Limitations Of LinkedIn Posts You Should Know About

limitations for posts

LinkedIn post character limits are vital considerations, and they are more than just what you can put into the box. They impact how others observe you and your professional brand, and they have the ability to make or break your network and connections.

LinkedIn is a powerful and professional platform that demands vigilance, and you cannot neglect anything even if it is a character limit. 

In this read, we will dig into what you need to do to meet all the character limits on LinkedIn and how they can help you in making a valuable professional network.

LinkedIn Character Limit: What Is It?

That’s it; LinkedIn has another major change for the users, and this time it’s in the character limit. Finally, the network has realized that posts were not working that well; hence the network introduced a new, long-form for the articles and posts. This latest feature of LinkedIn was announced in 2023, and it is creating a buzz in the market.

Here is our opinion about the LinkedIn character limit:

  • The feature is perfect as it allows you to develop your ideas, pitch and helps you to improve your conversion rate.
  • It can be a bit dangerous because long posts or articles can make your visitors sleep, and chances are they will see you as a spammer, especially when you are doing it in the wrong way.
  • It’s good but risky and demands your attention and time. This is because you need to craft longer articles to create the wave, but you will have to vary the content and sprinkle it with visuals, videos, and carousels.

So, how to do it in the right way and take advantage of this LinkedIn update?

Do you need to modify your content strategy and draft 3,000-word articles on LinkedIn?

While browsing and exploring the matter, our team came across this interesting A/B testing conducted by a copywriting firm. They tested longer and shorter posts to see which has the better conversion rate. Here are the results of their experiment:

1st testing: 

  • They used short emails up to 300 words (less than half an MS Word page).
  • Sent approx. Fifty cold emails.
  • Received nine responses without sending follow-up messages (including three within 48 hours).

2nd testing:

  • They used long e-mails up to 1,842 words.
  • Sent fifty cold emails.
  • Received 42 replies without sending follow-up messages (37 were received within 48 hours).

Now, what can we draw from these experiments?

  • The more characters you use in your pitch, the higher will be the conversion rate.
  • You have more space to represent yourself, your brand, skills and to convince others.
  • You can create your argument in a much better way.
  • You can express your seriousness.
  • Copywriting and optimization of your posts are important.

However, you should understand how to write well!

How to create a 3,000-word post that hits the mark?

Quality matters here the most, so let’s talk about that first.

  • Your post should be clear, engaging, and easy to read. Plus, add emojis to demonstrate your points.
  • Remember that you are in the middle of a storyline; hence include a trigger that makes the post meaningful.
  • The first 210 characters of the post are essential; therefore, they must provoke strong emotion.
  • Keep the post as engaging as possible as it will help you get more comments and enhance the LinkedIn algorithm.

Once all these things are clear, you should test your creativity to craft longer articles. But ensure that they provide value to the users.

Some other things to look out for when creating 3000 words posts are:

  • Try to use strong, compelling words.
  • Write a story in the beginning and end the post with a clear conclusion and an engaging question.
  • Add relevant stats and evidences to back your words. You can use feedback, surveys, A/B testing, etc.
  • Don’t talk about the topics you don’t know.
  • Create your post and speak your heart out without being dull, and it is not that simple. Don’t put your visitors to sleep.
  • Don’t forget short posts. We will recommend using both forms and determine which works the best for your target audience.
  • Keep experimenting; there will be mistakes, but don’t give up.

Common FAQs about LinkedIn post character limit:

What to look out for when building your LinkedIn content strategy?

  • LinkedIn has increased the character limit from 1300 to 3000 per post.
  • Try to keep your emails a little longer, as it will enhance your chances of conversion.

Use this content strategy for your LinkedIn posts and emails:

  • Writing long emails up to 3000 words is not enough. You will have to use copywriting and provide quality content to others.
  • Short-form posts get more buzz, but on the other hand, long-form articles have a high conversion rate.

What is the character limit on LinkedIn?

If posting a status on LinkedIn, then:

  • Max status size should be up to 3000 characters.
  • You can view 210 characters on your screen; click on the popular “See more” button for more.

Character Limit for your LinkedIn profile:

  • Your first name: 20 characters max.
  • Your last name: 40 characters max.

Job Position:

  • For desktop and laptop: 120 characters max.
  • For mobile, up to 240 characters.
  • URL Text of a website: 30 characters with Call-to-action.
  • URL of a website: 256 characters maximum.
  • For a LinkedIn summary, the limit is 2600 characters.
  • Title of your previous work experience up to 100 characters.
  • Details of your previous work experience up to 2000 characters.
  • For skills and recommendations, you have 80 characters.

How many characters are allowed for a LinkedIn post?

The number of characters that you can use in a LinkedIn post is 3000 p/post.

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