What Is LinkedIn Learning And How Much Does It Cost?

What is LinkedIn learning

You being on this post should mean that you are interested in knowing about LinkedIn learning or planning to take online training and courses provided by LinkedIn Learning.

If that’s the case, you have landed on the right place, and we will assist you regarding how to access LinkedIn learning, its benefits, and the cost of LinkedIn learning and development.

Below we will discuss these topics:

  • What actually is LinkedIn Learning?
  • How it works?
  • Most Popular and the best LinkedIn Learning Courses
  • LinkedIn Learning cost and its worth.
  • LinkedIn Learning for business
  • Final thoughts

What’s LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn online learning platform offers a variety of video tutorials and training for users. After completing the virtual training, you will receive a certificate that you can proudly publish on your LinkedIn news feed.

The LinkedIn learning and development platform enables you to:

  • Enhance your skills on numerous topics. The learning programs and courses are of high quality, and you have many learning programs like HR, accounting, SEO, sales, etc.
  • It allows you to gain credibility through LinkedIn certifications that are downloadable after completing the training.
  • Grow your career through remote training and online classes.
  • You can find new areas or business sectors via LinkedIn learning.

The courses include various subjects, and anyone can access them. The good thing is, no need for any specific qualifications or skills to get these courses. You can start from “basic” or “beginner” courses then move on to advanced courses.

In this way, you can learn quickly and easily, whenever you want.

Plus, the courses are expertly designed. Apart from it, LinkedIn even allows users to set a “training time” as per their own convenience. In this way, you can create your own goals and self-motivate yourself.

How does LinkedIn Learning work?

For those looking for professional trainings, LinkedIn Learning and Development platform is YouTube.

You can seamlessly access thousands of top-notch virtual trainings, along with the intuitive interface. The whole platform is user-friendly, and one can easily find the required subjects. 

To be precise, the course catalog includes more than 13,000 online courses.

Let’s discuss the LinkedIn learnings instructional design.

The first thing that attracts you is that the banner or home page prominently displays the latest curriculum that a user needs to follow.

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn allows users to set their learning goals and time anywhere from 15 minutes to 120 minutes per day. These goals keep users motivated, and make learning more exciting.

The portal also features a reminder of which course or video you are currently watching. Similarly, the LinkedIn learning portal also has a video library that allows you to view and access three browsing histories: what is in progress, your saved videos, what your company has recommended for you.

LinkedIn Learning selections are another remarkable feature for you. When you sign up for an M-Learning account, the site shows you topics similar to your interests. It also highlights videos and topics as per your interests.

Each field filled in your preferences is shown on the main page and in order of relevance. 

Suppose, if you have been watching videos about personal development and writing, so it will show these topics first.

How to fill in your interests and find courses on LinkedIn Learning?

It is simple and quick. Linkedin allows you to choose the “skills or topics that appeal to you.” When you fill in your preference, LinkedIn Learning algorithms provide you relevant training material as per profile and specific learning needs.

To set your preferences, you must:

  • Create a LinkedIn Learning account.
  • Then, go to your LinkedIn Learning account and look for the “YOU’ tab.
  • Next, click on the “skills” features.
  • Now you can pick the skills you are interested in by entering relevant keywords in the “search for skills” field.
  • You can also take help from “suggested skills” and find topics according to your skills and interests.
  • After completing these steps, go back to the main screen by clicking on the “IN Learning” button.
  • You will see plenty of ideas and new content as per your chosen interests and skills.

How to take a LinkedIn Learning course?

After finalizing the course, just click on its title to take the course.

You can also halt the course at any time and resume it later. As long as you have an active LinkedIn account, you can enjoy access to all trainings, whether you have started this one the day earlier or five months before.

Okay then, now let’s take a look at LinkedIn’s virtual classroom.

Video: Again, this section is very much similar to YouTube in terms of design. You will get pre-recorded videos, and you can also view the video’s duration. Apart from it, you can pause the videos and “skip” them anytime and move to the next one.

