Cold Email Templates: Rev Up Your Sales Team

Email Outreach works. It works even if you stop saying this to yourself.

The secret to it?

Targeting? Analytics? Na-ah. Those are not rocket science.

You, a Sales Person, need to articulate the right words.

Easier said than done? Maybe. Unless you’ve come across our new & shiny email templates for slightly lazy but very goal-oriented salespeople.

These templates are completely free to use (life can work like that, you bet it can!)

What hurts even more than doing the leg split after a 10-year-break?

Seeing faceless, copy-pasted emails in your Inbox!

Encountering another message like this and you’re down mentally

On the contrary, 

One exclusive, tailored, breezy message, dropped to your Inbox — and you get a grasp of fresh air.

Be that oasis in the desert for your future customers.

  • You can’t include any links in your message because Google will send it to spam folders
  • You have to use account with good reputation
  • Include the option to unsubscribe — highly advisable 
  • Use Gifs — to escape boredom

Find more info on getting your emails out of spam folders here: How to escape Spam Folders – PDF

Cold Email Outreach Templates by Closely

Composing email outreach messages should be exciting. 

Each time, like something you’re doing for the first time. 

Goal: Generate Leads Through Content

Content is still THE BEST way to generate leads.

Craft something unique, wrap it up in delightful visionary 

And send it to your target audience. 

  1. Content Name: Message Templates for Recruiters

Subject Line:  #1 Outreach Message Templates for Recruiters 🥾Kick Off Fruitful Campaigns

#2 Outreach Message Templates for Recruiters 🐆 The Fastest Results Possible

#3 Outreach Templates for Recruiters 🦥 Watch Reply Rates Climbing Up

Hey there! 

I’m {my_first_name}, and I’ve been working at {my_company_name} — LinkedIn & Email leadgen machine, for almost 2 years now. 

It’s a miraculous tool that propels you right past your competitors to your conversion goals.

Recently, we’ve composed ☂️Name of Your PDF and who it’s for ☂️

that you can take and flesh out with the details of your case!

If you want me to share a link — drop a message.

I hope you’ll have fat fish in your nets. 😉

Closely is the first platform that boosts LinkedIn & Email conversion rates 🤌 with minimal involvement

Creme-de-la-creme features & enthusiastic team to help you conquer LinkedIn platform as if you’ve been there for ages 🙂
Come and get what you want. 

Talk to [your expertise]

(email) + Calendly link

Yours sincerely, 


  • Follow-up

Hey there {first_name},

Never heard any feedback from you. 👤

Have you seen my message there?  👥

Or if it ended up in spam, that would be a head-skratcher.

Anyway, just checking in. 

Have a great day ahead! 🫂


  1. Content Name: Step-By-Step Guide to LinkedIn Outreach

Subject Line:  👨‍🚒Pump it up: 150 LinkedIn leads/month — straight to your Inbox 👨‍🚒

LinkedIn is becoming a very straightforward game with clear rules. 

Knowing them, adhering to them is the key to mind-blowing conversions.

My name is {my_first_name}, and I’ve been in B2B sales for 10 years. 

It has been a long ride with its hecks of a seesaw.

Today, we’ve put together a brief guide to generating 150 leads/month from LinkedIn, guaranteed.

It’s fresh from the oven. 🥧

Do you want me to share? Reply to this email. 😉

{my_first-name} from {my_company_name}.

  1. Content Name: How to Get More Event Attendees in Three Easy Steps

Subject Line: #1 🎥Movies That Deliver B2B Leads: Become a Webinar Star 🎥

#2 Get More Event Attendees in Three Easy Steps

Hi {first_name},

I bet you at {company_name} have tried to film webinars to acquire high-quality leads. 🐺

A no-brainer assumption, since webinars are one of not-so-many ways to attract quality leads without substantial investments. 

Making video content challenges you, it’s a highway to better conversions, and let’s face it, it’s fun.

We at {my_company_name} have been hosting webinars successfully throughout 2 years, and this move brought us more than $55,000 + in ARR.

We’ve put together our best practices to a successful webinar in one small guide — if you feel like this is something you might benefit from — don’t hesitate to reply to this email. I’ll send you the link. 

What’s inside?

  • Where to find event attendees: 5 top-places
  • How to compose a breezy-BUT-sticky invitation 
  • Convert attendees into customers: 5 hot tips

Hope {company_name} will see more $ signs over the horizon and set more ambitious goals this year. LinkedIn is such a nice place to dance along and win 🩰

Have a good day,


  1. Content name: Proven Ways to Generate Leads: LinkedIn TextBook For Lazy Fellows 

Subject Line: Proven Frameworks to Acquire LinkedIn Leads: TextBook For Lazy Fellows 🚶‍♀️

Hi {first_name}! 

This is {my_first_name} from {my_company_name}.

Good things can happen unexpectedly, right?

In sales there are impromptu moves around every corner. However, there is also a paved way that never fails you. Even when you’re out of sorts — you can do the repetitive things others have done, and you will be fine!

This is what our recent book is for: help you implement a framework to generate quality leads completely on autopilot. 

The result? 55 leads per week coming down inbound — we keep on dancing around this number and feel very satisfied. 

If you’d like to take a glimpse into our guide — I’d happily share it with you. Just reply to this email.

Hope you’re doing great there,


Subject Line: Scale Up LinkedIn Outreach: Play Out This Framework 💂‍♀️🤩

Hi {first_name}! 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that growth can be unlocked just like this 🙌

,and you don’t necessarily need to struggle, climbing up that LinkedIn ladder.

What if you can just take what others have implemented successfully, flesh it out, and put the whole process at scale?

This is where our “LinkedIn Lead Generation Only for Lazy Sales Reps” comes in handy. It grants you 10 frameworks, 50 templates and 25 tips to quickly catapult a lead generation game up to a pro level.

The guide is free — no pitfalls, no extremes, — a balanced way to LinkedIn success.

I’ll share it with you in case you voice your interest in reply to this message. 

Have an amazing day, friend!

{my_first_name} from {my_company_name}.

Goal: Demo Booking 

It’s essential to cut your messages down to the chase.

Regardless of the audience, the rule is: if you shovel your product in the first message — at least do it gracefully. 

Subject Line: Turn LinkedIn Network Into A Manageable System 👣All Footprints Tracked

Hi {first_name}! 

{my_first_name} from {my_company_name}.

Having been in B2B sales for almost a decade, I can say that I hate chaos in workflow more than bottom-low reply rates.

If you go nuts seeing piles of data here and there, like me, — let me share a free tool for tidying up your LinkedIn Network: it connects all the data about your LinkedIn prospects in one place.

This tool also has a 243-mln-record B2B Database sewn in it. 

Open Data, Close Deals

It’s called Closely — your go-to solution for propelling your LinkedIn Sales to new heights.

What kind of heights?

Depends on your appetites 

For instance, we’ve been closing 40+ deals per week, for almost a year. 

Closely consists of:

  • LinkedIn automation
  • LinkedIn CRM
  • LinkedIn data scraping extension 
  • Cute team
  • Outreach Templates Refreshed 
  • B2B contact database 
  • Inbox that’s also a CRM
  • Email automation

{company_name} can start pumping in LinkedIn leads right away. 

These are my contacts if you need a helping hand with Closely.

Feel free to find an attractive time slot. ☂️

Those were our top templates for email outreach. Feel free to take them and use to their best abilities. Take care! 🙂

Content creator at Closely. I write about marketing & B2B sales. Welcome to our LinkedIn Sales Hacking Universe ;)