What Does Actively Recruiting Mean on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for both professionals seeking to advance their careers or connect with potential employers and recruiters looking to hire valuable talents for their teams. But have you ever come across the term “actively recruiting” on someone’s profile and wondered what it really means? 

Actively recruiting on LinkedIn

If you’ve found yourself scratching your head over this term, don’t worry — you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll give you a quick answer to the question “What does actively recruiting mean on LinkedIn?” so that you can better understand the implications of this status and how it can impact your job search or hiring efforts. So, let’s dive in and get to the bottom of this intriguing LinkedIn mystery 🤪

What Does Actively Recruiting Mean on LinkedIn?

The “actively recruiting” badge or tag on LinkedIn indicates that a user is currently seeking to fill one or more open job positions in their organization. This status is typically assigned to recruiters or hiring managers who are looking to attract potential candidates for a specific role or set of roles.

Basically, if you see this tag — you may take this as an invitation and swoop right in to present your skills for the desired job! Reaching out to active recruiters is generally a more fruitful endeavor than the case with passive ones, and this is a great chance to secure that coveted position with a powerful outreach message.

“Actively recruiting” Tag: Significance for Recruiters

If your company needs to fill positions requiring a specific skill set, experience level, etc., then actively recruiting on platforms for professionals, like LinkedIn, is your best bet. 

Passive recruiting means being open to candidates applying for positions, but not deliberately reaching out to them and posting jobs. Active recruiting includes frequent job postings, contacting candidates via InMail, and clearly conveying your search somewhere on your page.

Job Postings with an “actively recruiting” tag on them are more likely to receive applications than those with no tag since job seekers see this as an increased chance of acceptance. Needless to say, having your job listings marked with this tag presents an advantage as a recruiter. 

“Actively recruiting” Tag: Significance for Job Seekers

As a professional looking for a job to match their expertise, job listings with this tag should particularly spark your attention. There’s a higher chance the company will consider and accept your application — after all, they’re in need of staff!

How To Activate The “Actively Recruiting” Tag on LinkedIn?

Now, once you know how beneficial it is to have this nifty tag appear next to your listing, you may be wondering the next obvious thing: how exactly can I turn it on? 

You can’t actually activate this tag on your profile. LinkedIn does it for you. The algorithm identifies you as an active recruiter based on your recent activity. Whether you frequently interact with applicants and go out of your way to reach out to candidates factors into acquiring the desired tag.

Are There Any Benefits to “Actively Recruiting” Tag?

Sure thing. When you have this badge activated, you’re better seen in the search field, ergo, there will be more applicants for the listed job.

Top-5 Tips for Recruiters Who’re Actively Searching Candidates on LinkedIn

Narrowing it down to 5 tips is tricky, however, we will try. If you’re actively looking for candidates, here are top tips for you.

  • 1.Constantly optimize your job description

In order to stay competitive with your job offer, you need to continually evaluate your job description, including comparing your description to those similar of your rivals. Make sure your job description stands out compared to rival companies. Also, don’t forget to include hashtags to your job description to lift it in the search results.

LinkedIn job description example

Position-related hashtags will help candidates find your post/company faster.

  • 2.Encourage reposts

Ask your employees share your posts and job description. It doesn’t require much commitment — even the laziest employee will manage, especially if you imply a good motivation.

Tips for finding job candidates on LinkedIn
  • 3.Use the “OpenToWork” feature

This LinkedIn feature let you access candidates who’re currently open for job opportunities. Just run a search in your Recruiter and select the “Open to New Opportunities” link at the top of the page. This feature make job seekers privately share that they’re open for offers, hiding this fact from their current employees.

  • 4.Make your profile hashtag-rich

Consider incorporating job-related and industry-related keywords into your company’s LinkedIn page, as well as location tag to make your job listing and company profile visible for those candidates who’re trying to locate companies within their job market.

  • 5.”People also viewed” feature

This LinkedIn feature will expose all people who viewed your company page. That list can contain candidates who got interested or even came by your company profile after interview. This is the way to find passive candidates related to your job market.

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Use automation to turn your regular candidate seeking into a fully modified, automated process. Tools like Closely will let you build effective pipelines and catch replies from your candidates right into an embedded Inbox. Take a quick look at how to automate your LinkedIn outreach.

Top-5 Tips for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

And here is a list of some pieces of advice for job seekers. We’ve also barely managed to narrow them down to 5. 😇 🎁 👩

  • 1.Design your profile so it looks professional & catchy

To stay competitive, you need to learn how to show off your skills & experience in the most prominent way possible.

To do that, try to have:

  • bio filled out;
  • skills listed;
  • at least 5 skill endorsements;
  • a professional picture;
  • at least 100 connections.

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  • 2.Use automation to grow network and reach out to recruiters

Automation is there to let you minimize manual work and be able to reach out to recruiters massively, as opposed to overburdening yourself with lost of repetitive, daily tasks. Write your message sequence once and reach out to at least 50 recruiters per day, till someone replies and you get that job interview.

LinkedIn groups & events are top places to get in touch with influencers and grow your network. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more your profile gets favored by its algorithms.

  • 4.Use hashtags to find job opportunities

Type in keywords in the LinkedIn search field from time to time to find the most relevant query results. Those can be keywords related to your job or industry.

  • 5.Use B2B database to fish up emails and LinkedIn profiles of recruiters

Using tools like Closely, you can filter the base out by job title (for instance, put here Talent Acquisition Specialist), add location and search up recruiters’ emails and LinkedIn profiles.

Find contact data of recruiters _ how to find job on LinkedIn

Find relevant people in relevant industry with their fresh contact data and reach out to them with message sequences without leaving the tool.

To Sum It Up

Well, Actively Recruiting tag on LinkedIn helps to identify companies that are looking for job candidates right now.

If you’re looking to find the best-fit candidates for the opened job positions, don’t neglect this simple hack — add this tag right away.

We’ve also added some hot tips to let you get visible on LinkedIn and find the best job opportunity/skillful candidate hurdle-free. Stay tuned to get your hands on the latest & freshest LinkedIn hacks.

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