Can LinkedIn Premium Members See Anonymous Profiles?

No, LinkedIn Premium users can’t see anonymous profiles. 

This is due to the law and LinkedIn internal politics. Therefore, if you have enabled anonymous mode in LinkedIn, you can not be afraid that users with Premium will see that you have visited their LinkedIn account.

What is the LinkedIn Anonymous Mode?

LinkedIn members can see when other users viewed their profile, and who exactly it was. LinkedIn Premium users will have a list of users who visited their profile, however anonymous users will only show up as ‘LinkedIn member’. Users with a basic LinkedIn account also won’t be able to see your profile data if you’ve chosen private mode to explore other users.

Private mode is available for both regular and Premium LinkedIn users.

Should You Use Private Mode?

You might consider browsing LinkedIn anonymously if you’re looking to check out other profiles without displaying your personal information. Neither Premium nor regular LinkedIn users will have access to your profile details while you’re using the anonymous feature.

This feature could interest you if your goal is not to make connections, but rather to evaluate the competition in your industry. To check what’s going on on your competitors’ pages. Indeed, this method is not ideal for network-building and connection expansion, since users won’t be able to go through your page if it catches their eye.

A professional profile picture and captivating summary, on the other hand, will get you noticed by potential connections if you don’t use anonymous mode to view their profiles.

If you are using the free version of LinkedIn, you won’t see who viewed your profile, hence limiting your network – the users who are interested in what you have to offer are now going unnoticed. This can be detrimental to your LinkedIn growth.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a paid service that provides users with capabilities not accessible on free LinkedIn. These services include limitless InMails to recruiters, access to business insights, and much more. 

Many  advantageous features are available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Premium Career, Premium Business, Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Learning. You can access more sophisticated functionality depending on your goal-oriented subscription.

Basic VS Premium Anonymous Feature

If you have a basic LinkedIn account and choose to privately browse LinkedIn, the people whose profiles you view won’t be able to see your account. However, you will also be prevented from seeing who clicked on your profile. 

On the other hand, if you are a Premium LinkedIn user with the anonymous feature, you can still privately go through people’s profiles, but you will have the option to see a list of the users who viewed your LinkedIn profile.

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How to Turn On Private Mode on LinkedIn

For PC:

To turn on private mode on LinkedIn on your PC, you first have to click on your profile page. 

Next, click on the arrow on the “Me” tab.

This will open up a dropdown list. Click on “Setting & Privacy” in the “Account” section of the list.

Click on “Visibility” and then “Profile viewing options“.

This will open up a dropdown list. Click on “Setting & Privacy” in the “Account” section of the list.

Here you can change your visibility settings to anonymous.

Here you can change your visibility settings to anonymous.
  1. Public option – LinkedIn users see your full name, role, and can click on your profile.
  2. Private profile characteristics – Shows your industry, current company, or job title.
  3. Private mode – Doesn’t show anything.

For mobile devices:

Open up the LinkedIn app. Tap on your profile picture (it should be at the top left corner).

1.Click on “Settings” at the top.

Can LinkedIn Premium Members See Anonymous Profiles?

2.In the list of settings, select “Visibility”.

Can LinkedIn Premium Members See Anonymous Profiles?

3.In the “Visibility” section, choose “Profile viewing options”.

Can LinkedIn Premium Members See Anonymous Profiles?

4.All settled! Now select your preferred visibility settings

Can LinkedIn Premium Members See Anonymous Profiles?

You can turn on private mode on the mobile app, but in order to access more advanced visibility settings and better manage how your profile is seen by other users, we suggest you switch to the desktop version.

Tips for Using LinkedIn Anonymous Mode

If you’re unsure about whether anonymous mode is a good option for you, here’s a quick run-down:

  • Use anonymous mode if you want to check out your competition
  • Turn on anonymous mode if you want to see your potential boss’s page
  • If you are an active employee and don’t want to get caught viewing profiles, use this feature
  • Refrain from anonymous browsing if you’re actively looking to expand your network, since it hinders natural connection building


Browsing LinkedIn using private mode has its advantages for specific purposes. Having this feature turned on prevents network growth, but is great when you’re looking to check out the competition, profiles of other employees, or your boss, without revealing who you are. 

This feature is available for both Premium and free LinkedIn users. 

Enable private mode using our guide and disable it once it no longer serves your goals.👍

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