Closely Integration With HubSpot & WebHooks

New round of updates! 🕺🙂 🐸

Closely can be now connected with HubSpot and any other CRM of your choice 😎


Sync connections with HubSpot when creating a LinkedIn outreach campaign. Just start building your campaign and proceed to the step of audience verification. By clicking on “Sync all people” you’ll sync all contacts from this campaign right after it goes live. You can choose also to sync only those who accepted a connection request.

Contact synchronization is available in your Network as well. Just go to your Network and you’ll see sync statuses appeared next to each connection.

You can sync your connections one-by-one or in bulk

  • Next to each connection you’ll see time of integration, so you can always resync and refresh data. However, you can resync once in an hour.
  • You can also create deals in your Inbox and then send them to HubSpot. Click on “Create Deal”, add deal’s name, select pipeline, define stage and deal’s owner. This information will be sent to your HubSpot.

Video tutorial is available in your user account.



Now you can seamlessly integrate Closely with any CRM your team is using. That means you can effortlessly send leads data from your LinkedIn campaigns, Lead Finder, your Network or Inbox, without any hassle. Just set up a webhook once, and you’ll have access to constantly updated data.

  • Sync people while creating your LinkedIn campaign. On the last step of campaign building you’ll see the option to sync all people, only those who accepted a connection request or only those who answered. Select accordingly.
  • You can sync connections in your Network as well. All contacts that were synced will have the respective sign here. If you want to sync a connection — simply click on “Connect”. You can resync once in an hour. 

Have questions? We will be happy to assist. Just ping our support in chat on the website.

Happy prospecting 🥸 🐠

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