What is Email Deliverability?

what is email deliverability

Email deliverability measures how often your emails reach recipients’ boxes. It’s what most marketers use to gauge the likelihood of their emails to arrive to the inbox related to the factors like spam issues, bounces etc.

Let’s say that only 10% of your emails end up in the subsriber’s spam folder — it means your deliverability rate is at 90% at that’s good.

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Getting deliverability rate dipping lowers chances of generating active leads through cold emailing.

Is it crucial for B2B sales?

The issues may seem not as notorious as choosing channels for lead acquisition, however, you need to remember that each email flying to the spam folder is likely to remain unopened forever.

Consider the time and means it takes to create content for engaging your prospect to understand how it impacts your potential income and initial investments.

Usually, having a low deliverability rate leads to losses in three main chains of business processes: money, people and time.

  • Investment

It’s seems like failing to deliver email can result in loss of the potential lead. Although it’s true, it’s important to turn your attention to the initial capital that get on the list too, including investments in sales automation tools (which is often quite a sum).

  • Team’s efforts

It takes time for a prospect to go through the pipeline and reach the conversion point. SDRs, sales reps and marketers put in much efforts too to assemble the process. Ensuring high deliverability rate is the least thing that can be done to support their work.

Email deliverability optimization

To optimize your email deliverability rate, several aspects need to get reviewed.

  • IP address
  • Content
  • Frequency of sending

IP Address & domain optimization

An IP address is one of the most important factors of your sending reputation. Decide whether a shared or dedicated address is suitable for you. Make sure your IP address is not in the black list. Always warm up newly created addresses.

Domain authority is equally important. If the domain is blacklisted, all the emails sent from it will automatically go to the spam folder. Check reputation of you domain before starting an email campaign.

Content optimization

Without proper work on the quality of your content, it’s impossible for your emails to avoid junk folders. It takes time to come up with creating compiling emails but it always pays off.

Frequency optimization

Apart from working on content quality, you should be constantly monitoring frequency to steer clear of being suspected for too frequent emails or exceeding daily limits. Failing to do so may lead up to your account gets blocked. In this case, chances of your emails reaching subscribers plummet.


Email deliverability is an indicator of your email marketing health. Going through the listed points is the least you can do to make sure your email marketing efforts won’t go down the drain. Maintaining high email deliverability rate also helps your salespeople keep up with their KPIs.

Now, when you’re vaguely familiar with the importance of email deliverability and ways to optimize it, it’s time to create a truly engaging sequences to grab your prospects’ attention. Subscribe to stay tuned and learn more on content marketing & B2B sales.

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