LinkedIn Sales Tools for Marketing — Top-5 Services

Take it easy in 2023. Look around. Find new sources of inspiration. Build glowing strategies.

Routine, routine… Not that scary of a word anymore for enthusiastic outreach strategy builders (aka sales reps). Today all the routine work of salespeople are taken care of by technologies.

Are you wondering what might be that exclusive trick that will propel your prospecting forward in 2023? We will list down the most powerful LinkedIn sales solutions & routine automation along with some ideas for your outreach strategies. Mix them up in one plate, start engine and uncork Brut!

LinkedIn is still a queen on a chess board

A few words about this miraculous platform that is still a #1 platform for B2B sales crowd. Using LinkedIn for business is an obligatory deed in 2023. It’s just mandatory (if you want to win glaze-icing deals).

You know, the kind of a deal, which, after closing, immerses you in a state where you can close your eyes and feel the taste of life. This also happens when you hold a check for 1 million, or when you find out that the person you like, likes you back.

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All such deals are present on LinkedIn, in the form of possibilities. You can come and turn them into reality, making them gain a form of a real deal. Turn the wave of possibilities into a particle, if you wish.))

LinkedIn is not only full of decision makers that can be easily turned into B2B customers, you can use it to boost brand awareness, content engagement, and promote your personal brand.

You can use LinkedIn as a part of a chain in your multichannel marketing or outreach. Establishing professional relationships with people on LinkedIn is paramount, especially if you’re planning to use this channel to improve brand awareness in the long run, and also, find and engage your hyper-relevant audiences.

In 2023, it’s crucial to be equipped with the latest technologies — to be able to tackle LinkedIn as an outreach channel, engage people massively, and of course, stay way ahead of competitors.

What if we tell you that you can not only easily find hyper-relevant audiences on LinkedIn, but also reach out to them massively, and this way generate hundreds of leads per week. All you need to have is the right tech stack at your disposal. And this is what we’re about to uncover — listed in this article are top-notch LinkedIn sales tools for a sales professional in 2023.

LinkedIn Sales Tools for Marketing — Top-5 Services

If you’re up for LinkedIn prospecting game, there should be a tool arsenal to let you execute different outreach tricks.

All “tricks” can be divided into such categories:

  1. Message automation (the tool will send a cascade of messages to LinkedIn users, on autopilot).
  2. Auto-liking and auto-visiting.
  3. Extensions and data scrapers.

We will be looking at all these tools and list down the most popular and powerful tools for you to tackle LinkedIn lead generation and become a real pro.

Message automation tools

Using LinkedIn as a sales tool is not possible without purchasing powerful LinkedIn automation. It’s the most basic LinkedIn tool that you need to purchase. That’s the engine of your prospecting machine — the one that you need to refill from time to time, pouring down different kind of oil, — by uploading different, unique message sequences in it.

LinkedIn automation tools refer to a special software that takes over the routine mundane jobs of salespeople.

Overall, a LinkedIn automation tool will:

  • send out connection requests to a LinkedIn audience that you consider can become your potential customers;
  • track all the activities within your message campaign and report the results of outreach campaigns;
  • collect all the replies from your prospects in one place.

If you want to generate hundreds of leads completely automatically, you’ll need to craft a perfect sales strategy. This strategy usually includes:

  • outreach strategy: who you’re going to reach out to, and what messages will be your top choice for each particular audience;
  • content strategy: what type of content and what topics might be interesting to your future customers, which form of content will be truly appealing to them;
  • marketing strategy: how you’re going to “warm up” your existing customers and leads.

Once your outreach strategy is crystallized, you can put it at scale. Craft two-three message sequences for different audiences and employ an automation tool to send messages to LinkedIn leads instead of you. Scale up your outreach with the following, top-rated LinkedIn automation tools.

Closely — to skyrocket your sales numbers by employing an all-in-one LinkedIn & Email automation machine


Closely is probably the crown of creation among the sea of automation tools. It’s an all-in-one sales automation solution for LinkedIn that has it all under one roof: LinkedIn outreach automation, CRM to manage LinkedIn leads, B2B contact database for clean & fresh contact data of your prospects, and email automation.

Your winning outreach strategy with Closely might be the following:

  1. Define your hyper-relevant audience. For instance, if you’re selling web services to small businesses, write down who exactly can be interested in your services. The process is called “defining/pinpointing your target audience”. In the end, you’ll have a clear vision of who are your hyper-relevant prospects. Here is how you do market segmentation.

Business: solo entrepreneurs that want to digitalize their businesses and need a helping hand for a beginner

Location: Vienna, Austria

Business size: up to 10 employees

Budget: From small to medium (if you know, specify the amount)

Who makes decisions about purchasing products similar to yours: CEO, owners, co-owners

Pain points: no knowledge in digital marketing, afraid of scums

Needs: need a clear guidance, customer support, examples of outcome, clear calculation of expenses, and metrics that will let them gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts

This is the initial market segmentation. After it’s done, you need to specify deeper. What solo entrepreneurs exactly? What kind of businesses?

Here is where you can narrow down your target audience and reach out to specific groups of prospects from different business niches.

For instance, the first one may be architecture bureaus. The rest of the info remains the same: business size, location, budget, pain points, needs — all the same.