The full curriculum: Here, you can look at what will be covered and details of chapters, topics, and duration of the video. Plus, you will also see a tag that allows you to save the video and watch it later.

The course description: Here you will find a lot of information about the course:

The trainer’s LinkedIn page: You need to know who is teaching you and the person’s achievements in the field. Usually, LinkedIn has experts who know the stuff very well, but you never know.

Furthermore, you can also contact the trainer if you have any queries. If you want to contact the trainer, you can use discussion forums to get in touch with them.

Training Details: The description also offers some indication of what the course includes and which skills will be covered in training. Here you can also check the full length or duration of the course. This allows you to set sufficient time as per the training time. 

Lastly, you can also view the course’s difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).

User feedback and learning experience: We all know the power of opinion and user feedback. LinkedIn allows users to share their thoughts about the course and content quality. 

Via this feature, you can take a quick look at the total followers and the number of likes from other users who attended the training.

The “Notes” tab. As the name states, it allows you to make quick notes during your learning journey.

Similar Content: LinkedIn has a skilled team of developers. They have designed this platform in such as way that you will get similar content all over the place with seamless accessibility. The aim is to pull users into the ongoing education spiral.

If you are unsure which the course is the best for you, or you cannot decide what you really want to learn? Similarly, if you are concerned that you might end up with a course that provides no or little value or want to see trending topics about the B2B market?

Here we will advise you to view and explore your homepage. It will show you what’s trending in your particular industry and which videos are trending right now.

On your homepage, you will see these options, among others:

  • Popular Trends right now.
  • Trends on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Popular on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Popular Topics with the industry you are in.
  • New LinkedIn online courses.

Best LinkedIn Learning Courses

Our team conducts the survey from various users, and they concluded that soft skills trainings have high demand on LinkedIn’s learning platform than the other skills.

Do you know about soft skills? Soft skills include relational intelligence, communication, various interpersonal relationships, and much more.

Apart from it, soft skills are beyond the individual’s character and include the individual’s empathy, acceptance ability, and much more. In simple words, it is more of self-analysis and therapy combined with proven techniques.

The survey gives us these numbers:

The French have completed over 500,000 hours of courses and training on LinkedIn Learning between From July 2019 to June 2020. This shows an increase of around 141%, and more and more people are getting passionate about soft skills.

Soft skills have witnessed a real boom, and in these days, they have become fashionable, and everyone loves to learn them.

But it’s not the only skill that people love. Some other hot topics of LinkedIn learning are marketing, effective communication, sales techniques, and digitalization.

Below we will show you the trends in a numeric form. Have a look:

Popular Courses on LinkedIn Learning

  1. PowerPoint Quick Tips have over 13,000 learners. Digital transformation has over 11,000 learners.
  2. All about SQL has over 16,000 learners.

Popular LinkedIn Learning Trends

  1. The basics of communication have over 15,000 learners.
  2. Remote Management has over 10,000 learners.
  3. Conducting a negotiation have over 8,000 learners.

LinkedIn Learning Cost: what will you pay?

LinkedIn learning costs you around $29.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly. In others words, LinkedIn learning cost you between $240 and $360 yearly.

LinkedIn Learning and Its Worth:

Now that you understand the basics about LinkedIn learning, how it works, and how it costs, you might be wondering what’s the worth of LinkedIn and if it’s worth it to get access to the platform.

If that’s the case, you have these available options:

In a few cases, employers offer e-Learning courses access to their staff to help them enhance their skills. SO you can ask your employer for the same.

Similarly, some educational institutes and training centers have student-learning access for their students.

Your last option is personal funding. 

Before opting for this option, you should ask yourself a few questions to make an informed decision:

Why do you want to take a LinkedIn learning subscription? Do you want to learn new things and skills, or do you want to learn to apply for other job positions later?

