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So, what about the email acquisition channel? Is it still a top gear for your sales & marketing? Yes, for sure. Here are some numbers to take a glance at.

81% of SMBs (small and medium businesses) rely on emails as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention. The average expected ROI for 2023 is $42 for each $1 you spend on email marketing.

$42 for each dollar is a normal amount, we’d say.

We will still continue to bet on email as an acquisition channel. And also, it seems like this channel still has so many angles to explore.

While you’re sorting out what works best for your prospects, strategy-wise, Closely will take care of the automation part.

How to use Closely Email Campaigns

This video will show how to tackle the new functionality: from adding Gmail or Outlook account — to the intricacies of message creation. Tap to watch.

Enjoy the easiness of workflow

We like systematic approach, and when everything is kept in order. We believe that simplicity of interface can help arrange things in a way that will let you maintain productivity— that’s why we strove to make the email campaign builder as intuitive as possible.

Run multiple email campaigns, download analytical insights into files, compile reports, monitor the effectiveness of campaigns through the number of replies and clicks. Experiment with your text’s visual appearance, add images, etc. Launch LinkedIn campaigns targeting those who never reply to your emails.

Audience source

Upload a CSV file with emails of your prospects. You can find your prospects in Lead Finder and download a file with emails.

Specify which column from your file contains emails and click on “Go to next step”. In the video above we showed how to do this in detail.

Create your message sequence.

Email Campaign Builder will let you craft a sequence, adding as many steps as you like.

Write your messages, structuring the text. Don’t forget that there are also variables for personalization that you can use: first name, second name, company name, industry, location, sender name.

Set the time interval between messages to specify how many days should pass before Closely follows-up your prospects.

You’re not limited in the number of messages you can create. Hit “add new steps” to add new messages to your sequence.

Add visuals

Make sure your messages look appealing. Add images or gifs to avoid bombarding your prospects with plain and dry text.

Send test email

When your sequence is ready, send it to your email address or to your colleague’s email to get the feedback.

Launch campaign and keep an eye on analytics

This at-a-glance reporting will let you see how effective your campaign turns out to be. All insights are accumulated in the “Email campaigns” tab.

  • Sent – how many messages are sent
  • Bounced – how many messages bounced
  • Opened – how many were opened by recipients
  • Clicked – how many were clicked on
  • Replied – how many were replied to

Where do replies go?

Replies from your prospects will come to your email Inbox.


If your cold emails cannot reel in hot leads — you can always do remarketing.

Here is a way to arrange a remarketing campaign in Closely.

Go to your email campaigns.

  • Click on the active campaign
  • Go to “Recipients” tab and download your report in a CSV file

In your file, find those who replied or clicked, and remove them from the doc.

If you uploaded a file from Lead Finder to launch your email campaign — you’ll have LinkedIn URLs in your file as well, so you can target those who didn’t reply to your email campaign — this time on LinkedIn.

Go back to Closely and tap the “LinkedIn campaigns” tab.

Start building your LinkedIn campaign. Upload your file from which you excluded those who replied or clicked in your email campaign. Launch a connection campaign on LinkedIn to never lose the rest of prospects.

You can as well opt for LinkedIn Campaigns 2.0 and add “View profile”, “Like post” or “Endorse skills” steps to your campaign.

That’s just one case. You can also target only those who clicked but didn’t reply, for instance. Simply leave only those records in your file and launch a LinkedIn connection campaign for them. If some of your leads are already in your LinkedIn connections, Closely will show them at the step of campaign verification, excluding them from your connection campaign.

What’s your unique outreach strategy for 2023?

We’ve no idea either! You never know what might work, huh?

But here are some assumptions…as to what might be a worthwhile approach for 2023.

  • First and foremost: the more touch-points of interaction you create, and the more acquisition channels you use, the more chances there are to slip into agenda of your prospects and win their attention. Use email campaigns to expand your outreach.
  • Second point: using several outreach channels is perfect for executing light/gentle acquisition. Non-intrusive messaging, split across multiple channels — is what helps to break through the noise (as opposed to push your product through one channel).
  • Third thing is systematic approach: if your strategies fail, you tweak some details, but never hop off the ride. Keep running your campaigns, changing only the details. At one point something will tip the scale toward success. Only systematic approach can help crystallize that very strategy that works perfectly for your market. For instance, you’ve noticed that one campaign beats another one in terms of replies. It doesn’t mean that you should rail against the failed campaign — instead, take that message sequence and try it for another audience. Stay patient and you’ll see long-term results emerging at one point.

How do I ensure the success of my email campaigns?

No. 🙂

  • Solid strategy
  • Closely
  • Email message templates?

As to the last point: we will craft email message templates to help you stay away from the crowd and win customers in your own, unique way. As usual, those will be just samples, that you’ll be able to take and use as a basis.

On this light note,

We’d love to say thank you for being a part of the community. ^^

We sincerely wish that all your parts of your sales strategy will work in synchrony for you, as it should be.

As usual, you can always get in touch with us in case you have a specific question.

Stay tuned!

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