Email Warm Up Best Practices: Achieve Greatest Campaign Success 

You’ve crafted the perfect email campaign, complete with converting subject lines, personalized content, a well-thought-out follow up sequence and awe-inspiring copy. You hit send to your list and await lively engagement with your emails. But that’s not the end of it — your emails don’t even get delivered, let alone generate any engagement! 

What could possibly be the issue?

One of the most important factors contributing to email deliverability is a properly warmed up account. Read on to find out what that means, why warming up is so important and how you can set up the process.

Why you should warm up your account 

Email service providers are really on their guards when it comes to spam. Especially with the latest Gmail regulations, keeping your email account in check should be of top priority to you and your sales team.

Email providers will flag accounts that send too many emails at once, regardless of what the contents of those emails might be and whether they might be of value. Thus, your emails end up in the spam folder, and falling in this spam-trap could harm your account’s reputation, further impacting deliverability of future campaigns. 

To prevent such undesirable scenarios, it’s highly recommended to implement an email warmup system.

Email warm-up builds (and repairs) your sender reputation

ESPs (email service providers) are very strict to accounts that send high volumes of emails consecutively. Sending emails gradually helps establish a positive sender reputation with email service providers.

Additionally, when you start with a smaller list of high-engaging recipients, your emails are reinforced with positive feedback, signaling you aren’t spreading spam. 

Email warm-up improves deliverability for sales outreach

When you build up your sending volume, you’re also doing your deliverability a favor. Since you’re less likely to get banished to the spam folder by ESPs, you increase the chances of your prospects actually seeing your emails. 

Higher engagement rates during warm-up also signal to ESPs that your emails are relevant and welcome, enhancing deliverability.

Email warm-up helps scale your outreach faster

Apart from safeguarding your account, email warm up can be a great tool to test campaigns and gauge success. 

Warm-up provides valuable insights into engagement patterns, enabling you to optimize and scale your outreach strategies more effectively. With only a small audience, you can get a feel for how your prospects react to certain content, email layout, copy, etc., and whether your sequences are generating as much engagement as you expected.

Setting up Email Account Warm Up

Manual setup

A free way to warm up your email account. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who won’t mind assisting. Ideally, you should email a range of accounts to build your reputation with different email service providers (ESPs).

Note that this won’t help much without engagement. Ask recipients to open your emails, reply to them, and mark them as important. If an email lands in the spam folder, request that they move it to the inbox and mark it as safe.

Automated setup

All these “manage how many emails you send” conditions make email warm up sound really daunting and tiresome. Luckily, you don’t have to take care of your email numbers yourself — it’s super easy with Closely.

Automated email warm up is straightforward:

  • You put in the number of emails you’d like to start with and how fast you’d like to build that number up (=number of emails to add daily)
  • Closely does the heavy lifting for you, ensuring your emails deliverability and pristine account reputation 

This way, you don’t end up on email provider’s blacklist and secure the highest chances of your email sequences reaching your newsletter subscribers. 

Multichannel Outreach

One more way to escape spam folders is to mix email outreach up with LinkedIn prospecting. Multichannel outreach functionality is designed to help you diversify outreach and increase effectiveness: multichannel campaigns result in wider reach, better engagement, and, in the end, more sales.

Multichannel outreach lets you engage with prospects on a greater level. Not only you protect you email account by keeping pauses between messaging, but increase effectiveness of outreach by speaking to prospects through a combined approach.

Closely offers automation of multichannel outreach: automate LinkedIn and email outreach within a single campaign. Use booking demo feature, and a lot of other features designed to streamline your outreach operations!

Stay updated for more outreach hacks!

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