Where to Find High-Quality Leads on LinkedIn: 3 Hacks

Still wondering where to dig up those high-quality leads for your product or service?

This guide may be a key to your answers.

Reach out to your competitors’ friends and followers

Your competitors have friends and followers who probably know the industry pretty well. Why not reaching out to them with your offer?

  1. Install Closely Surfer https://closelyhq.com/extension/

This baby will let you upload people in lists along with their emails.

2. Find the owner or CEO of your competitor’s brand and connect with him/her.

3. After a while, when they’ve accepted your request, visit their profiles, open their connections, select 3d+ and hit the Export button that Closely Surfer displays.

Select the number you want to export and save these followers in a CSV.

3. Build an outreach campaign in Closely targeting this group of people.

Here is a full video that explains how to build your LinkedIn campaigns in Closely to message people in bulk.

Create a Campaign Where You Just Like and Connect

Sometimes it’s worth it to just connect with people and like their profiles. Given that you post content regularly and it’s comprehensive what product you represent or own, it may be enough to spark interest.

Closely will help you visit people’s profiles and like their posts on autopilot.

Pages people also viewed

If you visit your competitors’ brand page, LinkedIn will show you pages people also viewed on the right side.

This will give you the clue which companies to check.

Now you can go to any company’s page and find any post.

Copy a link to this post:

Go to Closely and start building your campaign. Paste the link to the post.

People who liked post about sales emails may be highly interested in your recently crafted PDF guide on this topic. You can try — especially considering that Closely will do the routine work for you, and will send connection request and messages on autopilot.

If Someone Doesn’t Reply — They May Need Another Like Boost

If someone doesn’t reply to your message — they may need a boost with post liking.

Open Closely’s Inbox and filter conversations by campaign name.

Find those people who didn’t react to your PDF guide or message.

Tag them as “Silent”.

If there are lots of them — you can go to My Network then and filter by Tag.

Export all silent guys and create a new campaign targeting them, where you include only Like and Profile Visit.

To do that, simply click on Message and you’ll be redirected to creating a campaign for your Network, for this silent guys.

If there are not that many of them, you can do this manually. Like their posts, comment, and visit their profiles from time to time.

Need more hacks? Stay tuned.

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