on the post.
— Gain more visibility and increase the number of leads.

Can I boost the reach of LinkedIn posts?

We will advise you to use PODS to improve the reach of your posts. Plus, it also helps to gain and attract more leads.

In the end

Mentioning or tagging a user in your LinkedIn post is an excellent way to catch user’s attention and more eyes on your post resulting in increased engagements on your posts. 

It is evident that content or posts with high activity or engagements are more successful, remain on LinkedIn’s feed for long.

However, a big and straight no no to mass tagging on LinkedIn. This is spamming activity on LinkedIn and also on other social media platforms. Never do it. 

Lastly, tactically tag people on LinkedIn, and you will be surprised to see the engagements on your posts.

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