Should You Use ChatGPT for LinkedIn? Risks and Benefits

With such powerful AI technology as ChatGPT easily accessible, it can be really tempting to try and implement it in your LinkedIn strategy.

Whether it’s generating message sequences, creating content or letting the tool put together your campaign or strategy, we’ll dive into the use cases, and evaluate how well ChatGPT performs.

Let’s dive in!

Content creation 

ChatGPT pros:

Easily come up with relevant content ideas and plan posts in advance. Given details about your business, ChatGPT can create an entire content plan for months in advance, so you can sit back and not have to worry about coming up with ideas.

ChatGPT cons:

You may want to add a personal touch to your content, which means this process still requires human intervention to some degree.

Ultimately, to formulate a well-rounded content strategy that aligns with your brand image, you should sprinkle in some unique content elements and topics that best reflect your value as a business – however, this requires minimal effort. 

At the end of the day, ChatGPT is great for content creation, leading to almost 100% automation of the process.

Message Sequences

ChatGPT pros:

ChatGPT can create useful and robust templates for LinkedIn messages and InMails. Additionally, if you find a sequence that works, you can automate it and scale it without investing much time or resources.

Using ChatGPT, you can quickly generate a set of message sequences that you can then perform A/B testing on to find the winning one. 

ChatGPT cons:

In order for your message to catch your prospect’s eye, it has to be personalized and stand out in some way. AI often comes up with generic phrases and formulations, which can negatively affect open rates in some cases.
To avoid this, the generated message sequences need to go through human proofreading and control, making sure the finished products are highly personalized and stand out.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

ChatGPT pros:

Does your current LinkedIn description or “about” section need a little flair? Do you want more impact from your summary? Great news — ChatGPT can help you out. 

Profile optimization is a great use of the platform: just feed the AI your current profile content and ask it to evaluate and improve it.

The results will be more fleshed out and engaging than before, resulting in a possibly better-sounding headline or more interesting summaries. Just make sure to thoroughly check what ChatGPT wrote first.

ChatGPT cons:

As with the other points, it’s best not to rely fully on ChatGPT to generate all elements of your LinkedIn profile, as you risk generic wording and ending up with a profile description that doesn’t best reflect your brand identity.

Overall it’s a great tool for improving your existing profile elements.  

General Advantages

Overall, ChatGPT is a really powerful tool that can speed up and automate many tasks in your LinkedIn strategy. 

What it does best is:

  • Evaluate how a certain text sounds and suggest improvements 
  • Generate different message templates at scale which lets you test the best one
  • Generate relevant content plans and schedules based on business data fed by the user

General Disadvantages 

While ChatGPT is amazing at speeding up creative processes and streamlining workflow, it still has its limitations.

Entrusting your entire LinkedIn profile to ChatGPT isn’t really a great idea, and simply copy and pasting message sequences won’t get you as many connections as you’d otherwise win over. 

The “cookie-cutter response” issue

Generative AI tends to output very similar responses that sometimes contain meaningless phrases that dilute the message and give it that “non-human” feel.

Even if you change your prompt, you may often end up with outputs that are just regurgitated versions of themselves with no personality. This is where human intervention is needed to increase the quality of the produced text and tweak the wording here and there for natural speech.

Potentially irrelevant outputs

Sometimes, even with the best prompts, ChatGPT is off the mark with its responses. It should be kept in mind that the language model is trained on data on the internet, which may not be accurate all the time.

Even if ChatGPT can now access real-time data, the probability of incorrect information ending up in your response is not zero. To combat this, exercise your industry-specific knowledge and filter out irrelevant or incorrect outputs.

Privacy concerns

Since ChatGPT is a third-party platform, you have no control over your data once it’s shared on the site. Make sure you’re careful in your data exchange and protect your own as well as customers’ and colleagues’ confidential information.


It’s definitely possible to use ChatGPT for your LinkedIn outreach strategy and refining your brand identity. When implemented well, AI can really improve your performance and make your workflow a breeze.

However, it‘s important to keep the tool‘s limitations in mind, and not use it as a full replacement of human content creation or to take all its outputs as completely relevant and error-free. Use a balanced approach when it comes to ChatGPT for LinkedIn.

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