How To Send Messages To Someone Outside Your LinkedIn Connections?

how to add people outside connections

Do you often face the situation where you need to contact someone on LinkedIn who is not in your connection list and thus cannot contact them? There are many useful LinkedIn features to deal with so, if you are a bit confused, don’t worry.

Today, we will discuss LinkedIn’s “message” and “connect” functions and try to highlight the differences between them.

Article Summary

LinkedIn connect features:

Sending a LinkedIn connect request is simple and the same as sending a LinkedIn invitation.

When you send a connect request to LinkedIn, you are asking the person to become a part of your network by sending him an invite. If the person accepts your invitation, he will be your first-level connection.

Keep in mind that a first-level connection means both parties should accept each other’s invitation.

To send LinkedIn to connect requests, you will have to use LinkedIn’s search page. When you send a LinkedIn invitation to others, you can write a brief note up to 300 characters. The primary purpose of this note is to express yourself, and thus it helps to increase your acceptance chances.

You can then write a note, a headline, or even a quote. This is an ideal way to get your invitation answered by your prospects.

However, keep in mind that a note is a bit different from a message because it appears in “Network” then “invite.”

On the other hand, a message is visible in the prospect’s mailbox.

Once the prospect accepts your invitation, you can send them a message. It also means you cannot send a message to someone who is not in your connections. (Unless you are using a premium LinkedIn account where you can utilize the LinkedIn InMail feature)

LinkedIn message feature

LinkedIn message feature is only accessible if you are connected with the individual. It means the person should be in your network.

Only then you can then send him a message without any character limitation. To send a message, go on to your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and click on “Message.”

Furthermore, you can also send a message directly from your mailbox. You will see this option on the topside and draft a new message.

The other way is to utilize the shortcut of your mailbox to write a new message or to answer any message.

The biggest advantage of this LinkedIn message feature is that you are free from the limitations of letters. Plus, the feature allows you to send pics, files, gifs, emojis, and others.

You can use almost everything you need to customize your messages.

So, this brings to this obvious question, what are the differences between these options?

Well, they are entirely different from each other. And you cannot send a LinkedIn message without being connected with the other person. 

However, you can easily send a note through an invitation request, but you have to face 300 letters limitation. That’s why it would not be suitable to compare LinkedIn features with LinkedIn messages.

So, we hope that now you know all about these LinkedIn options and how to message someone on LinkedIn who is not a connection?

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