Revolutionizing Fintech Sales: The Unified Outreach Software Advantage In 2023-2024

In the last couple years, with the rise of such industry developments as online banking, digital finance, cryptocurrency, the livelihood and prosperity of fintech is growing synonymous with its ability to innovate and adapt rapidly.

Initially aimed at disrupting traditional finance, fintech companies now collaborate with established institutions, providing embedded financial services. They expand globally, targeting untapped markets and exploring B2B opportunities. Segments like digital banking and insurance offer fertile ground for innovation. To thrive, fintech companies must continuously diversify their offerings, showing agility in the face of changing consumer needs and evolving market dynamics.

The Direct B2B Sales Approach

The direct B2B sales approach is gaining traction amongst fintech companies, engaging one-on-one with financial institutions. This allows them to:

  • tailor solutions to the specific needs of their clients
  • build personalized relationships
  • secure large-scale contracts, driving revenue and expansion

This is a multifaceted process requiring attention to detail and intricate planning, which is why automation software is sweeping the scene

It’s no longer just about who has the best system, who can track the trends and flesh out the best outreach program. It’s about who can do so the fastest, the most efficiently, plus accomplish a whole world of related tasks. With unified fintech prospecting software that takes care of the routine work for you, you can bring more value to your prospects, scale up faster and get more done.

The Crucial Role of Unified Prospecting Software

Unified software in the fintech context refers to a single, comprehensive platform that integrates various financial tools and functions, including data analytics, customer relationship management, sales automation, and reporting.

Its significance lies in its ability to streamline sales processes, improve data management, and support scalability for fintech companies. 

Think of unified fintech prospecting software as a tool to streamline your workflow, free up time and crank your productivity to the maximum. In addition, you’ll be more fit to make crucial company decisions with reports and data analysis compiled by the software. Making the most out of industry, prospect, competitor, etc. data is what gives fintech companies the upper hand in today’s digitally transformed market. 

Leveraging Email and LinkedIn in Fintech Sales

There are two powerful mediums for fintech growth that cannot go unmentioned. It is absolutely undeniable that Email and LinkedIn marketing dominate the B2B world, and neglecting these opportunities means staying behind. 

Email and LinkedIn play an indispensable role in building personal connections in fintech B2B sales. Strategies include personalized and concise email outreach focusing on pain points, while LinkedIn facilitates engagement with key decision-makers through content sharing and InMail messages. 

Here is how Closely automates LinkedIn and Email outreach ⬇️

It’s crucial to maintain a unified approach, integrating contacts and ensuring consistent messaging. This streamlined management of communication channels is vital for nurturing relationships, demonstrating professionalism, and ultimately securing successful partnerships in the fast-paced fintech B2B sector.

Maximizing Networking And Events

Networking events and industry gatherings are a unique opportunity for fintech businesses to broaden their reach and accumulate potential partners. Fintech companies can leverage these events by: 

Targeted Engagement: Identifying and connecting with key prospects, allowing in-depth discussions. 

Knowledge Sharing: Staying updated on industry trends through seminars and workshops, showcasing expertise. You can use your experience and skills as a touch point to connect with partners and put your best foot forward.

Relationship Building: Actively engaging with potential partners, following up promptly, and exploring collaboration opportunities. 

Strategic Branding: Exhibiting their solutions, distributing informative materials, and solidifying their presence.

Following up all your successful connections after a networking event can be quite cumbersome, time-consuming, and, well… repetitive!

Don’t fret and let Closely lend you a helping hand: forget having to manually type messages to tens, maybe hundreds of partners and prospects — with the power of automation and advanced features, your follow-ups can still be personalized, creative, and engaging, without the ‘this-takes-forever’ part! 

All your event-related outreach can be easily taken over by Closely, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more demanding and pressing tasks. 

Watch how to start using Closely — an all-in-one prospecting platform for B2B businesses. ⬇️

Transforming Fintech Sales With Unified Software

Unified software for B2B prospecting enables seamless collaboration in fintech sales by providing a centralized platform where sales teams can access, share, and update critical information effortlessly.

This is how your analytics dashboard in Closely looks like:

This means that everyone involved in the sales process can work from a common database, access real-time data, and communicate within the same system. It eliminates the need for disjointed tools and spreadsheets, fostering a more cohesive and coordinated effort among team members. 

This collaboration results in:

  • improved communication
  • reduced errors
  • enhanced efficiency,

which is vital in the fast-paced and competitive fintech industry.

Closely’s software streamlines lead management and automates sales processes, enabling fintech companies to rapidly expand and manage sales departments with greater efficiency. By providing advanced analytics and tools for personalized communication and intricate sales management, Closely drives revenue growth and customer acquisition for fintech firms. 

Allow software to take the wheel and accomplish everyday tasks faster, make data-driven decisions, adapt to industry trends and evolving opportunities, and generate more leads! 


To summarize, the evolving fintech landscape demands adaptability and efficient B2B sales strategies. Unified software emerges as a crucial tool, streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and enabling data-driven decisions. 

Fintech companies should prioritize this tool in 2023-2024 to stay competitive and agile. Closely’s automation platform is the effective response to the rapid technological developments in the fintech sector, empowering rapid growth and customer acquisition while freeing up valuable time for strategic pursuits. Embrace unified software to seize the opportunities of tomorrow’s B2B sales landscape.

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