Retargeting Via LinkedIn: Things you Need To Know

retargeting via linkedin

Suppose every person visitor on your website converts into a loyal customer; how amazing and beneficial it would be for you and your business. Unluckily, most of the users don’t. The bitter reality is, only 6.1% of users who visit your website convert. The rest bounce back from your funnel, and you never see them again, unless you use retargeting to bring them back.

But LinkedIn retargeting campaigns can solve this problem. Retargeting with ads on LinkedIn efficiently and timely reminds those prospects why they visited your website and brand in the first place. In simple words, LinkedIn retargeting with social media enables you to capture the lost prospects.

And if you don’t know how to do it, this guide is for you. Continue scrolling to find out all the relevant details about the subject matter.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting ad campaigns allow you to re-engage the leads who have shown interest in your brand’s products or services at any point and inspires them to finish the conversion process.

Retargeting is a fruitful marketing tactic for all types of businesses with a high return-on-investment (ROI). These ad campaigns also help companies to meet lower-funnel conversions, and it is also helpful for their upper-funnel awareness as it offers a clear path to conversion.

How does retargeting work?

When you look at a product on Amazon or eBay, the same products show up in your Facebook newsfeed only after a few minutes. That is retargeting, in simple words. However, Retargeting ads are not the same on every platform.

Retargeting Via LinkedIn

You can easily run retargeting ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, for SaaS and B2B companies, no other platform is better than LinkedIn.

To be precise, 4 out of 5 B2B marketers found LinkedIn effective for their retargeting campaigns.

Why is retargeting effective?

Generally, only 2% of visitor converts into customer after visiting a website. Retargeting is an excellent and cost-effective way to re-engage those unconverted visitors. Retargeting stats prove that it is an effective business sense to funnel marketing toward people who have earlier shown some level of interest in your brand’s product/service.

Furthermore, compared to users who haven’t interacted with your brand at any point, retargeted web visitors are more likely to click on your ad, and the chances are that 70% of them will convert into customers.

In addition to boosting customer conversions, retargeting also helps build and sustain brand awareness, especially during the long buying cycles.

Retargeting Options on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn supports both pixel and list-based retargeting so that you can reach out to the B2B professionals. LinkedIn retargeted advertising include:

Sponsored Content – This allows you to provide content directly to your target audience in their newsfeed. Ads will appear in the user’s feed whether they are using desktop, mobile, or tablet.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail – This allows you to send customized messages to prospects that will appear in a user’s InMail inbox (Read more about Linkedin InMail vs Messages).

LinkedIn Text Ads – You can also run text-based ad campaigns to drive prospects to your landing page or business website. These ads will appear on the right rail of the homepage.

How to use Social Media and LinkedIn retargeting ads together:

You can use social media along with LinkedIn retargeting ads to form super-charged sales and marketing strategies that will give you more qualified leads and deals.

Here’s how you do it.

Define your sales Goals:

Before diving and forming this magical sales strategy, you need to define your sales goals. You need to understand what you want to achieve with LinkedIn retargeting?

Keep in mind that LinkedIn retargeting helps you to reach out to users who have interacted with your products/services on your website. It can also help you convert those users who have followed you on social media, clicked on your ad, or downloaded your eBook.

How to Work Retargeting on LinkedIn

As they have already stated their interest in your brand at some point, so the chances are higher that those will convert into your customer.

Your retargeting goal can force those users to:  

  • Download any file or other resources.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Ask for a quote
  • Fill out a request
  • Sign up for a conference

Social selling includes gaining and building consumers’ trust, so don’t try to close the deal on the first attempt, especially if you notice that your leads are not ready to convert.

Collect your data for Linkedin retargeting

Most paid ads networks provide and use their own data to target specific consumers.

For example, via Facebook, you can target people who are interested in arts or live in Manhattan.

However, with retargeting, you will be targeting users as per your data as those users have interacted with your products. That is why retargeting becomes much more effective for sales.

And to collect that data, you will have to create a LinkedIn retargeting audience. The data will be according to:

  • Website visits: You can approach and target users who have visited your website’s landing page by gathering data from Google analytics. Besides, you can also use a lead generation tool for this purpose.
  • Video ad views: It would help if you target users who have viewed video ads that you have published on your LinkedIn profile. These users already know about your brand and are more likely to turn into customers.
  • Lead gen forms: You can also build and grow your user base by targeting people who have filled out a LinkedIn lead gen form.

Furthermore, LinkedIn retargeting also has a feature that you can use to retarget people with similar characteristics to your target audience.

Create Linkedin retargeting Ads 

Once you have defined your sales goal and know your audience, it’s time to create your ads.

Remember, the primary objective of social selling is building healthy relationships.

So, try to create ads that build and gain the audience’s trust. Then, follow these simple and quick process to make your retargeting ads.

However, don’t include or spend on the already converted customers!

Optimizing and launching retargeting Ads 

After creating and launching ads, there are some other things to follow as well.

Retargeting is effective and powerful, but there is a thing that is much better than your first retargeting ad.

  • The thing is to make a second and the third ad.
  • Each time you will run a retargeting ad, you will know more about your audience.
  • You can use that valuable knowledge to optimize your retargeting ads.
  • Test various offers, headlines, ad banners, relevant frequency, demographics, and even audiences.

By experimenting, you will surely find a tempting offer that resonates effectively with your audiences. 

In the end

LinkedIn retargeting help bring back lost customers, and it also allows you to strengthen your relationships with existing customers. After accumulating the traffic and necessary data, LinkedIn ads will be more effective with a pinch of retargeting.

You can also set up the retargeting group and link it with your LinkedIn Ad campaign; then, the whole process will become automatic.

Lastly, LinkedIn retargeting is an excellent and cost-effective solution that targets people who have already shown their interest in your products or services. And retargeting campaigns are much more affordable than regular LinkedIn ads.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.