LinkedIn Showcase Pages

If you use LinkedIn to promote your company and you have sub-brands, LinkedIn showcase pages (aka an affiliated page LinkedIn) might be that very thing that you’re looking for! It will let you create separate content for each of your sub-brand, without the need to register a new company page. Let’s see how this convenient LinkedIn functionality can come in handy in your LinkedIn marketing endeavors.

What is a Showcase Page on LinkedIn

Showcase Page on LinkedIn - Example

Showcase pages simply help you distinguish your main brand from your sub-brands on LinkedIn. If you want to have a separate page for each of your brands/products, it’s arranged easily through creating showcase pages.

There are primarily two types of LinkedIn showcase pages.

1. Products for specific markets/affiliated organizations
Any branch of your company or a sub-brand can benefit from showcasing products and posting content targeting narrow markets.

2. Event Showcase Pages
These types of pages are created to highlight events. If you’re hosting an event, simply create a separate page to make it dedicated purely to it.

3. Company Initiatives
Regardless of a size of your company, you may have things to say: support women rights, protect animals or environment, support war victims and so on. Showcase pages would be an ideal way to tell the world about your initiation.

Why You Should Use Showcase Pages For Your Business

Separate positioning & clutter-free page — a showcase page allows you to highlight your sub-brand in most flattering way, eliminating informational noise that could not be omitted otherwise (were you posting content about different brands on one company page).

Increased content engagement — since a separate page will contain exclusive, tailored content, your audience will benefit much better, avoiding so-called watered content, having relevant and useful content at their disposal. More focused content will attract more targeted people and increase engagement. Besides, showcase pages are ranked greatly by LinkedIn.

Engage customers of different regions using their native language — localizing content is a must if you have audience from different regions. It’s not only show your local audiences that you care, but at times can be the only way your audience from a specific region can learn about your product and its benefits.

Detailed Analytics — LinkedIn reports with detailed analytics for your affiliated pages. This can be one more additional benefit — since you can see how exactly your audiences engaged and what type of content they sympathizes more.

How to set up a LinkedIn Showcase Page

If you already have a functioning LinkedIn company page, there is nothing easier than adding a showcase page.

1. Hover to your company’s page. Click on Admin Tools.

2. Select “Create a Showcase page” in the drop-down menu.

3. Fill out all the required information and hit Create page.

Done! Now you have an affiliated page ready to invite people and publish updates and content. Once you’ve created a Showcase Page on LinkedIn, it’ll be listed on your main Brand Page on the right side, under Affiliated Pages.

Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page

And here are some practical tips for creating LinkedIn showcase pages in 2023.

1. Think up a short name and a catchy slogan. The latter should reflect product’s essence and give the clue for what the page’s about.

Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page

2. Use high-resolution images in line with your brand identity. Pay attention to the page’s banner image. specifically It should instantly hints at what the page is about (it should contain motto or positioning statement — anything to let users who landed on it grasp what’s going on on this page).

3. Select a short URL for your affiliate page, including your brand’s name. Short URLs are memorized better, and it’s simply more convenient this way.

4. Fill out all the contact information, leaving no stone unturned. Add phone number, website, description, year when it was founded, headquarters, and all that’s required).

Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page

5. Creating a description for 2,000 symbols is not mandatory. It’s enough to just highlight values of this product/brand/event/initiation and add a bit of history to it.

6. Add hashtags. Choose hashtags and add them to your description, but try to avoid too generic/popular hashtags. Better opt for niche ones. This way you’ll get more chances of engaging high-quality audiences.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages — Best Examples

1. Airbnb has a special page dedicated to their Airbnb Experiences which let employees travel, connect and collaborate with homes and experiences. The page is called “Airbnb for work”.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Airbnb - Examples

2. Spotify has a page that’s called Spotify For Artists.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Spotify For Artists - Examples

This is the page where they post content targeting artists specifically. That’s a separate group of customers and it’s only logical to have a separate page designed for it.

3. The same situation with They have a separate page designed for businesses.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Booking - Examples

And of course, they have all types of content that target companies that list on the platform — posted on this page.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Booking - Examples

LinkedIn Showcase Page vs Company Page

Both product page and showcase page are branches of your main brand page, but they are developed to fulfill slightly different purposes.

A LinkedIn product page is there to let you feature products only. It serves as a great tool to assist BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel), generating customers and let you add all the necessary details about the product itself. Usually, warm leads land on this pages, in search of product details, like price, terms of subscription, contact info, and other details that complement purchase.

Showcase page, on the other hand, serve more diversified purposes. It’s good for MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel), and could be a perfect tool to highlight your company’s special projects, initiatives, sub-brands, and company page for a specific region, designed in their own language.

How to Delete a Showcase Page

Just like you’ve created it, you can easily remove a Showcase Page from your main company page. Here is a quick instruction.

1. Go to your account > Admin tools.

2. Hit Deactive page.

3. Confirm page removal when asked. That’s it! Your page not longer exists.

And here are some commonly asked questions in this topic along with short answers.


How many showcase pages can I create from one company page?

Up to 25 pages.

How many symbols can I use to name my Showcase Page?

Up to 100 symbols.

Can I use keywords in my company’s name?

Yes, if you want. However, it’s imperative to not get carried away. Here is a good example: “Closely — B2B Contact Database” and you have “B2B Contact Database” here as a keyword.

What’s a LinkedIn Affiliated Page?

It’s the same as a showcase page. It will appear right after you’ve created a showcase page in your main LinkedIn page.


We do hope this guide was comprehensive and helpful. Stay tuned to catch up with the latest updates in the industry.

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