Bulk Withdraw LinkedIn Invitations — Automated Method 2023

You’ve sent connection requests to promising leads you’d like to connect with – but alas, some of the people you reached out to had not interacted with your request. Or perhaps you change your outreach strategy and the unanswered requests don’t fit your campaign goals anymore. Whatever the reason may be, you’re left with a cumbersome handful of requests you need to withdraw.

Fear not! With Closely, you’re spared the manual work. The Bulk  LinkedIn connect request withdrawal plugin is just one of the features of the Closely Email Finder & LinkedIn Data Scraper Browser Extension.

How to Bulk Withdraw LinkedIn Connection Requests?

For this, you will need to install the LinkedIn Bulk Connect Request Withdraw plugin. Once that’s done, you will see a command bar at the top of your screen when you go through your LinkedIn invitations on the platform. Having clicked on “withdraw invitations”, you have the option to either withdraw all pending requests or only those older than a specific number of days (for example, you can set the time frame to 21 days, which deletes all connection requests older than three weeks). That way, you don’t have to waste time by going through each request individually and withdrawing it; plus, setting up the custom age of the messages allows you and your team to further personalize workflow for maximum convenience and effectiveness.

Closely Surfer will help with this amazingly well.


Your connection request will just disappear for the person you sent it to. They won’t know that you sent them the request. The only exception is if they had push notifications turned on on their phone/browser – then they will see the notification for it.

  • How to Withdraw a LinkedIn Invitation In Bulk?

Install our plugin, go to the page with submitted applications, and click on the Withdraw button of our plugin.

  • If You Withdraw an Invitation on LinkedIn, Will They Know?

No, no one will find out that you withdrew the request. LinkedIn doesn’t send any notifications for this. But a push notification may remain on the phone, even though the request is no longer there. This way, your contact will know that you attempted to send them an invitation but then withdrew it.

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