The Art of AI In Sales: Elevate Your Campaigns With Machine Learning

Sales professionals around the world are actively incorporating AI tools into their workflows and campaigns. Recently AI and its capabilities have grown tremendously, with use cases and benefits to be found in almost all areas of work and life, with sales and marketing no different. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of today’s technologies, stay tuned to find out how sales reps are using AI to boost growth.

What Do Sales Reps Use AI For?

  1. Prospecting

With the power of data and enhanced analysis on your side, identifying crucial prospects and formulating the perfect, personalized outreach message becomes a breeze. You can get AI tools to scour databases for prospects that match your criteria and then upload that fetched list to a CSV file.

  1. Robust Data/Performance Analysis

Sales reps use AI tools to evaluate performance, whether that be analyzing their sales pipeline, helping create reports, or gauging the success of an outreach campaign.

  1. Content Generation

Creating content doesn’t have to be so time-consuming — sales teams now leverage generative AI tools to create powerful headings, outreach messages, landing page text, connections messages (with the bonus of hyper-personalization!), and more.

Beyond that, there are programs out there that will generate images, video, or audio for you, making your work more efficient and reducing costs. 

  1. Market and Industry Research

When it comes to dealing with large amounts of data and drawing conclusions, AI’s got your back. You may need to study the market to stay ahead of competitors or have a better foundation to turn to when you’re convincing your leads. Now it is very easy to get a hold of this information and use it to adapt your business, grow, and earn more.

You can also study specific leads, their company, relations, suppliers, etc.

  1. Training

AI opens up a world of possibilities for learning new skills. Sales teams can turn to tools for guidance for a specific question or how to perform a given action within a program. Some software even has built-in AI assistants to help new reps navigate it better and save time spent getting accustomed. 

On top of that, teams can use tools to simulate sales interactions, helping find areas that need improvement. 

  1. Automating Management

Sales management software has been handling mundane tasks for project management and facilitating collaboration for a while now. With the help of AI, such software can become even more versatile, freeing up time wasted on managing work, establishing workflows and deadlines, etc. Sales admins can rely on these augmented programs and teams can focus on what really matters for revenue generation.

With data consolidated in one place, it’s so easy to train your sales team to collaborate efficiently, streamlining workflow & achieving the revenue numbers that are in your plan.

Closely is a super comprehensive platform for automating LinkedIn & email prospecting. It also offers an AI-powered assistant, Scanlist to help you write sales & marketing copies.

How Closely and Scanlist Level Up Prospecting

That being said, as AI progresses, more use cases will pop up, making the job of a sales rep easier and more goal-efficient.

Here is how you can start employing an AI assistant to double your revenue numbers.

Closely and Scanlist Mix-Up lets you outperform and engage prospects massively.

Closely is an all-in-one sales automation platform, meaning it automates the whole sales routine: from sales data management to writing sales copies with the help of AI-powered assistant.

Here you can learn more about what is

Now, let’s go to the basics. What a sales rep’s routine consist of?

  1. Finding and engaging potential buyers
  2. Writing convertible (impactful) pitches
  3. Managing all the data to nurture and upsell

Every thing from these three can be automated.

  • Find prospects

Use Scanlist to get prospects’ emails from LinkedIn.

Just make a search using the filters that you want, install extension, and hit Start scan. Scanlist will find emails and download them to your account.

Sign in to Scanlist to get access to your list of potential buyers.

LinkedIn accounts of your prospects will also be there, all neatly placed in one list.

  • Write pitches

Create a profile, specifying what your company does and what values for potential buyers your product delivers.

Save changes and go to the “Prospects” tab.

Hit “Generate in bulk”.

Choose what do you want to write: Ice-breaker, LinkedIn connection message or cold email.

Choose the tone of message and add a Call to action. Hit “Generate”.

The copy will be ready shortly.

Go back to “Prospects”. Hit “Download”.

Your CSV file with prospects’ emails, LinkedIn and ready copy is saved on your computer.

  • Set up an email campaign

If you’ve chosen the “email” copy, you can send it right away to all the prospects from the list! For this, you’ll need to go to Closely and to the “Email Campaigns”.

You’ll have to upload your file and specify which field contains emails.

If you need help here — we will gladly guide you through and help set up your first campaign. Just hit Book demo and schedule a quick free demo session with our sales experts.

Once your campaign is set up, you can use the variables to insert the copy.

All done! Now you have a ready cold email. Hit “Launch Campaign” and your campaign will be active, meaning that it will send your copy to all prospects from the list.

It’s really a very easy process. We will help you set up your first campaign for free.


We encourage you to embrace the changes of technology and find applications whenever possible. AI tools right now have the power to streamline content creation, automate prospecting, provide performance analytics, research the market, and much, much more.

Closely and Scanlist is that very symbio that has the power to unite your sales team, making the work more goal-efficient, cut needless costs and double revenue numbers!

Embrace the power of this mix-up to make your prospecting a breeze.

Content creator at Closely. I write about marketing & B2B sales. Welcome to our LinkedIn Sales Hacking Universe ;)