10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Webinar on LinkedIn

Most B2B organizations (62 percent) employ webinars. Attendance are essential to the success of a well-planned, instructional webinar.

Companies who are successful in using webinars do so by using a multi-pronged advertising strategy. LinkedIn is one of such methods.

The importance of social media in webinar promotion and preparation cannot be overstated. However, if you want to get the most out of social media marketing, you need to keep your target audience in mind. LinkedIn should be your first emphasis if you’re trying to reach professionals or B2B customers (read about B2B Data Base).

1.Create the registration page

As a starting point for your webinar LinkedIn advertisements, you need a well-designed registration page. The webinar title, the banner, the description, the time and date, and the presenters should all be included on this landing page. The reasons why your audience should join up for your webinar may likewise be brief and engaging.

How to promote webinar on linkedin
 - Create the registration page

If you’re looking for a managed webinar solution that allows you to construct a beautiful registration page, look no further. You may also use a landing page of your own choosing to interface with the app.

2.Use images

For LinkedIn postings, images are essential. As a consequence, you’ll get more registrations than you would with just plain text advertisements. More time is spent looking at interesting images than actually reading the text, according to research. If a picture was included in the post, 65 percent of the content was recalled by users three days later.

3.Use video to introduce the speakers

In the same way that photos may help you get your webinar noticed, videos can do the same. They’re also more interesting and effective, particularly when it comes to letting people know about your webinar. Make introduction videos for your webinar speakers. To get them to sign up for the webinar, give them a quick overview of the subject matter.

You may increase your webinar’s search engine rankings by publishing a blog post on LinkedIn, particularly when it’s combined with LinkedIn content advertisements.

Another option is to write a piece for the company’s blog. Creating a blog article that provides useful information gives you a reason to share it without seeming like you’re trying to market your business.

How to promote webinar on linkedin
 - Create related content

People who wish to learn more about the webinar’s subject matter will sign up after reading the blog post. At the conclusion of your article, give details about your webinar and a registration link. Even if they can’t make it to the live event, individuals will get the recording and other perks if you record the webinar and make it available to those who missed it.

5.Utilize Sponsored Content

Make sure your posts are seen by those who aren’t only your friends and family. Make sure to support the posts that did the best on their own.

Using LinkedIn’s targeting choices will ensure that the correct people see your update. You may narrow down your audience on LinkedIn by selecting criteria such as their region, talents, job title, and more.

6.Use LinkedIn Ads

On LinkedIn, Ads are shown at the right-hand side of the screen instead than in a user’s feed. CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per impression) pricing is used. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn advertising, begin with a limited budget and see how it goes.

7.Utilize LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Consider utilizing LinkedIn’s new Lead Gen Forms in connection with your advertising and sponsored content to increase your registration rate. Your ad should feature a call-to-action for your next webinar.

As soon as a user hits the CTA, they’ll be presented with a form that has already been filled up with their LinkedIn information. People that fill out the form and send it to you will be automatically enrolled for your webinar.

If you’re on your phone and don’t want to fill out a form with huge thumbs on a small touch screen, this is a great option for you. As a bonus, you’ll have access to accurate lead data. A win-win situation.

8.Share to relevant LinkedIn groups

Don’t be that person that spams your groups with postings that promote your own products or services. You may, however, discuss and explain why a related webinar might be beneficial to your fellow members if you are an active member of the group.

How to promote webinar on linkedin
 - Share to relevant LinkedIn groups

9.Keep promoting after the live webinar

Your webinar is done, but don’t let your hard work go to waste! Keep promoting an on-demand version of it if you have recorded it. Instead of “Register Now,” you can just modify your CTA’s to “Watch Now.”

10.Analyze and measure success

Now that your webinar has come to an end, and you’ve amassed a substantial number of new leads, it’s time to assess its overall performance. You should keep track of all your advertising activities so that you may compare them with one another. To determine which efforts are most effective at generating clients, track the number of registrations generated by each marketing channel and campaign.

Using tracking parameters (or UTM parameters) in the links you use in your promos and content is a simple method to monitor registrants from LinkedIn.

Your next webinar will be more successful if you take the time to assess your findings. Ad kinds, targeting, posting times, and creativity are just a few areas where you may refine and increase your results.


For those who are looking to engage with their audience in meaningful ways, these suggestions will help you do so. Once you’ve answered these questions, the next step is to build a social selling plan that will help you get the most out of your efforts.


How to host a webinar on LinkedIn

— Take up the role of Page Administrator.
— Create an event by clicking the “Create an event” button….
— Use both direct and indirect methods to draw people to your content….
— Make an impact on your audience.
— Get the word out about your event

How to use premium for LinkedIn webinar

There are 15,000 expert-led LinkedIn learning courses available to Premium Career users who have access. Some job searchers may consider this an inexpensive method to connect, while others may consider it too costly.

The premium search filter allows you to fine-tune your searches and save time searching for the ideal job or recruiters who are likely to be interested in your ability. Additionally, you may use parameters such as firm size, Fortune 500 rating and seniority to narrow down your search for the right person.

LinkedIn sales navigator how to webinar

— Use the Outreach platform to get started.
— Go to the relevant Account or Prospect profile and fill out the necessary information.
— To change the layout, choose Edit > Layout from the drop-down menu.
— Add a new tile by clicking the Add New Tile button.
— Select the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tile from the drop-down menu on the right.
— Select the relevant LinkedIn Sales Navigator tile from the drop down menu.

Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise license holders gain access to two LinkedIn Sales Navigator tiles (Lead and Account) in the intelligence tile menu. Contact your Outreach Admin if you don’t have access to these tiles.

— Close the Tiles window.
— Log in, move, and customize the tile as needed.

A link to the sign-in page will appear on tiles if you are not signed in to Sales Navigator. Log into Sales Navigator by clicking on the link. A refresh will make the tile data appear in Outreach.

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