LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Thanks to the sheer size of its user base, LinkedIn is a goldmine for recruiters searching for professional talents. You’re sure to find the skilled candidate you’re looking for, plus the whole process is very conveniently reduced to an intuitive setup on the platform. But sometimes difficulties can arise when you’re met with multiple options – like LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. 

In this article, we’ll underline the main differences between the two solutions for recruiters and go in-depth into the features of each one.

Don’t worry — we’ll cover all the crucial aspects of this topic so you won’t need to branch out to other sources in search of additional info.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool designed specifically to enhance recruiters’ workflow and experience on LinkedIn. It’s a full stack of features you need if you use LinkedIn regularly for finding, evaluating and hiring job candidates.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

Recruiter Lite is a recruitment tool intended to assist hiring managers in small-to-medium-sized businesses with lower hiring needs.

LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Both solutions are intended for recruiters, however, there are key differences that separate the two and play into determining the most beneficial one for your company and goals.

Feature comparison


The main element of recruiting, scouring the endless sea of professionals for the perfect matches, is addressed and streamlined with the help of recruiting tools. LinkedIn Recruiter offers powerful search functionality, with 40+ advanced filters. Whereas LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers 20+ filters.


Designed for companies with a high hiring volume, LinkedIn Recruiter puts a cap on 150 InMails per month to connect with candidates. On the other hand, Lite draws the line at 30 InMails.

Search limitations

Recruiter Lite allows you to search only up to your 3rd-degree connections. LinkedIn Recruiter will find all public profiles on the platform.

Multi-user dashboard (collaborative capabilities)

This feature is exclusive to LinkedIn Recruiter, since smaller businesses may not reap much benefit from this unique collaboration functionality. Recruiter users can collaborate with their team on hiring projects, grant others collaborator seats, view entire interaction histories with candidates, and other opportunities for joint management.

Hiring pipeline optimization

LinkedIn Recruiter puts together reports and analytics to visualize the effectiveness of your entire pipeline. You can obtain reports that focus on custom-selected metrics so your team can better tailor its strategy to fit the main goal. This also covers report segmentation based on multiple variables. 

Furthermore, you can view the acceptance and decline rate of your InMails, candidates’ hiring process overviews, and more optimization features. 

In short, Recruiter makes it possible to analyze your strategy to the smallest details and variables.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite provides users with InMail reports and job post insights.

LinkedIn Recruiter vs. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite — Difference Overview

LinkedIn RecruiterLinkedIn Recruiter Lite
Filters40+ advanced filters20+ filters
Search limitationsall LinkedIn users3d-degree connections
Multi-user dashboard +
Hiring pipeline optimizationcustom-selected metrics
report segmentation based on multiple variables
InMail reports and job post insights


In the end, which one from these two options worth your attention? Let’s sum up briefly.

Should I get LinkedIn Recruiter Lite?

If you’re a hiring manager at a smaller-scale company and you are satisfied with the functionality provided by LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, then this solution is for you. It definitely enhances recruiting capabilities as opposed to the regular LinkedIn version.

Should I get LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter has incredibly powerful functionality that helps professional recruiters find candidates, increase reply rates, and overall optimize their workflow. If your business is wide-scale, with a substantial flow of applicants and potential candidates, then this tool is without a doubt one for consideration.

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