10 Best LinkedIn Email Extractor Tools in 2023 

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Today we will be talking about LinkedIn email extractor tools. What is this tool and why may you need it?

What are LinkedIn Email Extractors?

What are LinkedIn Email Extractors?

LinkedIn Email Extractors are tools that reveal people’s emails on their LinkedIn pages.

Who uses them?

LinkedIn Email Extractors are widely popular among salespeople. You may need a person’s business email to reach out via email with your business offer/sales pitch. They are also used by HR specialists looking for ways to contact potential job candidates.

LinkedIn email extractors are simply tools that can pull that email for you. They can just be installed in your browser and you’ll be able to open contact data right on LinkedIn pages, with the help of them.

What do you need to know about LinkedIn email extractors?

LinkedIn email extractors or scrapers will pull emails from the LinkedIn interface for you. You can then plug them through a CRM software or an email outreach tool of your choice to reach out to your potential customers via email.

Usually, this type of software is Google Chrome extensions

After the tool has revealed the needed email for you, you can build a lead list and reach out to them using any email automation tool.

What’s the best linkedin email scraper out there?

There are plenty of LinkedIn email extractors (also known as LinkedIn email finders, LinkedIn email scrapers). The most popular ones are Closely, Apollo and Wiza. 

We’ll run through 10 main email extractors, weighing out their pros and cons for you.

Name of the toolPriceEmail Verifier
Closely$49/mo for 500 credits (emails, phone numbers, company data) + LinkedIn automation, Network Intelligence, Inbox-CRM, 50 free credits, billed monthly
Emailsearch.io$29/mo for 1000 credits
Apollo$49/mo for 250 export credits, unlimited email credits, 25 mobile numbers
GetProspect$49/mo for 1000 emails, 2000 verification creditsPaid feature
Wiza$30/mo for 75 credits
Aeroleads$49/mo for 2,000 credits + 2,000 verification credits
Scrapp.io$49/mo for 1,000 emails
FindThatLead$49/mo for 5000 credits
Lusha$29/mo per 480 credits, billed annually
Prospectss$49/mo for 2500 credits

Email scrapers also offer email verification. It’s a procedure of cleaning your email base so you know which email is relevant and which one is not relevant. After verification is done, the tool usually displays which email is valid and which one is invalid. By removing all invalid emails, you can increase your reply rates and save your sender reputation. Because each time you send emails to invalid email addresses, your bounce rate climbs up. When it’s happening, the message is sent to ISPs that your sender reputation is questionable. That’s why the cleaner your email list – the better your email outreach campaign results will be.

Almost all email automation tools come with an email verification feature.

Best email scraping tools

1.Closely Surfer

Closely Linkedin Extractor

Closely Surfer is a LinkedIn email extractor available via the link above. Once installed, Closely Surfer can scrape emails and other contact details by being inserted in the LinkedIn interface. Go to its page on Google Chrome store and install the extension. Once it’s in your browser, you’ll need to log in to Closely (closelyhq.com) to be able to use it. You’ve got 50 free credits after registration. 

Closely Surfer also lets you download the results of LinkedIn searches in CSV files. It’s a free feature.

Closely Surfer also lets you download the results of LinkedIn searches in CSV files.

Closely has a sufficient database and can boast of a high accuracy rate of emails (80 and higher % of emails are relevant). You can find both direct and business emails.

Closely Linkedin Extension

The tool is also very intuitive and is praised for its simplicity and ease of navigation.

For $49/month you also have LinkedIn automation, 1 LinkedIn account connected, Network management, Inbox-CRM, email verification.

Closely is available as a cloud-based tool. It offers an array of features that aren’t available in competitive solutions, apart from LinkedIn messaging automation.

Closely is available as a cloud-based tool.

For instance, you can sync and manage your LinkedIn network as in CRM: assign tags, use filters to segment audiences, run message sequences for those segments (messages on autopilot), build lead lists, etc.

Closely is available as a cloud-based tool.

You can also manage your Inbox as in CRM. It’s very efficient especially when you need to access a needed conversation quickly. By assigning filters to conversations, you can then reach the one you need out of all messages you have. Much more convenient than in regular LinkedIn inbox.

Closely also offers personalization for your LinkedIn messages, email campaigns, templates for messages, and much more.

Compared to other solutions, Closely offers more free features for the price given, so you will be packed with everything needed for successful LinkedIn + email lead generation.