The second niche may be hair salons, then dentists, then designers, etc. This way, you can reach out to various business niches with separate, unique, perfectly crafted message sequences.

Create message sequences for different business niches

Log in to Closely (creating your account at Closely takes max 3 minutes), hit LinkedIn campaigns, and then hit Create new campaign.

There you need to provide a source for your audience (so the tool can scrape your prospects and build a list for your campaign).There are 5 audience sources that you can choose from: LinkedIn search results or Sales Navigator search results, CSV file, LinkedIn group, event or post.

You can choose any of these sources. For instance, if you want to target the first segment of prospects, — architecture bureaus, — then you’ll have to go to LinkedIn (Or Sales Navigator — which is even better) and apply the needed filters to pull the CEOs or other decision makers in this business niche.

Sales Navigator

Copy the link from the address bar and go back to Closely.

Choose “LinkedIn search results” and paste here the link from SN search results, the one that you’ve copied. Set the number of people we will be reaching out to.

Click Save & Next: Choose actions.

Hold on a sec, this dry instruction will come to an end pretty soon! (all does, even long-form depression, despite what they might be telling you).

Here you start building your outreach campaign.

You can experiment here with the order of steps, as you want: connection request will come first, since you need to connect with your potential buyers first: however, you can also add “Like post” or “Visit profile” first.

Don’t forget to use variables like I did on the screen. 🙂 Variables will be auto-populated with corresponding data about your prospects, so in the end each recipient will receive their unique messages, with their names mentioned in each message.

Consider adding a connection request message, then add a “post like” step, and then, for instance, follow-up message.

Almost finishing

In your follow-up message, you can write whatever you see fit, to spark a conversation, except for pushing your product right off the bat.)

For instance, you may choose to go down this road: hint on the fact that your audience can be interested in their product or service (instead of talking about your product).

To craft a working outreach strategy, you need to explore your audience, learn what it likes and doesn’t like, and do this all the time. However, it’s better to avoid shifting into “talking the language of your audience” & completely replacing your own style.

Talking your audience’s language may be harmful for your personal skills. Sometimes you don’t even see the shift. Saving your personality behind your outreach campaigns is important: it doesn’t only highlight your exclusivity, it lets you shine your own luminosity among the others.

Once your campaign is ready & shiny, click on “Launch”. That’s it: from this moment you’ll generate responses from your potential customers automatically. Your Inbox is a place where you can go to and start conversations with those prospects who replied.

No need to reach out to your potential customers manually, get lost in the sea of messages, and deal with piles of Google Spreadsheets files. Wrap this whole process into a unified mechanism, and enjoy advanced lead generation solutions, closing deals on-the-go.

If you’ll miss old good cold manual outreach, you can always pause your campaigns for a while and jump right in your LinkedIn account.

Experiment with outreach strategies, tweak your message sequences, figure out which one produces more impressive results, and scale up easily with Closely.

Closely’s pricing starts with $49/month, and you can also get 50 credits for free each month to open your prospects’ contact details: phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, emails, and a lot more.

Expandi — to expand your LinkedIn outreach

Expandi is another amazing tool, designed to boost your sales numbers. There is a free trial available, and you can easily scale your LinkedIn outreach by using Expandi’s state-of-the-art features.

  • build hyper-targeted lead lists;
  • create personalized message sequences;
  • monitor campaign results with ease

Expandi’s pricing starts with $49/month as well.

PhantomBuster — to scrape data from LinkedIn


PhantomBuster is more a scraper — it can deliver accurate data by scraping contact details from LinkedIn profiles.

  • scrape data from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Twitter, Instagram & even Google Maps
  • automate actions to interact with your prospects

PhantomBuster is perfect to build advanced workflows and scrape the data you need. Highly recommended to be included in your sales tech stack.

Lempod —to boost content engagement


If you need to increase content engagement or get initial push for your content & brand awareness on LinkedIn — Lempod will come in handy.

Lempod is a marketplace for LinkedIn engagement where content makers can engage with comments and likes.

Lempod is there to provide relevant engagement pods for you so you can easily find groups of people who will support your content, in exchange for your support.

Closely Surfer — to simplify LinkedIn navigation and cut down on manual work

Closely Surfer

Closely Surfer is another great tool with a bunch of free features, designed to simplify your LinkedIn prospecting. Among LinkedIn sales tools, data scrapers and extensions take a separate unique shelf. Without this kind of a tool, you’ll be doing a wealth of manual work that can easily be taken over by one single extension.

If LinkedIn automation tools are vessels of a boat, these little helpers are that engine that turn your boat with sail into a motorboat.

Closely Surfer is a free extension that will graciously blend in to your LinkedIn interface and power up your prospecting.

  • save results of LinkedIn & Sales Navigator searches in CSV files for free;
  • open contact details right on LinkedIn pages;
  • withdraw pending connection requests.

On this light note, let’s wrap up.

Those are reliable, proven tools to up your LinkedIn prospecting. Use them wisely 🙂

Want to see your sales numbers soar this year? Hop on, we will be discussing all the freshest hacks (and not only about AI and its newly emerging possibilities). This is the community for B2B sales professionals and enthusiasts.

Happy Prospecting! 🙂

Content creator at Closely. I write about marketing & B2B sales. Welcome to our LinkedIn Sales Hacking Universe ;)