5 Ways To Increase Deliverability in Email Outreach

You’ve perfected your campaign and message sequences, sent your emails to your email list, only for your dazzling messages to end up in the spam folder. Some prospects may not even get your email! 

But the good news is: you can do something about it. Email providers often give clear guidelines for what counts as spam, and you can increase the chances of your email getting seen by just making sure it adheres to those rules. 

  1. Check the content of your email

There are certain properties of email content that signal it could be spam. These include:

  • a lot of exclamation marks,
  • grammatical errors, 
  • a high image-to-text ratio
  • spammy words (“Buy now!”)
  1. Ensure your email list is accurate

Effective email campaigns hinge on precise targeting. By sending emails to targeted prospects, you significantly boost engagement rates, as recipients are more inclined to open and interact with your content.

Mass emailing to untargeted recipients can lead to spam markings and increased unsubscribes. Prioritizing relevance not only mitigates these risks but also helps to save a positive sender reputation.

Given the latest spam rate restrictions set at 0.1% starting in 2024, prioritizing quality connections over sheer volume becomes paramount for sustained deliverability success.

  1. Optimize your campaign for engagement  

Low engagement means your campaign isn’t resonating with your audience. This metric can be a sign for email service providers that your emails are spam and the deliverability will drop. But why doesn’t your audience engage? There are several reasons. 

  • Your email could be not personalized enough, 
  • The message may be unclear. What do you want the recipient to do, and what options do you give them?
  • Your email has low informational value and/or there is no incentive for prospects to engage
  • Your audience is too broad.

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  1. Set up proper authentication 

One of the main factors that affect deliverability, as emphasized by Google, are authentication protocols. The good news is that you don’t have to bother about setting up protocols by yourself anymore, or hiring a specialist, — advanced email automation system offer built-in features that help to implement protocols seamlessly.

  1. Warm up your account

Another important thing is to do warm-up for your email account. This process helps to establish good sender reputation.

This reputation, a symbiosis of domain and IP reputations, serves as a gauge for email providers, signaling the trustworthiness, legitimacy, and non-spam nature of your business and email communications. Regular monitoring is key to maintaining this reputation.

Now you know what are some best ways to boost your email deliverability. Stay tuned!

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