Closely Surfer also offers to download the results of LinkedIn searches in a CSV file for free. You can use this free feature only. You can then enrich your file with emails in any data enrichment tool or reach out to those prospects on LinkedIn using the LinkedIn automation tool.



Emailsearch.io is also an email scraper that can pull emails on LinkedIn for you. It also offers domain email search, bulk e-mail finding service, social URL research service, Zapier integration. The tool is praised for its all-encompassing features. It’s best specifically for finding direct and work emails. It doesn’t have automation or email campaigns.



Apollo is one of the richest B2B contact databases. It has 240+ mln contacts. Approximately 5-10% of the exported data can result in bounced emails when used in email campaigns, despite their email verification feature. It’s an average number. 

Apollo has export credits (you pay for exporting contacts). But you can open an unlimited number of emails on LinkedIn pages within your plan.


In the LinkedIn interface, it also shows company insights, tags, number of employees on someone’s profile page.


GetProspect Linkedin Extension

GetProspect is another easy-to-install solution to scrape emails from LinkedIn. 

It offers 1,000 credits (emails that can be opened) and 2,000 verification credits for $49/month. Once installed, it quickly launches and doesn’t require any additional efforts. It also provides a demo right in the LinkedIn interface.

GetProspect Linkedin Extension

Company insights + company websites sometimes are also available among the pulled data.

All the tools that we list here are easy to install, don’t require any efforts. For instance, there is also Snov.io but its extension for LinkedIn doesn’t work, so we don’t put it in our list.



You can easily find emails on LinkedIn with Wiza extension. You can also build lead lists and integrate CRM, Hubspot, Salesforce, Outreach.io.

It also has a data enrichment feature – if you have a list of LinkedIn URLs of your prospects, simply upload that list and the tool will enrich your file with emails.

Wiza Linkedin Extension

The tool is superb, the only con is price. 75 email credits for $30 is a bit too much. 


Aeroleads is an email finder and email verifier. It offers 2,000 monthly credits and email verifiers. It doesn’t have automation. You can build lead lists inside the tool and integrate Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, HubSpot, FreshSales, Zapier.

Aeroleads Linkedin Extractor

 AeroLeads offers lead generation features as well.


Scrapp.io Linkedin Extractor

Scrapp.io is an email finder extension and email verifier. For 49 euro/month (billed annually), you get 1000 emails and can connect 2 users.

It offers integrations with Hubspot, Outreach, Sales.io.


Lusha Linkedin Extractor

Lusha is considered a Linkedin email finder of one of the highest accuracy. However, it’s also a bit pricey and the payment is annual wize.

Apart from LinkedIn email extractor (which is Lusha’s extension – it’s inserted in the LinkedIn interface), it offers CSV, SalesForce and API enrichment. Simply upload your list of prospects’ LinkedIn URLs and get it enriched with emails.


Prospectss Linkedin Extractor

Prospectss LinkedIn email finder also lets you open people’s emails on LinkedIn pages: work and direct emails + company insights. It costs $49 per 2500 credits/month.


FindThatLead Linkedin Extractor

FindThatLead can fetch email for the LinkedIn profile URL you’ve provided. Simply insert a LinkedIn profile URL in a field and click on “find”.

The tool will give back email + company insights. It also has a Google extension that can scrape emails from websites. For $49 you can get 5000 emails per month.

Can you extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Closely Surfer, Wiza and GetProspect can open email in Sales Navigator as well. It works just the same as with the regular LinkedIn interface. Simply open the prospect’s profile in Sales Navigator and the tool will display the window with prospects’ contact information.

Can you extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


In this article, we have looked at some top LinkedIn email extractors. If you were wondering what is the best LinkedIn email scraper out there – we hope you were able to find an answer in this article. 

Closely is the best choice for salespeople, because it offers not just LinkedIn email scraper but LinkedIn automation, personalization in messages, LinkedIn network intelligence (CRM for LinkedIn network) and Inbox with CRM features. All these are on top of a B2B contact database of high accuracy and a LinkedIn email extractor. It also offers a collection of 50+ message templates for your LinkedIn outreach messages, sorted by a conversion goal.

Closely also offers many free features. Inbox, LinkedIn network management and the ability to download results of LinkedIn searches are free features. Just register on closelyhq.com and create your account. Voila!


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