Navigating The Future Of Recruitment: The Impact Of All-in-One Platform in New Business Season

In today’s rapidly developing job market, businesses are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence to streamline their talent acquisition processes. AI, with its ability to analyze vast pools of data and help you make data-driven decisions, has become a game-changer in the HR industry.

However, as companies embrace this technology, it’s imperative to strike a balance between efficiency and ethics. This article delves into the ways in which AI is transforming talent acquisition and highlights the crucial steps organizations must take to ensure ethical and efficient recruitment practices. From unbiased candidate sourcing to data privacy concerns, we’ll explore the key considerations that will help your company harness AI’s potential while maintaining a high standard of ethics in the hiring process.

Using AI in Talent Acquisition: Benefits

Using AI in talent acquisition leads to boosted efficiency and reduced time-to-hire.

Here is how it’s achieved with the help of AI:

  1. Established an efficient hiring process: AI can create job ads, check grammar, post ads, and maintain contact with promising candidates. This enables you to manage tasks efficiently, without too much involvement of recruiting team.
  2. Grow efficiently: Established flow-in of candidates can make it hard to organize effective processes. This is where AI can facilitate routine, managing and putting together all the needed data.
  3. Reduced costs: By employing AI-powered assistant, you need fewer hiring managers, since all the tedious work can be delegated to the software.
  4. More informed business decisions. AI in recruitment comes with advanced talent acquisition analytics about your hiring process, such as the most fruitful job websites for finding candidates or the best methods of candidate engagement.

AI works amazingly well on its own, however, to maximize efficiency and win the best candidates, consider combining it with automation.

What’s Automation in Recruitment?

Automation is software that will prospect and follow-up candidates for you, gathering all the needed analytics. Therefore, your recruitment team can reduce time spent on manual tedious tasks. You may even need fewer hiring managers.

AI can help create text for your ads and prospecting campaigns, while automation will send those messages to candidates and gather their replies.

Closely & Scanlist Help You Engage Job Candidates Effortlessly 

It’s no secret that sales automation tools serve amazingly well for streamlining recruiting routine & increasing reply rates of your candidates.

Since LinkedIn is still a go-to platform to source best-fit candidates, employing a LinkedIn automation & AI-powered writer is the best way to facilitate lots of tasks & boost effectiveness of your prospecting.

Here is how Closely and Scanlist can help.

How to Use Closely And Scanlist to Facilitate Hiring Process

Here is a quick guide to using Closely and Scanlist — automation and AI writer to help you tackle difficulties in recruitment process and boost efficiency.

  1. First, you’ll need to install a Scanlist’s extension: 

The icon will appear in your LinkedIn interface, as well as in Sales Navigator

2. Then, create your account in Scanlist.

3. Then, make a search on LinkedIn or in Sales Navigator. Once done, click on Start Scan in the top right corner.

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You can choose to save to existing lists or create a new list.

Scanlist will build a list of candidates and also retrieve their emails.

4. Now, in your Scanlist account you can generate copies for LinkedIn prospecting:

Add your requirements for the text in notes, therefore, providing context. Once you have the copy, click on Download to download this prospect list.

5. Head to, choose Campaigns. Choose your LinkedIn & email accounts.

6. Next step: upload the list.

7. Map the Email field.

And start building your multichannel prospecting campaign.

Add steps like connection message, LinkedIn message, View profile, email and others.

You can take the copy that Scanlist generated for you.

If you’re used to follow-up candidates via email, add an email step and put there your follow-up.

8. Hit Start and your campaign will go live.

That’s it! 😊

This is how you can easily set up a prospecting campaign with the customized prospecting copy. The only thing you need now is to check the analytics and gauge the effectiveness of your prospecting campaigns.

If you need more info, visit our Help Center or message our support.

This video will shed light on multichannel prospecting functionality in our LinkedIn automaton tool:

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