How to Quickly Grow Your B2B Business: Introducing AI Sales Writer & Prospecting Automation

Got a New Product or service? Need to promote it? Don’t know where to find buyers? We’re here to help. 

You’re about to launch a useful product or service for enterprise companies. You have developed the product or super useful services but you have no idea where to find buyers. How to market your product? 

Regardless of whether you have a website or you’ve launched it on some marketplace… You have to start reaching out to potential customers. 

The first step for you would be to buy an email base for your prospecting. If you have one, it’s time to hire sales reps…right? Not necessarily.

The thing is, you can employ a few tools that will do all the groundwork instead of paying sales reps full-time. You’ll only need a few team memberswho will reply to inbound requests from potential customers. But the whole buyer generation process can be handled by a couple of tools.

Find buyers
The freshest B2B data and the needed filters to supply you with the contacts of potential customers whenever you need.You surf the freshest data!
Have we mentioned? This is one of the cheapest databases on the market.
No special skills required
Apart from a range of other solutions, Closely is praised for its intuitiveness. Be sure you won’t need to struggle thinking how to put things together. Reachable support, handy guides and tutorial videos will be your assistants. We would love you to sell more. 
Engage like a pro
Not everybody loves to write! Hiring a writer can also be pricey. Let an AI-powered writer create copies for you. If you don’t like them — there is a way to tweak copies as you wish.
Save budget on sales reps 
With these products’ duo, you’ll save on sales reps greatly. 

How exactly do you find and engage prospects?

Let’s go through the whole path quickly.

  1. You need to develop an understanding of who your customers are. Size of a company, location, decision makers (job titles of those who make buying decisions). Once you have this, you can buy a B2B base (Closely also has one), where you can filter out base by your parameters, and pull the needed info of potential customers — emails and LinkedIn profiles

See, on the screen? There are 9 filters that will narrow down your searches. Once you’ve applied the needed filters, it will find the needed segment of buyers.

Then you can click on Open and Save and save this search in a document.

  1. Start reaching out to prospective buyers.

Go to LinkedIn or Email Campaigns and start creating your prospecting campaign. That will be a sequence of messages that Closely will be sending to your potential customers. To make the setting clear for you, we’ve added tutorial videos.

If you got tired of the tech part, here is a dog to cheer you up, but we have to continue.

  1. Have problems with writing sales pitches? ScanList is there for you.

You don’t need to write sales pitches by yourself. Closely’s AI-powered assistant, ScanList, will create the copy for you. 

Go to AI copy setup.

Create your sender profile.

Install ScanList extension. 

Go to LinkedIn, apply the needed filters to find your target buyers. 

Start a new scan with the help of ScanList and save your list. 

If you need a helping hand, our support team will gladly guide you through!

Your list is ready. You can generate a sales copy in ScanList.

You’ll only have to hit Generate in bulk. ScanList will produce the copy.

To make the whole process clearer, we’ve created tutorial videos.

  1. Set up a message sequence in Closely.

Since you have the sales copy, you can start setting up a message sequence in Closely. 

A message sequence is 2,3,5 and more messages that the software will be sending to your potential customers. There should be the first, discovery message, then a follow-up, in case your prospects customers don’t engage, then one more follow-up if you want, and a break-up message. If the sequence is set up and works good, it can result in 5-7% reply rate, meaning that 5-7% of potential customers turned into high-quality leads. Your sales reps will be receiving replies in their Inboxes, so their only task would be consulting on the product’s benefits and leading the whole thing to a deal.

To insert the copy you’ve generated in ScanList, first download your prospects from ScanList. Then upload the document in Closely and the copy will be there when you’ll be writing your messages. We’ve explained how to do this thoroughly  in the video.

  1. Enjoy automated prospect generation!

Once a potential customer replies to your message, you’ll receive the reply in your inbox if it’s an email sequence and in your LinkedIn inbox for LinkedIn sequences.

The great thing is, you can manage email and LinkedIn prospecting within just one tool. 

  1. Analytics

All the data you need — at your fingertips. Accurate data, intuitive plain dashboards — so you can understand how it’s going, what you need to improve.

  1. Sell!

The next thing is to hire sales reps who will handle the process of finishing deals. This is all yours. Closely and ScanList will do their part, but what comes next — that’s for you to arrange.

Closely & Scanlist gives you the power of employing technologies so they help you and not clutter your workspace.

What Results Can You Expect?

Now to the TASTIEST part.

  1. Prospects’ flow-in. You don’t need to hire more sales reps to handle the groundwork — finding and engaging buyers. 180%+ increase in high-quality leads is an approximate number.
  2. Engage buyers in an advanced way. No reason to get busy with writing sales copies. Let the tool do it professionally. Put in the required data, take out polished-off copies. All the means to free up your time!
  3. Most advanced (not too heavy with needless features) sales automation solutions developed by salespeople! Closely and ScanList are created by B2B sales pros who know exactly what’s required most of all.
  4. B2B base, email and LinkedIn prospecting, AI writer — all within these two tools, that work together. Budget saved. Pricey solutions? Leave them for someone else.
  5. Comprehensive automation. If you don’t have tech skills, you can be sure you’re dealing with one of the most intuitive tools.
  6. Support. We will be delighted to guide you through the products if you need this. 
  7. Useful content & community. Save a wealth of time: we post only useful and tested hacks in our blog. 
  8. Better understanding of your buyers. Engaging buyers automatically gives you the opportunity to track what messages they find useful. You can adapt your product or sales strategies according to the insights you receive in Closely. 

To find out how we can help you easily earn profits, market and promote a new product, find & engage buyers if you do not know where to start, hit Book Demo.

Stay updated! We’re glad to have you onboard.

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