It’s vital for you to ask these questions because LinkedIn Learning courses award you certifications, but they are not the recognized ones. 

So, we can say that LinkedIn Learning costs deserve your money and time, but it mainly depends on your objectives and aims.

Are LinkedIn Learning certificates valuable?

Let’s dive into the LinkedIn certification to determine whether they are valuable for you or not.

The first vital thing to remember here is that you have to go through all the videos included in your training curriculum to get the certificate. Similarly, you need to complete quizzes to validate your expertise.

So, principally yes, the LinkedIn certificate offers value, and it is all class as a document. But here are some drawbacks that you need to know:

The certificate is not an accredited one: LinkedIn only acts as a “witness” that demonstrates that you were serious and hardworking during the learning process. But you cannot use it as proof. One may leave the video running without sound. Companies know this, hence most of them are not satisfied with a LinkedIn certificate.

No package options: You only have the monthly and annual subscription, and you can’t opt to take only one course. However, you will get a one-month free trial.

Not many advanced level courses: If you are already a skilled person in any field, LinkedIn learning might not be the ideal choice for you. In this case, you cannot expect the trainers to reveal growth hacking secrets or phenomenal techniques.

So, when LinkedIn Learning becomes fascinating?

LinkedIn Learning will become more interesting in these cases:

  • If you are willing to learn without anyone’s help, at your own pace, and you are focusing on a particular skill.
  • The training is suitable if you don’t need a recognized certificate and are only interested in new learning opportunities.
  • If you need additional experience or support to become competent in the subject.

LinkedIn Learning for business

You can also use LinkedIn training to boost your business. And if you don’t know how to do it, check the next section:

How to get LinkedIn Learning in your business?

You can do this just by contacting LinkedIn Learning’s department directly.

You can contact the authorities via this link. Or you can use these ways:

  • Request a callback from the concerns.
  • Get in touch with them via chat.
  • You can also request and schedule an appointment for a demo.

Here is an overview of LinkedIn training for business and a surprising fact!

Most businesses are paying a lot more for the same services!

LinkedIn offers a business package for employers and companies but doesn’t expect a preferential fee for multiple people. You have to negotiate with them, but the charges will still not be less than the initial price of $19.99.

Read More: Lead Finder — a B2B Contact Database for your business.

Apart from it, there is a learning management system and tutoring charges involved, but what are they?

When we dig down a bit deeper to understand this learning management system and how it works, we concluded that:

  • It’s a unique algorithm that provides content as per user’s consumption.
  • You can also push content to them.
  • You won’t find additional virtual coaching.

Finally, due to these complex algorithms, the costs of LinkedIn learning are higher. However, you have the option to propose them, or you can talk about some certain courses at discounted rates, but chances are low.

We came to the following conclusions from the above mentioned scenario:

  • If you want your staff members to access the platform without monitoring their actions, this offering might not be that suitable for you.
  • The LinkedIn learning cost is higher because you are open to “drive” the tasks and projects by underlining some videos. But you can do this on your own without using the platform through internal communication.
  • If you have many employees and you want them to learn about a specific topic, using this solution can significantly help you and save you time.
  • If you want to use LinkedIn’s virtual learning as a benefit that your business offers to its employees, let me tell you that even without this feature, LinkedIn Learning is still an exciting network with full of potential and exciting learning opportunities.

All things considered, all this comes down to your priority, budget, and objectives.

Conclusion of the Post:

LinkedIn Learning is an excellent portal for those folks who want to acquire new skills, especially about digital topics. The LinkedIn Learning costs might be a little higher, but its advantages and overall quality overshadow the price.

However, users demand improvements in some areas like training level and an unaccredited certification. We hope and expect that LinkedIn will address these issues soon and in the right way.

Lastly, LinkedIn Learning can bring real benefits to you, but you need to be willing to learning and curious.

Co-founder and CEO at Closely – Lead Intelligence and Sales Automation Platform.