What Is LinkedIn Pulse And How To Use It?

how to use linkedIn pulse

If you want to improve brand awareness or engagements, it’s vital for you to remain active on as many social media platforms as you can to spread the word about your brand.

That’s why you will see almost all brands on many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, in addition to their business sites.

But some brands and companies still don’t know how to publish content and full articles on LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn Pulse.

There are several reasons why you should post through LinkedIn Pulse. Here’s a detailed guide about what LinkedIn pulse is and how to use it effectively.

In this read, you will find:

  • What is LinkedIn Pulse?
  • How can you publish on LinkedIn Pulse?
  • How to get noted on LinkedIn using pulse?

What is a LinkedIn Pulse?

Among many prominent features of LinkedIn, Pulse is a helpful feature that you can use to publish content on the platform. LinkedIn pulse was initially created for influencers, but it is quite popular among general users. 

LinkedIn Pulse allows you to easily create content without any complications, just like you do on a blog. This feature works as a weapon to show your expertise to others.

Besides, you will also find sharing and dialogue functionalities in LinkedIn pulse, and thus it enhances the engagement on your posts and articles.

Here are some top benefits that you will get with LinkedIn Pulse:

  • Allows you to build your brand’s identity on social networks.
  • Perfect for inbound marketing.
  • Ideal for driving more organic traffic to your business website/landing page.
  • Complements search engines (SEO).
  • Allows you to share quality content for your audience.

How to publish on LinkedIn Pulse?

To write an article on LinkedIn Pulse, simply go to the Pulse home page, and hit the “Write Article” button.

Now, you will be forwarded to a webpage that looks like a standard content manager in any CMS or blog.

When using LinkedIn pulse, you don’t have to deal with a character limit. You can write posts as long as 125,000 characters, while you have a limitation of up to 1,300 characters for a normal LinkedIn post.

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Once your article gets published on a LinkedIn Pulse, the post will then appear on the writer’s news feed. Another significant benefit of publishing a post through LinkedIn Pulse is that your contacts will get a notification stating that the article is published, and they can view it. This slight push helps generate visibility and grabs user’s interest.

How to get noticed on LinkedIn using pulse?

The simplest way to get noticed on LinkedIn through Pulse is to post great content with a bit of personal story and encourage your users to take a particular action. This way, you can attract more users to your network.

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